Dominions 5 - Pretender to the Throne!

Dude, that happened like…one time!

awww…sweet memories. My flying troll buddies! I think this may have been the original Wilde Ryde - HA! I found it! Qt3 QTtheHIll Dominions Disciples game thread - #677 by pyrhic

holy shit, i did a great write up on it ;) Hard to believe that’s like 5 years ago


The game’s mechanics are slowly coming back to me as I knock off the rust I’ve accumulated since Dom3. As a result, my scouts are no longer holding back information from me and are now reporting that @legowarrior is expanding rapidly eastward.

Does anyone know if Patala will curb that expansion? Are they trying to push as far east as they can, and then backfill the provinces they passed? We’re concerned.

I wouldn’t say rapidly. It is more of a leisurely stroll east. I’m a fan of coastal and riverside property and all.
The nice thing, is that I bring warm weather with me, unlike that frigid cold that Bogarus seems to carry with them.

But I was surprised to see your domain show up within my nation’s borders. Honestly, I can’t say I’m a fan of that.

Perhaps you didn’t assign sufficient points to Dominion when you birthed your Pretender…? Surely Bogarus can’t be held responsible for that decision.

Sure, blame the victim for the crimes you have committed.

Well, i mean, he does kind of have a history of doing exactly that…

Past performance is not indicative of future results people.

Is there any way to “unclaim” a Throne of Ascension? Dom3 didn’t have that victory condition, did it?

Had I known The Throne of Summer would add +1 Heat every month (I thought it was a one-time increase), I wouldn’t have claimed it.

Not unless you lose the province.

But, you do get access to the Mages of Summer now.

But, it should just increase your domain heat by 1. Keep in mind though that winter has ended, so the world is naturally warming.

Are they any better than my nation’s mages? Plus, I’d need to build a lab there to recruit them. My moneys are already so precious!

You need a lab, but if you don’t have access to Fire 2, or Nature 1, they are neat.

And you don’t need a castle, so, 500 gold, and you can start throwing them out.

And of course, you get a gem income.

Does the +1 heat trigger each turn regardless of whether or not someone has claimed that throne? I ask, because I was wondering why that province and the surrounding ones had heat scales so early on (when I’m cold 2).

It will trigger heat events, but they should be sporadic. It should modify your global Domain score to Cold 1, if you pretender had Cold 2 scales. The average temperature currently should be Neutral, last turn it was Cold 1, so everyone’s temperature should have gone up 1 this month.

Well poo…

Oh, Bogarus prefers cold 2.

Yeah, I thought Bogarus preferred Cold 1 and you had grab an extra cold scale (a single cold or heat scale can be countered by extra growth/production/order for more gold overall).

I need to hire a throne relocation contractor.

Well you might get a Throne of Winter!

So i’d like to vote on a restart, and my vote is yes.

The game is clearly divided between the haves (Arcos, Patala,C’tis) and the havenots (everyone else). For example, Ctis and I have more neutral territory to divide (between us) than bogarus has available to him, and that’s if he can even expand and capture all the neutral territories available to him. The haves all have at least 2 forts up, and are all likely working on a third or fourth. I could go on, but i think it’s pretty obvious…

I just think it’d be more fun for all if we just redo. So that’s my vote.

I’ll go along with whatever, but I’m clearly a have not and yet I don’t mind getting stomped and just moving on to another game. I’m learning!

I am fine with that. I certainly see Bogarus having a real rough go at it. And Vaeti. Not sure about Atlantis