Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition

In terms of a new game, there’s a 3-per-team newbieish no-diplo game I’m in the process of recruiting for on the ClockworkHounds discord (It was originally any skill level but 4ish new players wanted to join so I bowed out myself and the vet-ier team I had). All of you are welcome

Also sorry for not doing much to chance the game, Nazca was a fair bit behind and trying to solve the research issues to be ready for lategame combat was my main focus.

Anyone interested in starting up a new game soon? I’m thinking in the next few weeks.

Me. I’ve been thinking about a new game also :)

I am thinking about something a bit crazy. Start with 9 provinces, extra money, extra resources, extra high chance of sites, 10 indie strength. Not sure about research though.

Anyway, 3 level 1 throwns, but with an accumulated point system.

Maybe teams of 3?

Sounds good to me :)

Sadly, I discovered, there are no victory points in Dominions 5. They removed that for some reason

how about your crazy advanced start with 3 max level thrones but maybe scrap teams (so no full-on diplo)? though it has to be said, the hivemind appears not to be ready for another yet…

Not yet. We did just have a patch, but I would like to wait for the Ind nation to drop.

I’m also partial to using one of the balance mods that float around. One of the simpler ones.

Just got back from some vacation, and i’d be up for a mp game

Okay, if we can get 5-6 players, I’ll set something up. I’m tempted to try one of the smaller balance mods, and play Late Age, but I’m game for something a bit more vanilla as well.

Here is the mod that I propose we use. It makes smaller balance changes, compared to DE.

I’ll join in.

That’s three. I think I want to try out a late age game, but I am up for something else as well.

OK, I installed the mod. I know nothing about the game, but I’ll be happy to join :)

The game has been set up. We won’t start until next weekend, but I wanted to set it up for now.

7 players available.

Sounds good. Thanks!

I have seen enough in my testing that I am ready to go. I was hoping to get a little further to see if I was missing anything critical, but I will just roll with it. I will try to send mine in tonight.

I did make two change to the game setup. 9 thrones (still need 6 to win), and slots for 7 globals.

Oh, and no charts or graphs, so keep an eye out on how everyone is doing.

Sounds good. Pretty standard stuff then.

I am really liking the map so far. Hex map with some provinces being 2 or 3 hexes big make it interesting.

The author has another bigger one coming out in a few weeks that looks great, but this one fits our needs to a tee.

Hopefully, with everyone having time to practice with the new mod, we’ll be in good shape for a good game.

I like this mod because it doesn’t do too much, but seems to pull a few nations together in ways that finally makes them work. Machaka and Jomon come to mind, since both of have lots of good elements that just don’t seem to go anywhere.


My favourite part. All downhill from now on :)