Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


Alright, fueled by massive quantities of Oktoberfest, I have a BRILLIANT PLAN.

Why dont we, instead of planning, plotting, and executing diabolical plans against each other - join as a team and post a challenge on the steam multiplayer board? We would have to figure out the parameters here first, but I think it would be fun.
Initial thoughts -
llamaserver hosted, disciple game, Early Age, maybe some mods, random map, and we CRUSH THE ENEMY, DRIVE THEM BEFORE US, and HEAR THE LAMENTATION OF THEIR WOMEN.


When it comes to crushing enemies, grinding their skulls into powder, making the rivers and oceans run red with blood, cleansing the lands and turning the sheeple to the one true God, I’m in.


Just when I thought the group of twelve that @milspec knows had burnt out on Dominions, they seem to be back.
There is interest in getting a bunch of people from here to join with his crowd, and do team game of Early Age Dominions. Two teams, who take turns picking the nations. Randomly determined who is on which side.

At least, thats how it looks so far. Early talks, you know…not as decisive as CONAN!


I haven’t play MP Dominions since Dominions 3, so I’m thinking of sticking my toe in by setting up a Comp Stomp Game against the AI. It’ll probably be a straightforward disciple game, with at least 3 AI teams and 1 human team.

Probably daily turns until the one year mark.

Would anyone be interested in that? We can use the GGG discord to set it up.
and of course I’ll cross post this idea with our Compstomp thread.

Comp Stomp Monday! I

I’ve never played MP at all, but I’d be up for something like this.


If you need more to fill a team, I would be interested. Let the others fill the team first, though :).


Well, so far your in Kelan!

I’m thinking maybe a team of 4-5 players versus 2-3 AI teams of a similar size, so maybe all told 15-16 civilizations on the map.

I’d love to do a game set in the Middle Era, and see how Asphodel works as a disciple (no pop killing domain, no blood, but I still get my favorite light cavalry and archers!).

So, if we can get 1-2 more players, we can get this disciple game going.

Also, if this works, we’ll probably use the All Nations Map - Middle Age 1.0 found in the steam workshop. That will make it easy for everyone and should give us 20 provinces per person.

Or Conquest of the Pankor System. That one looks fun.


I’m gone this weekend, but could take part after that.


Sure, I figured it would take a few days to organize it all.


Announcing a Multiplayer Game - Compstomp through the worlds!

To sign up, please give me the nation you would like to play, and whether you would prefer to be the pretender or the disciple. Since this is a disciple game, I assume that selections will change as more and more players show up, so be flexible. This game is for all skill levels, but anyone that has never played an MP game, this is probably going to be a great jumping off point. If we can get a few players with experion that are willing to give a hand and advice, that would be great.

Also, if you want to try something crazy, that might be okay, but we do plan on winning this game (Difficult AI isn’t difficult, but it’s different from regular players).

Also, I’ll update the game settings as necessary.

Players - 6 with 12 AI Players, 3 Teams of 6
Time Period - Middle Era
Map - Conquest of the Pankor System
Type - Disciple
Thrones - Yes (9 Level 1, 6 Level 2 and 3 Level 3 Thrones, 18 points to win (so 2/3)
Grouped start - Yes
AI Level - Mighty
Turn Lengths - One per day for the first 12 turns, then we’ll slow down as needed.
Style - PBEM, llamaserver
Number of Starting Provinces - 1
Strength of Independents - 5
Special Site frequency - 50
Money Multiple: 100%
Resources Multiple: 100%
Recruitment Multiple: 100%
Supply Multiple 100%
Random events - Rare
Story Events - TBD
Score Graphs are disabled
Hall of Fame Entries - 20
Global Enchantment slots - 9
Limited unique artifact forging rate
Standard research

Legowarrior - Asphobel, Carrion Woods - Disciple
Fifth_Fret - MA Man - Disciple
belouski - T’ien Ch’i - Pending
Otthegreat - Pending - Pending
Kelan - Pending - Pending - Substitute
Akaoni - Pending - Pending -Substitute
Wahoo - Pending - Pending


My $.02: For a coop game, I would play it on Mighty AI, unless it’s literally the first game for the players.


Probably a good idea.


Hey @legowarrior, I can be one of the experienced guys. I will bow out if you get a lot of others who want to play, and will be a sub if needed.


Cool. I think @Fifth_Fret and @Otthegreat were interested, but that still leaves plenty of room.


I’m in. I’ve never played MP before, and while I mechanically know how to play the game, I’ve not really any grasp of how to play the game at all well. Obviously I’d prefer to be a Disciple.

Man, Eriu, Pangea and Pelagia all seem kinda cool to try.


MA Man is pretty cool, with it’s foreign recruitment Wisemen and Research Monks.
Sadly, the Longbowmen are never as good as I think they should be, but you do have unicorns.


I’m sold on the Unicorns. Man it is.


I believe if you don’t go for a Thrice Horned Boar, the Unicorns are you best expandors early on. Something like 3 or 4 can take a weak province.

Also, I find the daughters are the best initial recruits until you need a leader. Than grab the mother’s.


I am interested! Thanks for posting it, I kind of forgot.

I’ll have to look back through the nations again. It’s been a while.


Sure, take a look. It’s just against AI, so it’s low pressure.

Which is why I am trying Ash without the death domain.