Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


Um, Phlegra should be commanded by an IMPOSSIBLE ai.
Just saying…😁


Hah! Good point! I should have changed them, but not going back now.


Finally got my disciple in!


Looks like we are just missing @wahoo, and I’m still trying to figure out how to add AI nations to the game.


Did you ask llamabeast?


I asked on the Discord channel where most of the games are set up. The best advice I was given was to create the pretenders, and then set them to AI, but I know for a fact that Llama service checks for keys, so I’m worried about sending multiple pretenders in. Also, I’m not a fan of having to create 8 pretender/disciples in. I don’t want my bias to impact the game.


Okay, so I’m making the 8 pretenders/disciples.

Because I don’t trust the AI, I’ve decided to create the pretender, but I’ll keep the disciples random, so that I won’t know what they are.

Marignon - Baphomet - Dormant
7 Domain, 1 Order, 2 Productivity, 1 heat, 3 Growth, 1 Misfortune
4 Fire magic (6 bless points)
4 Earth Magic (4 Bless points
4 Astral (6 bless points)
4 Blood (4 bless points)

Major Fire Resistance,
Attack Skill
Arcane Command
Magic Weapon
Major Magic Resistance
Blood Surge

I think will suffice for the AI.


I will start the first turn tomorrow evening.

24 hour turns until it gets to hard, and then we’ll lengthen it.


Everyone get ready.

I will start the game this evening (probably late tonight) and people should get an email. I’ve never set up a game before so be patient. If all goes well, you should all get an email with the first turn in it.

I will be asking a members of the Dominions Discord to start the AI teams and go AI so I won’t have a clue about starting positions.

I wish everyone the best of luck.


Game is looking for, but I only have I just Unsubscribed and Suscribed, and got the same files. Where did you get the files?

So, I changed my file names and that seemed to work.

I wasn’t sure where to put the V18 for the winter file however.


I was afraid that might happen. If you go to llamaserver, the website, you can find our game in the list. If you go to our game, their should be an option to download the map. I guess I will need to do that as well.


Had same problem.

That worked. The map is found by clicking on admin options at the bottom.


Could someone else look at the map? It looks odd. I think it’s most visible around Ulm I think.

I didn’t have this trouble with the Steam version of the map.


Looks like we are going to need to restart this game in a bit. Let me see what I can do tonight. Worst comes to worst, I’ll upload the steam map and we’ll all have to get a new starting game file.


And we restarted everyone.

You’ll probably want to download a new version of the map. Everyone, take a moment to make sure the direction lines make sense.


Okay, one final time. Let’s see if it worked. You should receive two files. Just ignore the first one. My fix hadn’t worked yet.

Double check and make sure you delete the original Pankor files from your folder. All of them and please download the new one (that is fixed). After you downloaded it, put it in your folder, and then play the turn.

Please please double check everything! Make sure the borders look right, make sure the connections look right. If not, we’ll be 20-30 days into the game, and we’ll realize that something was wrong and have to restart the game again, and I don’t want to do that after 20-30 turns in.

And if something does look wrong, please let me now ASAP!


Okay, the AI has been done by someone on the discord, so everything is ready. Get your turn in, and I’ll move the turn as soon as all are in. Then we’ll do 24 hour turns.


Sorry, I’m holding the game up but I’m confused about what I’m supposed to do. Submit my disciple again?


Not at all. You should have received a new starting file to play with.

You will need to delete the old map file though and download the new one from the link. It’s been fixed so that placements should all work out.


Yup, I just found the email with the new turn file. Hadn’t noticed it before, sorry. Submitting shortly.