Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


Cool! I changed the turn period to 48 hours just to ease everyone into the rhythm. it’s still on quickhost.


@sharaleo @Baconsoda don’t want to razzle you, but the Lizzies are off! Come on, Furies! ;)


uh, phrasing?


Perhaps. Working from home means every day is “pants optional” day.


Just took my first turn. Whee!


Oops… Do I still get to join the game?


Your game (Furies) hasn’t started yet. Upload your pretender to get things rolling! :D


I’m travelling so will be delayed another 24 hours sorry.


Singed up and ready to wreak havoc!


Lizzies turn sent!


So, it looks like Dominions 5.05 is out. How does updating work with multiplayer? Should I be turning off auto-update of the game so I can manage updates better?


Probably doesn’t matter since the server handles the turn resolution and is most likely updated to latest.


QT3Lizzies Ur turn 1:

Ur starts in one of the same locations as a test game of mine, so I already know a general idea of where my closest neighbors are. The scout goes SW. I check the random research, and it turns out the best possible: Evocation 2. That means my dragon can get off some spells at minimal fatigue before he gets into hand to hand. I tell the researchers to get construction 1 and then 2.
I order my dragon to research this turn. While I could jump out into the unknown, I would really only feel comfortable doing that if he was in his own dominion, and he had Awe. As it is, next turn I only want to attack provinces in my dominion as well, in order to get the buff for him.
I order my commander to be my prophet, and queue up some sacred units and a low cost mage.
I poke around a bit - pretenders names are sometimes revealing. And they might be!
Sauro has Bobby Orr as a name, so possibly a titan with a hockey stick equivalent. Definitely missing a few teeth, though.
Therodos has named his after a Greek aquatic god, which implies that his god will come out of the sea before he can craft Amulet of the Fish.
Nifel’s pretender is living in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, apparently.
Guildboss remembers a bit more of old Eastwood movies than he lets on. A monkey god named Clyde, very nice.

There are three Thrones fairly close to me. Looking at the list of the Thrones, they are mostly ok for me. Given that Ur is the only nation (I think) in the game that can easily buy H3 priests, claiming thrones will be trivial. I bring this up because seizing a throne is a significant task, and if your pretender or prophet are busy elsewhere, other nations might miss out.


QT3 Lizzies Ur turn 2:
A quick one. A look around shows that there are two provinces within my dominion that have militia and light infantry, one with heavy infantry as well. I attack the one with all three types of troops with my army. I then placed my army way in the back. The three types of troops the indies have each have different move speeds, so by making them come to my troops on Hold and Attack, they will come in successive waves, making it easier to deal with each on instead of all at once. This wouldn’t work with archers of course, but would also work vs calvary.
My dragon goes after the other one. Hopefully there are no surprises. Unfortunately, i dont see any Amazons near me. I hit "N’ to make sure every commander has an order, and sure enough I forgot to move my scout. So I move him one more. Hopefully next turn he wont find anyone…


Turn 2 dawns and we are literally between a rock and a hard place. Three routes are non traversable, one leads to a throne with a defense much too large for us to think about. The three routes that remain look to have troops strengths of 100+ and the fine print of one indicates the presence of war elephants. War elephants are the bane of early expansion…ugh.

Not a good start, but at least we didn’t lose a pretender to elephants. While i hate to delay expansion, in this case it’s the only viable option…


Kailasa, Lizzies: Turn 2

“ooh ooh eee ooh eee oooh!” = CRAP! Apes surrounded by many humans in metal suits on big horses, humans in jaguar furs with long spears, smelly dead humans, and fishy-looking humans in water. Need more apes and divine general-priest before crushing bad humans…


And the Furies are off to the races!

Nothing exciting to report for the first turn unless you want to count 2 Thrones within 3 (tiles? provinces? whatever) of my starting position.


Hmm… anyone know how tough forest trolls are? Are ~6 going to wipe my starting army as C’tis?


I’d imagine they regenerate, which means it’s gonna feel more like 20 regular, very tough (high HP, high damage) units. Plan to lose a lot of troops. Swarm them and surround them and kill them fast, is my advice… also fire. Fire is good vs trolls if D&D taught me anything


Maybe, i’d be careful with just the starting army. They’ll have about 30hp each, and regenerate each round. More important they’re strong and when they hit they’ll likely kill your troops.

Don’t forget that numbers reported can be anywhere +/- 100%, so you could have anywhere from 3 to 12 trolls, and if it’s reporting six, i’d guess the actual number’s more likely to be higher than lower…particularly if it’s the primary creature listed (as opposed to my “…and a few war elephants”)