Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


@pyrhic sorry peeps am unwell again and will need a few more days :(


Yeah, I am definitely going to need 8-10 hours to do my next turn and no way I can do that this weekend before Sunday. Please extend it a couple days at least for Wyldryde3. @pyrhic

Got attacked on 8-10 provinces and by 2 nations and going to take some time for sure to sort things out and hate to mail it in quick and lose everything from 3-4 months of work because I had to rush.



Added 72 hours - let me know if you need further!

After this hosts, i think i’ll add up the timer to 3 days if everyone’s ok with that…I’m amazed we’ve been at 48 hours for so long, but as we get late game i think having more time is pretty essential…


Yes please! Just need 4 extra hours. Sorry! Father’s Day got me a little more busy than I planned.


added 24hrs



Wow, this is way worse than I imagined. Didn’t read the events and just got hammered.


Please elaborate! One thing I want to know (after the game) is the effectiveness of blight. 5 Earth gems to kill 80 gold seems like a good deal…?


But… I don’t want to admit how effective it is, lol! It doesn’t do anything at all and is a minor annoyance!

Seriously, though, 5% pop loss and the increased unrest can be crippling, especially while trying to blood hunt everywhere.


Ya always know a bunch of stuff went down when you receive a 1.5 MB turn file, lol.




Well done guys. The coordinated strike is melting me fast. I have tools, but no backbone left to my armies.


Gaah, I wont be able to look at it for another 6, 10 hours or so.

I have to say, the restrictions to gold has seriously altered the way I would be attacking. When you seriously consider a bless that blows you up as a good thing, you know that things are different.


Just as an FYI, I will be out of town during july 14-30, with phone access, but not laptop. WR3 might be over by then? Might not? Who knows?

edit- typo on the first date.


Peace? No Peace! It will all burn down!

Sounds good, though… Will see!

Edit: Ugh, the situation is a lot worse than I thought. If Jomon stayed home with his Elemental Royalty maybe, just maybe I had a chance, but I have played enough MP to know I am going down fast right now.

I will show you guys later on how bad my map situation is. One prov next to cap and can’t move an army to another prov next to my cap cause I am blocked by rivers everywhere! ugh.


Yeah I am really not a fan of rivers on this map. And that is with a nation who has units that can swim across.


i did a dumb move last turn. can I get a further 72 hours to mull over my stupidity?


was it the one you attacked me three times leaving 4 fully equipped elemental royalty critically exposed to a withering counterattack?

If so, yes. 72 hours.



yep, that was the one…

sorry and thanks


Geez, look at this guy, tossing royalty around like its nothing. Lets see, what does Bogarus have? Hmm, a whole lot of whackos who explode. Lets keep sending them into the Bat cave, yeah. Because its worked out so well for us so far.

At least our upkeep went down.


So many tough decisions to make!

Also, if people would kindly remove all hidden units from my lands, it would be much appreciated. You see, there’s these arch devils roaming around just casually being a nuisance and I’d really like to mind hunt them back to hell. If I get rid of them, you don’t have to see? It’s a win win!