Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


Dom5 inspector is alive!


Monkey see, monkey do!

Lizzies, Kailasa (monkeys):

We invaded a territory abutting the Monkey Kingdom that appeared to have approximately 50 guardians, mostly light milita (no shields) and a handful of light cavalry. So the Divine Monkey God ordered our relatively small Monkey Army, led by our prophet-General, to attack. Upon arriving we realized our initial scouting report didn’t account for the group of heavy cavalry, suddenly bearing down on us in a thunderous charge.

That’s when the poop could have hit the fan but our prophet-General bestowed his blessing upon the battlefield and the monkeys tossed sticks and stones with a righteous fervor at the humans as our sacred warriors from Mount Kailasa waded into the cavalry without hesitation or fear. The mere mortal human cavalry were awestruck by the warriors of Mt Kailasa and were cut down by them as they gaped in wonder at such celestial splendor!

After the battle was won, the brave monkeys were treated to chocolate covered bananas and given extra time to groom each other, while the commanders patrolled, prayed and searched for sites of a magical nature.


@tylertoo for new first turn of Furies, just in case you didn’t realise we had restarted due to an interloper


Anyone else having trouble pulling up spells on the Inspector?


As a not-currently-playing-Dominions-but-fascinated-by-it kinda guy, I greatly appreciate this thread. It’s a lot more informative than reading overviews or even watching videos. Just wanted to throw that out there.


I resent the file but it keeps getting rejected as unknown game. Do I have restart the game entirely?


You aren’t accidentally sending in your Pretender .2h file are you?

That’s what I did a couple of times before I figured out I was pulling the .2h file from the wrong folder.


Yes, positive. I’m pulling from the savegames folder.

Here’s the message:

Your 2h file appears to be for a game the LlamaServer doesn’t know about - perhaps you sent the wrong one?

Details of your e-mail:
Sent at: Thu, 07 Dec 2017 20:50:52 -0500
Attachment: early_ctis.2h

Tried it twice.


So I went into Dom5, loaded the game, it was exactly where I’d left things. I ended turn and then sent that savegame, and got the same message.

Then I went to the email I had sent on Tuesday, saved the file that was attached to that email to my desktop, and just sent that original file – which worked on Tuesday – to the server. It was also rejected.

I’m not sure what else to do.



have you downloaded the new turn file and saved it over your old turn file, and then started the game with the new turn, done your turn, and sent that file in?


I’m very confused. There’s a new turn file? I thought we just resend what we sent for turn one. Do you mean I have to recreate what I did from scratch? As in, start over?


you would have received a new email with a new turn (as the old turn had someone as Berytos) which needs to be saved over your previous turn (ie the one with Berytos) in your game folder. Then you start with this turn (ie the one with Sharaleo)

clear as mud, eh…


Sigh. I never saw the new email come in, but there it is…

Let me start over.


Ok, now I got it right. Sorry to have held things up.


toot toot! FURIES IZ ON!


The waiting is the worst…


I felt like I’ve made a yuuggee mistake after I emailed my turn (The first turn!). Oh well, we’ll see >.<


If llamaserver has not hosted the turn yet, redo your turn and resend, llamaserver will take your new turn file instead. You’ll get an email advising you have sent a new turn file and llamaserver will now use that one instead of the previous file.

I’ve resent some turns half a dozen times as I realise I forgot to do something, or changed my mind!


I’m not super thrilled that a lot of thrones look like they’ve ended up in forests and caves, that makes my initial expansion targets potentially more difficult.

And I see we’ve got the standard first turn wave of prophet announcements. I am having a fair bit of trouble getting any kind of information from the names you all have given your pretenders.

Furies Pretenders


I just used the default the game gave me, so perhaps one could guess from that.