Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


@tylertoo for a nation select

just keep your eyes on the game post above for edits etc.

what Llamaserver needs for the game is an uploaded pretender for your selected race, so get tricky! honestly, this is my favourite part!


I was going to try out EA Rus, and I made a pretender god but don’t know what to do next?


All dominion games are newb friendly! …he he hee hee ha ha HA HA HA…
No, really they are!
It’s true.
Always. he he he…


Yeah, the one MP game I played was pretty fantastic but also extremely stressful! I still enjoy SP quite a bit because of the casual, much less competitive nature


I’m tempted to choose random civ but is that even possible with PBEM?


Make a private game, pick random, that’s the one you use in the game! :)


Just wait while everyone else chooses a race. When the time is right, I’lll create the game, and then you can upload your pretender


C’Tis please.


@Evil_Steve - Pan please.

And thank you very much for setting all this up.


@Otthegreat for Furies
@AStott for Lizzies


Sweet, so i need to start thinking about what nation pick i need to make to screw up akaoni, selecting behind me, the most…it begins AGAIN! ;)


@Evil_Steve I’ll go with C’tis


@Hetzer for Lizzies


Nah, not me. In fact it’s one of the nations I still haven’t tried, in any of their variants.

Personally, I would like to try to play a Disciples games, in some months.


The real stress is hitting the end turn button, submitting it to llamaserver, then having that agonising wait over the coming hours/days as to if the army composition is right, the spell casters will follow the script, no glaring oversights. Who the hell would want to play this game SP :)

@BotBaddict - yeah I’m out for the time being. Summon me though if you end up needing a sub. Only takes conjuration 1 and a spare alcohol gem. Akaoni raised a valid point for anyone dipping their toes into MP - it is a commitment! 40 turns you’ll probably be looking at approximately 2 months based on what I’ve seen looking through all my previous games. And yes, I’ve kept turn files for every single game I’ve played. One day I’ll organise the folders better to highlight notable turns with big battles to compare match ups etc. Hmmm. Maybe this is what I should do during my break away. I think Dominions well and truly runs through my veins now.

I hope everyone has fun! I saw a pick for EA Ermor. In my opinion, a great nation to play as. Enjoy the flexibility they offer :)

Oh, finally, might be worth checking this link out sooner or later. It is in process by the sounds of things, but will be a convenient resource in good time for everything dominions


I choose Therodos.

Thank you for organizing!


Curses! I was going to send @pyrhic into tailspin by picking Therodos. I mean, whose going to pick a bunch of undead who don’t know they are dead, and living under the sea?

Apparently a small TD with a PAK 7.5cm did… back to the drawing board.


nudge for @Otthegreat for Furies
@GuildBoss for Lizzies


Sorry about the delay. I’ve never really gotten the hang of blood nations, so I’ll give Xibalba a try.


Nice pick. My one and only win was with them and I was considering them again. Glad you made me look for another :).

@sharaleo is up, I believe.