Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


apologies @pyrhic, may i get a 12 hour ext?


sure, done!


well i submitted, but no turn has come back! hope all is well with the llama…


well that was a satisfying win, for once!


I woke up in the middle of the night remembering I didn’t do something critical, ugh. I haven’t had a chance to check the turn yet, but I am afraid I made a bit of a blunder, heh.


Gentlemen: I wish to lay some of my cards on the table.

I leave saturday for 2 weeks. I will not have a laptop. However, since this game seems to be broken into two sides, ie @Evil_Steve, @Strato, and @Akaoni, vs @Kelan and @pyrhic (given the lax border controls between you two)…

I propose that my Bogarus be played by Strato during my time away. Otherwise, we will have to wait TWO WEEKS. An unpalatable gesture to be sure.

That is my proposal. Let me hear your comments.


I’m actually fine with a two week break - honestly i’m having troubles with 72 hour turns right now and will need to move it to 96 after this turn hosts (and I just added 24 to todays timer too).

Also, i think the sides are more strato and akaoni vs kelan and evil_steve vs pyrhic…


i’m happy with a 2 week break, if that suits :)


A 2 week break would be fine with me.


Alright, color me surprised. I should be able to get in a turn by the 30th.


Thanks for the vote of confidence Akaoni, but I would have had to decline anyway. Its one thing for me to effectively kill my nation, another to wreck yours as well.

I need the two weeks to work out what to do with Kelan’s arch devils. Everything I have up my sleeve requires a MR check. And guess what those guys have? MR aplenty!


Wow. I mean, just wow.

I finally got to the turn, expecting to see any number of remote attacks, or assassins, or remote assassins, but I did not expect to be greeted by an airmobile assembly of elemental royalty and your pretender. Very well done Steve!

I’m still beside myself trying to figure out how the hell you’re affording all this. I know the bulk of your gem income, not to mention your regular income, and the math doesn’t seem to work. But, that gives me something to ponder for the next two weeks…


thanks for the kind words. high praise, indeed! :) i’ll let you ponder the gold issue ;)


WyldRyde: I want the next turn to host before I put the game on pause, but I’m not going to be around all day and I’m worried @Kelan thinks we’re already on pause, so i added an extra 24 hours so he doesn’t accidentally stale


Sounds good. Thanks, @pyrhic. I was going to try to complete it now, but with the extra day I will plan today and finish it up tomorrow around this time frame.

It has been a long week of work doing some comissioning of some new machines working with a German engineer, including all weekend, so the extra day is appreciated!

EDIT: It probably isn’t good I haven’t even looked at the turn yet. In a few seconds!

Turn is in, @pyrhic for whenever you have time to extend the timer. Good game guys. No way I can win, but I can try to fight back still now. Good show.


I’m back, baby! Newly sun burned and with a well practiced ability to make teenagers do push ups as punishment for throwing around toilet paper packs inside the store, I have done my turn.

The only question now is where will the 500+ imps and bats led by Grandfather Earth and his Arch Devil buddies go?


LMAO! I forgot how bad my last turn was. 9 provinces left, no way to defend from some angles, lost pretender due to dome attack haha. Oh, the world of Dominions :).


If anyone’s interested in taking the helm of my nation, please PM me. I’m arguably the strongest nation in the game, with good position, good toys, good gems, research, etc. as the game is entering late game. It’s a wonderful opportunity for someone who’s always wanted to play in this kind of situation in a game that is still very much from being decided.


well in a showdown (accidental) between an air queen and an archdevil, it appears that the archdevil wins every time!

boo hoo, i knew thee well, Horatio etc


WyldRyde 3 AAR- Bogarus
WyldRyde 3, a Late age game with constrained gold, resources, and supplies. These settings would impact the game more than the previous two ages because Late Age is when armor and weapons graduated to plate armor and halberds, crossbows and longbows. Even the independent provinces have knights, and plenty of them, since the Late age provinces generally have higher population counts as well.

This, combined with the knowledge that the percentage of magic sites in the Late Age is the lowest of the three ages, meant that I could not rely on getting a good supply of gems to power my economy, once I transitioned from buying normal troops to summons. And since higher population provinces means more provinces to blood hunt in, it was easy to pick a nation with blood.

Of course, that five seconds of reasoning was done by at least two other players in the game as well. Kelan with Xiabalba, a bat nation he has previous experience with. Pyrhic went with Marignon, a mix of blood and holy power. Strato went with Death centered Ctis, and OtTheGreat played against type and with with Jomon, a vanilla build that turned out splendidly, since no one else went that route.

I picked Bogarus in part because of thier summons, their immensely powerful capital mage, and because I had recently played Vanarus in another multiplayer game, I felt comfortable with them. Other things that I liked were the utility of a sneaking, sacred B2H2 non capital mage, and that the capital had 3 command points each turn instead of 2. The Malaia Druz cavalry were excellent, but balanced by my chaff troops being abysmal, with a morale of 8 and similar combat skills.

However, experimenting in how to expand with such paltry resources was not easy. In the end, I decided to go for a Luck/Turmoil build, augmented by some of my mages who could prevent bad events, and my ability to summon firebirds to help my luck. Expansion would be handled by an awake Fire dragon. For the bless, since the only sacreds I had were Flagellants, I went with the fire explosion on a whim. I had some hope that it would be annoying, but if nothing else, it would be funny.

Instead of relying on human troops as the bulk of my meat shields, I started summoning bone devils early, as well as fire drakes from my dragon. Both of them came into their own late in the game against the bats, with the fire drakes doing a surpisingly good job.

The early game went well, until the Fire Nation atta…err, until Lemuria decided to scream and leap at me. I was surprised at his pick of targets - I can buy sneaking H1 priests, H3 priests, I can summon H3 and H2 flying priests, and have both death and blood mages, in addition to fire. I was expecting Lemuria to go after the bats or Jomon- ethreal legionares should clean up tiny flying things with obsidian daggers, and the Jomon footmen do not get magical weapons, and thier priest power is not that great either.

Lemuria’s initial pushes were hard to mass opposition to, since they required some troops to stand between the slavering hordes of undead and my priests. And my morale 8 troops were not cutting it. The handful of bone devils, elite calvary, and whatever else I could scrape up went into the grinding battle of attrition in my frozen lands. For many turns I did not even buy mages, instead spending my few gold coins on priests. The line was held by wave upon wave of Flagellants, who occaisionally burst into flame after being blessed by an errant priest.

Having thwarted the inital attack, I pushed into Lemuria territory, preaching as I went. It was here that I realized I needed help. Lemuria effortlessly summoned more troops while I labored to ferry mine to the front, which was now in his dominion. The barren frozen wastelands held barely any population, and my troops almost immediately began starving. I had no nature magic, no nature income, and soon I had to retreat, or risk having my army waste to nothing. Calls went out to everyone else, pointing out how Lemuria looked a lot like Ashen Empire in the Middle age, and how if he gets out of control now, we are all done for.

Fortunately for me, that call was heeded. Jomon and Mariginon entered against Lemuria, while Ctis aided Bogarus with cauldrons and bags of wine. My few scouts, congratulating themselves on watching the others advance, also brought me news- my magic research was way behind.
Panicked, I turned to making quills, imps, and lanterns, trying to augment my slim research in any way. My income started coming up again, but soon flatlined- mages who cost 400 gold each and are not sacred, are not cheap. I decided to ignore all other schools of magic and went Blood all the way to 9.
Along the way, Lemuria surged and fought, and was eventually ground down to a husk. The player for Jomon had to leave, so it was an easy switch to have the Lemurian player pick up Jomon. Marigion moved in and took out the embers of Lemuria.

That begun the uneasy peace, as we all looked around at each other. I tried to not look as weak as I thought my nation was. But it wasnt easy. In talks with Xiababla, he was quite happy with his progress, having summoned all the Arch Devils (later found out that Marignon had one of the 5). I found out about this a bit too late, after trying to summon one of them. I did manage to snag a Heliophagus, but did not even try to get others. Instead, I scripted my mages to concentrate on anti super combatant spells, and tried to build up slaves for the blood 9 summons.

Ctis proposed that Jomon and Bogarus join him in attacking Mariginon or Xiabalba. We all thought Xiabalba was the strongest, and thus should be reduced. In addition, the priest power of Marigion against the undead hordes of Ctis and my bone devil legion were a factor.

The war against XIabalba went differently than I expected. I only experienced a lot of raiding against my lands with 2 teams of two arch devils, kitted out with melee gear, and some assorted devil bodyguards. Usually I was able to pick the province back up the next turn, since Xiabalba did not have a lot of gold left to buy provincial defense. I know Ctis was trying to wage economic warfare on him, while my one seeking arrow a turn was hopefully doing…something. My early raiding with Send Horror did not work against the blood hunters, since they just cast Leech.

Finally, I was able to mass most of my mages protected by a bunch of chaff units- cavalry, archers, bone devils, fire drakes, spring hawks, imps, and random event generated melee troops. I put them all in a donut shape around my mages and thier 6 or so blood slaves each, and went in against Xiabalba.
In our climatic battle, my chaff died in droves, routing me off the battlefield, but not before killing off 2 Heliophagus and 4 Arch devils, in addition to other assorted kills. While Life for Life remained something my mages refused to cast, instead deciding to cast Bloodletting, which contributed to my own rout, the sheer number of Leech spells that came out proved too much.

Only too late did I realize that the Turmoil Luck build I started with was not fully implemented. Critically, I did not have a mass of FireBirds to ensure good events, and I strongly suspect mass castings of Baleful Star contributed to my string of bad random events. In addition, I was not able to expand beyond my core strength of blood magic, in part because of the early war against Lemuria.

Looking at the game now, I think that the restrictive settings do not work for the Late Age. With the Early Age, the gold restriction forced you to be inventive with your spells and gems. This was a good thing, and made for wonderful creative gameplay. But given the Late Age’s lack of gems, and relatively weak mages, the lack of gold and gems just merely dragged out the beginning stages of the game further, with the players reluctant to attack until they had a force that more resembled what they were used to.