Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


Been a busy weekend - can I get a 6 hour extension on Lizzies? Will be able to do my turn this afternoon…


done :)



Ding! Dong! The Dragon is Dead!
What old Dragon? The Ur-ish Dragon!
Ding! Dong! The Wicked Dragon is Dead!

Whew, I thought that thing would never go down. I meant for my paralyzing (and otherwise very weak) spirits to zap him, but that never happened thanks to charging buffaloes. Still, the wolves from Howl kept him distracted for long enough that my necromancers got some spells in, and the centaurs plugged him with enough arrows to whittle him down…very very slowly!

A good fight, Akaoni! I may have lost the battle (those Chosen are TOUGH), but…in the long run…


That was a good fight. Dueling Howls, Dispossessed Spirits and Maeneads fighting Griffons, and lots of Lightening. My favorite moment was when all of my Chosen and Kusarikku summons (which rocked) wandered off to the far side of the map to deal with some wolves. Meanwhile my Dragon, is hoping his ring of regeneration will hold out a little bit longer…not so much.

However! Do not think you have seen the last of RubberDucky. Ur has a special ability, and that is to Call God quickly, and with all its magic abilities intact. It might even heal some afflictions!

So you might see him again soon! Perhaps…next turn! MUAHAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Oh no! I may have cured that dang Dragon by killing him! :P

I’ll have to go back and see how the dueling Howls worked out. Did the wolves appear and start attacking each other?

That definitely is a battle that bears watching and rewatching to figure out what was going on.


We’re a bit confused by your message. Surely any nation must keep abreast of the activities of its neighbors. To do otherwise would invite disaster. At the same time any nation must obviously neutralize any known foreign agents. Although your methods seem a bit over the top. We simply feed them to Champawat the Ever Hungry. In any case, your response is most unusual. We can only assume that you seek war and are grasping for a justification. So be it. If you cross the River, know that you will suffer the same fate as the Bug Herders.


Wyde Ryde 3 players: Hunting around for a map and I didn’t really see any I liked. I certainly don’t want Peliwyr again…so, i made a bunch of random maps and i picked the one I liked the best. Please take a look, and kick the tires a bit and see if you like it and/or have any changes/recommendations etc.

If you want to take a quick look at the map, i’ve taken a screenshot:


map not loading? think you might need the winter file?


Thanks, @pyrhic. I will give it a look this weekend.


@Evil_Steve thanks, i’ve added the winter file to the original post


works well now. thanks. my only thought is its largeness for 6? but this might be your intent :)


Accidental - i was thinking about 15 to 20 per player, which would put it at 120 provinces max - it’s 140, but that includes water. I played around with a bunch of different maps, some of which went down to 90, but none were as interesting as this one. I guess after Lizzies, I wanted to ensure there was enough room for players to stretch out a bit, but if this feels too big for most ppl I’ll cut it down…



The Rapidly Regenerating RubberDucky will be back next turn. Ur can easily harness 50+ points of Call God, and continue to summon more creatures in the meantime. And I think I only need 40.

However, this means that the neighbors of Pan have an option here. Having eliminated a large (hundreds! or more than a dozen) Pan force, means that his forces are weak, scattered, and disorganized. SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY! CRUSH HIM! TAKE THE THRONES FROM HIM!

Ignore little old Ur, who just wants to stay in their tiny abode, staring at the 300 odd lizards who also border the now empty, rich, lush, inviting, tantalizing provinces of Pan.


I am okay with the map being a little bit bigger if it works out well. Plus, maybe we can grab another player or two in the meantime and we will have a map that supports it.


Wyld Ryde3: Finally got to play a round in the area that concerned me and I went back to the drawing board for a new map. The area I was concerned with was the peninsula, particularly if it had thrones on it. As i’ve been using level 3 thrones for the test, it was very easy to get hemmed in, even for marignon - add to it that some of the provinces i thought would be treated as sea were actually treated like giant river (which the sea-travel doesnt apply to), and i thought it was a problem.

Additionally, as i played a little longer, the map did feel a little too big…

Anyways, back to the drawing board, Wyde ryde 3a attempts to fix some of the problems:


sigh, no idea why the internet is acting weird today. Getting no messages back from filehosting, so switched filehosts and this one is saying the rgb isn’t uploaded when it is…ill give it a bit and see if it sorts itself out…


I was able to download the map and winter.rgb file, but the non winter rgb was not in those three links. just two of the winter ones.


fixed, tx



Still a file not found for the 3a.rgb file. I have the Winter one alright, and the map file.


I just tried, and I get a file not found, same as Strato.


@strato @Akaoni

holy fuck, why does that keep disappearing? I check it every time i load it and it’s there - i can only imagine it’s getting flagged for some reason and getting pulled.

k, fixed again