Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


We had a score graphs debate in a separate game. In the end, the other group decided this first Dom 5 game was primarily a learning experience and we left them on so we can all observe how things are working. (We had them off in our earlier serious Dom 3 and 4 games.)

Your mileage may vary. :-)


i’m happy to switch graphs off, just thought it might be good for noobs (which is, in a sense, all of us), but it can go both ways, of course


ok everyone, games are up (QT3Furies/QT3Lizzies) so you can email in your pretenders.

Diplo is in this thread, through QT3 PMs, or in-game

good luck one and all.

i’ll need a vollie for each game on US or Euro time to handle extension requests in case I’m snoozing



For reference:

GAME 1 - Furies [Early Age]

tgb123 [Ermor]
evil steve [Formoria]
Kelan [Mictlan]
sharaleo [Machaka]
Otthegreat [Xibalba]
Belouski [Pan]
tylertoo [C’tis]
Baconsoda [Tien Chi]

GAME 2 - Lizzies [Early Age]

Hetzer [Teredos]
Scott_Lufkin [Rus]
BotBaddict [Pan]
pyrhic [Sauromatia]
AStott [C’tis]
Brooski [Niefelheim]
Guildboss [Kailasa]
Akaoni [Ur]


Being new to this whole Dom thing, let alone multi player, where do I email my pretender? And how do I actually log into the game to play?

I saw the link to the llamaserver in the other thread, but no way to upload anything or actually play.



Create your Pretender. In-game, go to ‘Game Tools’ and open user data directory. It will be something like:


There will be a savedgames folder which will contain a ‘newlords’ folder, which is where all your pretender files for all games are saved. Find the *.2h pretender file that matches your nation and era. Make sure you choose the right one if you have been playing test games, or delete all your test games first. ie:


Email that *.2h file to pretenders, using the name of the game as the subject header (QT3Furies or QT3Lizzies in this case)

You should recieve an acknowledgement if everything went fine.

When the game starts, you will receive *.trn files from llamaserver. Create a folder in your Dom5 savegames folder matching the game name (again QT3Furies or QT3Lizzies) and save the *.trn file to that folder.

When you launch Dom5 hit “Continue Old Game” and you will see the game in the list and be able to play the current turn.

Once you complete your turn, hit End Turn as normal. The game will create a *.2h file in the save game folder.

Email this file to turns, no subject header necessary, llamaserver will know from the contents of the 2h file what to do with it.

Rinse repeat. Do youself a favour and manually rename all you old *.trn files so you don’t overwrite them and can go back in time to review stuff. You will end up with something like this in the folder:

So to recap:

  • Create Pretender
  • Email Pretender *.2h file to pretenders with game name as subject header
  • Create savegame folder
  • Save incoming *.trn files to savegame folder
  • play turn
  • Email created *.2h file in savegame folder to turns
  • Rename *.trn files to keep a record

It’s a bit manual, but to the best of my knowledge, nobody has knocked together an automation tool/script/front end to manage it. Kinda surprises me given the Dom community, but it’s beyond my level of expertise.

Edit - for the record, I don’t explicitly keep a copy of all my generated *.2h files, since it is less common for me to want to review my orders, vs general world intel/battle replays. YMMV either way, you will always have a copy of trn and 2h files in your email anyway, presuming you don’t clear them there.

Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith

Beat by @sharaleo!

But, still some useful info here (especially the 2nd post on how to play a game):

This is for Dom4, but almost surely the same for Dom5.


Thanks Kelan, I forgot to link the Llamaserver FAQ, but knew I was on the clock to ninja any other vets! :P


Thanks, guys


I think I uploaded my pretender god correctly, so if that seems to not be the case let me know!


You’re all good, bro:



I just changed mine up, but want to test it a bit more before uploading. I thought regen used to reduce affliction chance, but it sure doesn’t seem to now. With the new Earth bless that does that, though, maybe they split it off now.


Oooohhhh. The FAQ says:

Don’t set a password, since for PBEM games they’re not helpful and occasionally annoying (e.g. if you need a sub)

Guess I’d better recreate my pretender.


I emailed my pretender but haven’t made it to the list. Do I have to do it again or does it take some time? I never got a confirmation.


It is normally pretty fast, but there are pauses sometimes for some minutes, and rarely some hours. Did you put this in the subject line exactly like this?



Did you:

1 - Create the pretender with the ‘create pretender’ function under game tools? (I forgot to mention this - not sure if it makes a difference, but it may do.)
2 - Email to pretenders@ or turns@
3 - Enter the full game name in the subject as it appears on llamaserver - QT3Furies, not just Furies

If so, maybe just give it a bit, it’s usually pretty good, but sometimes llamaserver gets swamped. It usually responds with mail confirmation at least, even if turn hosting is delayed. It’s usually pretty good at coming back advising ‘no game of that name’ or ‘invalid pretender file’ as well, from memory as well though…


I will try mine since I am pretty sure I have mine decided.

EDIT: Worked for me. I just composed a new mail message to pretenders (at) llamaserver (dot) net. Put QT3Furies in the subject line, and attached the .2h file of my pretender. For me was named early_mictlan_1.2h and located in the newlords directory. Got a confirmation email really fast.


I may have gone with “Create Pretender God for Disciples Game” by mistake - let me try it again.


I just sent it again, and again no response. I even checked my spam folder. This isn’t rocket science, so I don’t know why it isn’t working for me.

[edit]No response, but I’m on the “nations joined so far” list, so I guess I’m good to go.


Weird, I just sent a test and got a response in a couple of minutes.



Anyhoo, if the game page is reporting success, you are good to go. Wait until the game starts to see if you are experiencing any issues receiving mail from llamaserver.