Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


Well in that case, you’re welcome. :)

Any tips you’re willing to part with? A quick look suggests Blood and Fire paths will be especially important. It sounds like they’re supposed to be built in part around some kind of bless with all of their priests and sacred summons, but I’ll have to take a closer look to figure out what’s best. All their units are so squishy.


It was fairly well known since the game was played here, so I don’t mind hitting on a few points.

Every game is different, but I was very fortunate to get a great start and a huge blood economy going. The mobility of your cheap flying units, and ability to mass them and swarm indies (can recruit them in caves and forests), helped me get a good jump early. A few mages were changed later and made more costly and harder to recruit (added temples as necessary, I believe), but they are still in a good place. Early game even throwing out a few Summon Imp spells in battle could turn the tide as needed. Just fly some blood hunters with slaves in tow to where you need a bit more punch or defense.

Late game a combination of free spawn beast bats from Onaqui, summoned Ozelotl (blessed triple attack flyers), Darkness cast by the Onaqui, and other assorted blood summons and battlefield spells like Leech and Arch Devils and it was tough to beat late mid game with all armies able to fly and jump all over. I didn’t even bother trying to go for the Balam or Chaac and never needed them.

EDIT: Also, that new Blood Surge bless looks especially nice for them, imho. Ozelotl with that bless would be downright mean.


Oops, I was gonna go random but I suppose I’ll just pick something new… like the Kailasa. Monkey people. I just watched War for the Planet of the Apes so I feel like I can win with these guys


@Brooski for Lizzies


Thanks! That really does help me get my head around a bunch of their strengths. I’ve never done particularly well with either blood heavy nations or those built around raiding, so this should be interesting.


Rus, please.


already taken, i’m afraid. another?


Oops, sorry - I’ll take Niefelheim, then.


nudging @sharaleo for Furies
@BotBaddict for Lizzies


General setup Qs:

Consensus appears to be for Thrones victory: the question I have is how many/what level? Do we want, say, 8 level 2 thrones, for example (for earlier feuding), or four level 3 thrones, for example (for later feuding)?

Consensus appears to be for Apocalyptic ending: do we want 40 turns or 50 turns?



for this, i’d favor a larger number of lesser thrones, but i’m pretty indifferent. 40/50 are fine for me, indifferent to either


I’ll take Machaka for Furies.


I’ll take Pan. I don’t think I’ve ever played them before…or was there a team game once? Anyways, Pan for me.

I’d vote for 8 x lvl 2 thrones, and 40 turns. More fighting, more fun that way. But be sure to set the victory number at 6 or 8 so the game doesn’t end prematurely?

I don’t think the Apocalypse happens instantly so even after turn 40 there might be some more turns?


@pyrhic Lizzies
@Kelan Furies


40 turns is really not very many. Barely mid-midgame. It will be a bloody mad dash, but not much high level magic will come out to play. Short is not bad, but maybe consider bumping global research rate and site frequency and just normal indies (games with experienced players around here usually bump indies to 7) to not slow early game and make sure some magic gets play.


I will take Mictlan for Furies, @Evil_Steve.


@Evil_Steve Sauromatia


@Akaoni for the lucky last, along with myself


yes, my sentiments also. my thinking is 50 turns to get to some good battle spells, plus some tinkering in the directions you suggest. i’ll post a prototype setup this w/e


Concur with lots of little thrones. Because we know there is a time limit, the builds are going to be skewed towards early expansion with awake pretenders. Doubt anyone will make it to level 9 research. @BotBaddict, you are probably the only one who will be able to get up a global, with Mother Oak.
I would be shocked if someone took an imprisoned pretender, unless its Niefel or similar.

I will have my pick up here in circa 9-10 hours.