Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


I missed my shot this morning, but I’ll get my turn in on the train later today.


Don’t kill yourself over it. The key to Dominions is that it plays at a slow pace and people have to except that life happens to all of us!


For people that like to check but aren’t sure how.


I thought we were pushing this until Sunday, but it still shows that the turn is flipping in a few hours. Can you give me another 12 hours?

EDIT: Now it shows Tuesday. Thanks. I still hope to get in my turn tomorrow.


I am have screwed up the math. I’m not always sure how it’s counting everything.

Let me know if the time changes after you submit your turn.


@legowarrior Could we consider extending the current turn 24 more hours, please? I am not sure I will get to mine tonight.

Also, we are already battling the enemy and I would like to consider extending to 2 days sometime in the near future. We are okay for now, but just an extra day today would be really helpful with going to 2 day turns sometime in the next couple weeks depending on how hairy things get.



Game has been postponed.


Thank you.


As a heads up, I’ve a work trip from Wed-Fri. With reference to GMT: I should able to take a turn Wed morning (well, maybe), but Thursday is unlikely. I’ll be back Friday evening.


I’ve moved us to 60 hour hosting. It will still automatically turn over if everyone submits though, so we can still go faster when everyone is feeling comfortable.


This global event x 2 misfortune is pissing me off! Every neutral province had 2 misfortune? Getting hurt bad. Guess I better start preaching…


I’ve postponed the turn.


How’s everyone doing?


Pretty sleepy, the coffee hasn’t really kicked in yet.
Other than that, yeah, the Misfortune 2 is a bit annoying, ESPECIALLY when a hero gets afflicted because of it.


My Hero got afflicted as well. Not that good of a hero however in my case.


The indy team is getting uppity and got 4 of them attacking us…


Oh no! That’s so sad.


Ya know, you guys can attack them too if you want to help us out! ;)

I lost track of time a bit this weekend, but will get my turn in when I get home from work today. I shouldn’t need an extension.


I can’t help but notice @Akaoni’s big scary giants just sitting idly by while Oceania repeatedly routes my poor bird people.They must be getting bored over there!


No way. I am sure there there for moral support!

But if it makes you feel better, the AI isn’t super happy with us either. I think.