Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


I am in the same position. As you say, a lot of actual research can reveal so many cool possibilities, but we don’t have @Akaoni’s knowledge base yet. As much as I love the game, I’m not sure if I have the attention span, or work ethic to become a good MP opponent.

In the meantime, I join the occasional MP game to just see what sort of trouble I get myself into.


Well, how am I supposed to beat up on your guys if you don’t have any guys for me to beat up on?


I think the question you need to think about is what are you going to do with a resurgent pan after you’re done with Ur. I mean, he is kinda taking on two nations by himself right now and winning…

and so it starts :)


Yup. Two nations. By himself. I mean… kinda.

Frankly, my big plan is to hang on to a pair of thrones until the big scary horrors come and destroy everything, and hope I get lucky and they destroy everyone else’s thrones… I’m thinking it probably won’t end well.


QT3Lizzies, Kalaisa

The monkeys are coming! Time to throw down in this hoedown!


Hey, that’s my plan too!

And Pan is hardly winning after taking on two nations “by myself”. More just reeling around punch drunk, trying to stay on the ropes, while waiting for someone else to get a folding chair from ringside…and hopefully use it on the duo beating on me! Yes eventually I may regenerate from my two black eyes and broken kneecap, but it’ll take a while…


What? Disinformation is a kind of information…


Not sure if everyone knows this or not, but you can always check to see the current turn state (just fill in your game name if you’re playing furies or something else). I think Pan might be away, but then I was thinking maybe he’s thinking he already submitted or something and isnt sure how (or if) he can check…


I’m going to turn my faction over to the AI. I’m not enjoying the game as much as everyone else seems to, and to me a turn is a chore I put off as long as possible. Plus i speed through it, not really paying attention, which isn’t fair to everyone else.

Have fun, you guys.


Its generally better to try and find a sub first. Having an AI player is not ideal - the AI plays very differently from human players.


How would i do that?


Hopefully someone will chime in here. I can’t remember if anyone bowed out from this round of games? Maybe somebody from the Lizzies? I’d do it, if I weren’t already in Furies.


Yeah, normally post in here and in the main Dominions 5 thread that you are looking for a sub with some brief details like Era/Nation/Game and maybe your position, but being it is early for this game, the details of your standing/position in the game isn’t so necessary for this one. If you can hold out one more turn to give folks a couple days to consider taking over, that would be really helpful.

EDIT: I shouldn’t say details on your position, but perhaps just a general idea on whether you are in the lower, middle, or upper end in strength, if you know. Once a person is found, normally the transfer of nation goes along with some details on what you were trying to do and any NAPs and trades/agreements you have made.

If we find a replacement, I think the Admin just has to change the email address at Llamaserver?

I would also fill in, but I am already in this game with you.

I should probably add that the main reason for subs is that once a person goes AI, it normally gives the bordering nations a huge advantage where they are able to quickly gobble up the AI territory and can skew the game balance.


Yeah, its a combination of AIs being weaker, but also not able to honour existing agreements like NAPs, borders etc. It kinda messes with the flow of a game.

I’d normally be happy to sub in to any situation, but I haven’t even bought Dom 5 yet…

… if you can’t find a sub in a couple of turns though, give me a shout. I’m going to end up buying this game one day anyway…


Disinformation? What is that? I, innocent and truthful Pan, cannot even conceive of a statement that is other than true. Yes, everything I speak of is always true. Including this statement. ;)

(Sorry yes I was out and about this weekend and juuust managed to get my turn in this morning. Back to a regular schedule for now…)


aw, sorry to hear that. me, i can’t WAIT to get my turn…

Well, we’ll need a sub for EA Ermor


We could just let Ermor declare war on everyone (and stale), and see what happens? There could some big tensions (if x goes for ermor, will y go for x?), and tgb123 can choose to watch how Ermor is carved up, and the tactics that are used?


I know you’re an old grognard, curious what it is you don’t like about it?


If it may help you, I can jump in, although I will probably be more inept than any AI.


if tgb123 is happy with this, I’m sure we all are.

It’s a newb-oriented game, so don’t feel awed.

PM me your email address if posts on this forum indicate all is well with the transfer

thanks for the offer


Thanks for the offer, Left_Empty. It’s yours.

As to why this isn’t grabbing me, I don’t know. I’ve bought the last couple of iterations, and hoped this would be the one to do it. I think it has to do with the micromanagement and all the stuff you have to keep track of.

I also find that as I grow older, I prefer less complex games. Not the grog I used to be, I guess.