Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


I could have I think? Hard to say, only saw one big fight where pyrhic was pretty dominant I thought. C’Tis: Good priests, also death paths for dust to dust//wither bones and my own undead spam. Dunno.

^This. It makes way for an exciting conclusion to the game I think.


ah well, one can but dream. trounced at the end. i never realised just how good lemuria would be with these settings, and had never played an undead nation before, nor, indeed an undead blood nation (!)



@Strato But a lot of his undead are ethereal, and those grand priests - i dunno wtf they were doing, but they’d be surrounded and no one would/could hit them. Then there’s the simple fact of how fast lemuria can build…

@Evil_Steve - it’s not…congrats. That’s like congratulating water for being able to put out fire. You were hemmed in, reduced mostly to your capital for the whole game, and yet still you smashed bogarus and jomon and you took a concerted effort from me just to keep you down.


How do you feel about taking over for Jomon @Evil_Steve?


I thought @Evil_Steve had alright taken over?

Anyways, to continue my suspicion that Evil steve casted Baleful Star on my capital, imps tried to assassinate FIVE of my mages. And they mostly succeeded , because my body guards SUCK.
So not sure if this was a random event, or if someone who LOVES IMPS (cough bats cough) came after me. Or, fully in the throes of Dominions 5 paranoia, it was probably Mariginon, making it LOOK like Xiabalba.


what the hell are you talking about? Yknow, i think every nation in this game except yours has assassins…so, literally, it could be anyone…

and i’ve been far too busy with lemuria to bother with anything else…


happy to take over Jomon. How do we handle it? shall I set Lemuria to AI? lemme know


Hey! I needed something other than idiots to do some proper patrolling! All of my bats have patrol bonus -1 and are horrible!

What type of assassins were they? I didn’t know I had assassins? I suppose there are some that anyone can summon. Oh, imps? Hmm… unless they went off on their own, wasn’t me!


Ya, i think it’d be ok if you set this turn to AI, have jomon play it out and then i’ll switchover next turn? Please PM me your email address so i can do the switch. I think you’ll need to be fully out of the system before it’ll let me change your email (ie, you cant be receiving two nations at one time). @Otthegreat are you ok with this plan?


ok done


That works for me. I just sent in my last turn. Thanks for taking over @Evil_Steve! I was worried I’d have to set it to AI when I leave in a week or so.

Oh and sorry about the state I’ve left Jomon in…


k it should now be changed - Steve, i think you only need to request a turn resend and you should be able to submit this turn as jomon…


ok onto it. i’ll probably need a bit of time to digest the situation. @Otthegreat, wanna PM me your current diplomatic understandings?


Hi I’m C’Tis. Great to meet you. I understand a change in leadership has occurred with the Jomon people south of us. Oddly enough, you look mightily familiar… And very evil. Great news, we have no agreements. There is a mutual one province border between us; two provinces north of Jomon, two provinces south of C’Tis. The skirmish this turn was a result of nil communication between us and your predecessor. No one wins against the horde underwater.

In other news, I’m happy to forge for people for a profit. Given the strange prevalence of magic sites in our land that are not tapping into the strong points of C’Tis, we have had to make some… adjustments. If forging for others, and for profit speeds up our adjustments, then that is the way it goes.


Marignon and Jomon have no disputes and no agreements in place. We’ve a natural boundary at the isthmus between 77 and 80 which we mutually arrived at. In the battle against Lemuria, we agreed the demarcation line of our responsibilities would be with Jomon holding 82, 78 and 66 as well as the capital of Lemuria. Unfortunately for everyone except Lemuria, Jomon wasn’t able to complete the coup de grace on the capital and lost it, 78 and 66 temporarily. In my efforts to finish Lemuria humanely, I seized 78 and 66 as well as the capital. I’m happy to return 78 and 66 whenever Jomon is up to taking them, however, considering the…events that have transpired…I think it’s best if Marignon holds onto the former Lemuria capital. It would just feel…weird…for you…to be. Ya. No.

Also, @Akaoni, sure, that’s fine, whenever you want.

ALso, @Kelan maybe i can just send you 30g a turn and you could just tell me where bout your troops are moving? Seems more efficient than you killing my scouts every turn…


Sorry, man! The lady demands that lots of blood will spill and the patrolling everywhere will be heavy!


Came on to request an extension as the power finally came on after 26 hours, but I see I still have time and will get it done in the morning! Sorry for the delay!


Don’t you hate it when you blow 99 blood slaves on some spell, and it ends up being a waste? I know I hate it…


You do know about the new temperature scale rules for summoning, don’t you? x% chance per cold scale that those heat loving creatures will tell you to get bent ;).


So are you saying that there are 5 archdevils in the world right now? That’d be interesting…if that’s what you’re saying…I have none.