Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


Sorry, @legowarrior but can I get a 12-hour extension through Monday night?


I’ve also dropped the ball on this. Could I also request a 12 hour extension until Monday night? (GMT)


Me too!

Got caught up in some work issues this weekend and bowling tonight, but I will try to get my turns in after work today. There is an outside chance I won’t be able to get both nations done, though.


I’ll be back home tonight, so will be able to take Nazca back over next turn. Thanks for subbing in @Kelan!


Glad to help. I sent your undead on a road trip though! heh…


@legowarrior did extend the deadline until tomorrow. Thanks!


Sorry about that. I thought an email was sent out when the extension was completed.

@Otthegreat, just send me your email address, and I will make the change after the turn is done.


By the way, with the return of @Otthegreat, I will be switching back to 60 hour turns. That is a 2 and a half days from when the last person submits. Let me know if anyone isn’t comfortable with that.


Okay, it looks like we need a replacement player for Ulm. @tylertoo is getting to busy IRL.

If anyone can substitute for Ulm, let me know.


So, @Akaoni will take over for the short term, but we will need a replacement. Any ideas? Even more experienced players are welcome.


Sorry folks. I started to feel like each turn was overwhelming and I don’t have the time to manage it all.


In the absence of anyone else wanting to sub in, I’m happy to do so, provided Kelan is fine with it given the shift in experienced players. Thankfully I’ve never played Ulm before!


If @Kelan is fine with it, so are we.

The only rule is no attack human players (in any fashion, spying and scout are okay) until the AI is dead.


@Strato thank you. To balance the shift in experience is the fact that I’ve probably left Ulm in an ungodly mess.

And apologies for bowing out mid-game.


Don’t worry about it. It’s supposed to be fun; if you’re not having fun, you’re right to bow out.


Let me ask the team! It should be okay, I would think.

EDIT: Yep, all set! Thanks, @Strato!


Because I away from home until late tonight (I was out part of the week) and because of the new player, I have added 48 hours to the clock.

Okay, and just as a reminder, until the AI is defeated, no attacking human players, that includes inciting revolts or attack spells (even ones that are secret). And no sending large armies into enemy territory. Scouts and spies are okay.

I am on the fence about sending armies through territories of enemies if they don’t actual stop in them though. I guess its okay, but what do you think? If Nazca sends an army south though Ulm, but doesn’t actually have to stop in Ulm’s territory for a turn, does that seem legit? I am leaning to yes if there is almost no chance of the forces fighting.

Oh, and you can contest AI or neutral territory. If two people attack the AI, let the best man win.


Oh, and we should go over the teams.
Team 2 is
And T’ien Chi

Awesome Team 2 is
Asphodel (disciple, no deadly domain)
Bandar Log

Everyone else is one the AI team
And Erui is already dead, probably becuse he was between Caelum and T’ien Chi


pyrhic waits for some team that needs a players that needs meat.

Also, pyrhic neats mead.


So…it’s like…friday…maybe. here.

and i’m like…who’s hankering for an ole’ fashioned early age smash em al?

also, i may be drunk…ish.

but…does not preclude obersvation 2!