Dominions 5 - Pretender to the Throne!

I think once the game is closed on llama, that’s it. The last trn file everyone received is all there is, no revealing of world map or stats or graphs.

This is what bugs me about the game’s early game: 4 Heavy Cav were “hidden” in the first province I attacked, and they managed to kill 15 of my infantry. I lost 19 in total, so 79% of my infantry losses were at the hands of only 4 HC. So now my early expansion has been blunted by only 4 HC I had no way of knowing were present.

There are normally a couple things you can do to try to avoid this. If there are only two troop types listed in a province list of defenders, always ask yourself what the third may be. There are a limited number of available province defender groups so you can normally estimate what may be there. There is a list somewhere, I believe, but not in the mod inspector that I can tell as I initially thought. For example if you see slingers and no elephants (mammoths? forget the type) listed, they are likely there! Barring all that, many times, especially early game unless you are sure, send your scout in there with retreat orders to make sure. I believe many players do this whenever possible, and especially on thrones. Helps to find those hidden wizard defenders at times too (I still don’t know how to determine that otherwise)!

I am not trying to make light of it as it sucks when that happens and I hear you. It causes me to be much slower at expansion than what is optimal as I always fear losing too much of an initial expansion force in games. I hate to see people get crippled early on that causes them to lose enjoyment right away in a game. I am the same way. Good luck! Hopefully the province at least had a big income that helps jump start hiring more.

I hear ya. But three were listed, which led me to believe it would be safe to attack.

Argh! I forgot about that tactic. Thanks for reminding me!

It has always been said that Bogarus have bad troops.

I just never really looked at them before.

Perhaps they’re just misunderstood? They have families, too, you know. ;-)

Bogarus troops are partially rubbish and mostly prone to routing quickly. I remember in the last anon game from years ago when I played them and @Kelan made the astute observation that I had an Eparch turned Prophet running around with my troops to cast Fanaticism. It was a double edged sword of course because units that run might live to fight, but I trusted in horde numbers to overwhelm.

I hate to see what Wailing Wind could do to them.

At least y’all got murdered by heavy cav. The mighty armies of C’tis were stopped by…yup. light infantry. Turn 3 and I’m done. Just phonin’ it in from here on out.

meanwhile, I’m still thinking.

This time last game you had 25 provinces!

In the second province I conquered, I made the mistake of ordering my archers to fire on enemy archers when they had (a lot of) Light Infantry. So while my archers were plinking at their archers, their LI mowed down my frontline. Fortunately, I managed to kill/route all of their commanders before my forces routed. Lesson learned!

I see the game is afoot!

Sadly, my expansion has slowed a bit, since one of my forces must either confront a ton of cavalry, or a throne province. I don’t think my forces can take either, so I must go a different direction.

Given the direction you chose in the previous game, away from me, I hope!

This game has a lot of moving parts. I understand why people tend to specialize in certain nations.

Well, I seem to have found some interesting neighbors.

For a guy who’s apparently dead, you sure have a lot of money to spend on mercs…

I’ve only got a single mage merc. We will see how he does in combat. Can’t be much worse than my troops. I was sitting on top of the world and now I think maybe I’ve got three provinces.

Bang a gong.

The Hidden Master is a great way to do site searching for Air Magic.

I cant help it if you can’t retain your help, maybe some less hazardous work?