Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


So many tough decisions to make!

Also, if people would kindly remove all hidden units from my lands, it would be much appreciated. You see, there’s these arch devils roaming around just casually being a nuisance and I’d really like to mind hunt them back to hell. If I get rid of them, you don’t have to see? It’s a win win!


Man, I am playing like absolute shit this game. Screw this map!


What happened? Was it something silly like 3 blood mages each scripted to do Life for Life, with plenty of slaves, but instead they decided to summon imps (worthless) and subsequently died for their stupidity?

Asking for a friend.


Wyld Ryde - Added 12 hours cause of my inability to properly plan out my day today two days ago.

Almost certainly not due to the world cup match taking place right around turn hosting.


Thanks, @pyrhic! I could use the time also.

I missed the question earlier @Akaoni, but no nothing specific like that. Just a general game strategy and how the map is really messing with me being able to defend my lands.


apologies @pyrhic, may i get a 12 hour ext?


sure, done!


well i submitted, but no turn has come back! hope all is well with the llama…


well that was a satisfying win, for once!


I woke up in the middle of the night remembering I didn’t do something critical, ugh. I haven’t had a chance to check the turn yet, but I am afraid I made a bit of a blunder, heh.


Gentlemen: I wish to lay some of my cards on the table.

I leave saturday for 2 weeks. I will not have a laptop. However, since this game seems to be broken into two sides, ie @Evil_Steve, @Strato, and @Akaoni, vs @Kelan and @pyrhic (given the lax border controls between you two)…

I propose that my Bogarus be played by Strato during my time away. Otherwise, we will have to wait TWO WEEKS. An unpalatable gesture to be sure.

That is my proposal. Let me hear your comments.


I’m actually fine with a two week break - honestly i’m having troubles with 72 hour turns right now and will need to move it to 96 after this turn hosts (and I just added 24 to todays timer too).

Also, i think the sides are more strato and akaoni vs kelan and evil_steve vs pyrhic…


i’m happy with a 2 week break, if that suits :)


A 2 week break would be fine with me.


Alright, color me surprised. I should be able to get in a turn by the 30th.


Thanks for the vote of confidence Akaoni, but I would have had to decline anyway. Its one thing for me to effectively kill my nation, another to wreck yours as well.

I need the two weeks to work out what to do with Kelan’s arch devils. Everything I have up my sleeve requires a MR check. And guess what those guys have? MR aplenty!


Wow. I mean, just wow.

I finally got to the turn, expecting to see any number of remote attacks, or assassins, or remote assassins, but I did not expect to be greeted by an airmobile assembly of elemental royalty and your pretender. Very well done Steve!

I’m still beside myself trying to figure out how the hell you’re affording all this. I know the bulk of your gem income, not to mention your regular income, and the math doesn’t seem to work. But, that gives me something to ponder for the next two weeks…


thanks for the kind words. high praise, indeed! :) i’ll let you ponder the gold issue ;)


WyldRyde: I want the next turn to host before I put the game on pause, but I’m not going to be around all day and I’m worried @Kelan thinks we’re already on pause, so i added an extra 24 hours so he doesn’t accidentally stale


Sounds good. Thanks, @pyrhic. I was going to try to complete it now, but with the extra day I will plan today and finish it up tomorrow around this time frame.

It has been a long week of work doing some comissioning of some new machines working with a German engineer, including all weekend, so the extra day is appreciated!

EDIT: It probably isn’t good I haven’t even looked at the turn yet. In a few seconds!

Turn is in, @pyrhic for whenever you have time to extend the timer. Good game guys. No way I can win, but I can try to fight back still now. Good show.