Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


Congratulations, and thanks for pitching in!


woot! welcome to the maaaaaadhouse :)


QT3 Lizzies Pan

There’s fewer of EVERYTHING. It’s time to regroup and rest, so that Pan can push back against the evil invaders later on.


Awesome, welcome!


QTLizzies Ur

Somewhere out there in the vast internet, a person is cackling in glee. Twice now Prismatic Warriors have mysteriously appeared in a province of mine, seizing it from the country bumpkin sheriff and his inbred brother. Bored, because the lizards wont come to play, my Dragon had to assert control last time, and then moved on. But… the Prismatic Warriors came back. Once, bad luck. Twice… someone out there is choking on their little umbrella drink, hiding behind a shimmering facade while attacking Ur.

I know its not Ctis- his pretender is currently on tour of the southern lands, much like Jake and Elwood. I know its not Pan - hes got other thing to deal with, including necromancers. It might be the monkeys…but there are no bananas in the mountains.

Therefore, the logical culprit is the insane one, the one who thinks everything is an illusion. Therodos. Playing an insidious game, trying to goad me into attacking the banana flingers while I still have to deal with lizards and fornicating goat men, and I have to do it in twelve turns. Good day to you, Therodos. I said, GOOD DAY.


just remember, the APOCALYPSE was set to FIFTY TURNS, not forty.

So get to it!


I’d like to know what actually will happen on APOCALYPSE day?


The Horrors. The Horrors.


ZThe game is won by having a certain number of throne points. Each throne has a number of points between one and three, based on the throne level.

Horror (AI) units will start attacking the throne provinces randomly on turn 50. If they succeed in taking a throne, they will destroy it. That will also reduce the number of points needed to win. So in the middle of this, if some nation happens to be lucky ( which you can influence) enough not to have his thrones attacked, that nation might win, because it has the 4 points needed to reach the adjusted win threshold. I.e., there is only six thrones left, all at level 1, and you own 4, and that is the win threshold.

Note you can successfully defend against the horrors… sometimes.


Is anyone starting a new game?


I’ll be curious to see how they’ll handle forts and whether they’ll resolve both on the same round as any patrol. Also curious to see if the horrors are every round, random, or every x rounds.

@Jason_McMaster : I’ve been thinking of starting another game. Hmm…Maybe its time for another wylde ryde…


Perhaps, @pyrhic, you should explain what the Wylde Ryde is so people know what they are getting into. Both the game settings as well as what impact that has on the game as it goes on.


…go on…


I don’t meant to steal @pyrhic 's thunder, but he has been, on occasion, way laid by nubile ladies and IPAs of amorous intent. So it seems to be right now, or he would have responded promptly.

In essence, Wylde Ryde games are with half of the gold income, and half of the resources, but with double the number of magic sites, and random events on common.
It makes for games that rely less on massed legions of normal troops, and more emphasis on summoned creatures, spells, and clever blesses and strategies. For instance, in one WR game, @BotBaddict ran amok for a very long time with a F9A9 bless on Wrath of the Ancestors, with Tien Chi, which effectively meant that a priest and a D1 mage could take a province with no problems.
In the same game, i tried a strategy that relied on my pretender summoning massive numbers of giant eagles. And Tier Na Nugh had to rely on totally kitted out sneaky commanders. Massive armies were very difficult to field.

It basically is a game for people who love puzzles/coming up with indirect solutions to problems, and figuring out a good build before hand with whatever race they happened to choose.


Thanks, and yes I was…one…of those.

Adding to what akaoni said, it’s a game where magic is more pushed to the forefront and money scarce.


I would join another game since our current ones will be done by the time the next one heats up.


QTFuries, Ermor, turn… 24? 25? the beginning and end of new times or something.

While we were in the middle of our administrative transition, finally allocating some funds to our new cutting edge Eldregatean theoscientist center for Truth, the traitorous T’ienchi have violated the borders of our empire without as much as a warning, or even a reply to our envoys! An heretic giant figure was seen spewing rotten creatures out from every one of his 30 unholy holes. Recycling the dead? That’s pretty nifty, we should look into that.
The dirtiest of tricks are common practice to them, as we hold proof that through their dark ways, they have turned one of the most well-respected members of the Ermor high-society in a starving blood-drinking fiend. The foolish attempt to overthrow our new administration was vain. We are safe, behind the towering walls of our Eternal City. Oh yes, we are safe. So safe…


Well then, undead friend, we must end our 3nap with Tien Chi. From (including) this next turn.



LOLOLOL Ermor was you, LE??? When I was trying to take a throne of ascension for myself, you invaded Camia, or probably you unwittingly marched into it because there was no army defending it? It was my territory from the very beginning until I read the message that Camia was conquered by Ermor. Fearing further invasion, I quickly diverted my army to take back Camia :).

Let us it call it a truce since it might be a… misunderstanding? I’ll send an emissary to you to resolve this border conflict in an amicable way :)


We are not accountable for the actions of the previous military administration. That being said… be a dear, Silvanus, hand me the file.
To us, it is appearant a menacing assembly of troups composed of heretics stepped into Carnag, a province directly neighbouring Ermor and thus one we hold rightful prerogatives upon.
We cannot think the Gerontius Bellum’s 123 senators, however distracted they may have been, could have fallen victim to a glaring oversight such as allowing anything foreign to lure by and glance freely at the magnificient towers of our Eternal Capital.

You are effectively asking us to trust you, not in goodwill, but over an act of unprecedented ruthlessness.

Thus, to clear this misunderstanding and in the name of Guinness, the Savior, all-forgiving God, we will glady accept that you stand down and let us take what should be ours, back.