Dominions 5 - Pretender to the Throne!

As much as things went right for me in the last start, things have gone haywire this time. I think I’ll rename the Greater C’tis Prosperity Sphere to be teeny-tiny-lizard land.

on request, hosting postponed 12hrs.

How’s everyone doing on turns? We’re on 28hours quickhost right now, i was thinking to turn it to 48 around turn 20, but open to suggestions…

I think, sooner rather then later, diplomacy will probably slow the game down. But, until then, I am rather happy with the speed of the game.

I’m up for whatever.


Faster pace is my preference.

I had a throne that was a bit tougher than I thought, but I got through it.

Man, it feels like every turn an “unexpected event” occurs, and they’re uniformly negative! Not too “unexpected” anymore.

So, we got a major event.

I guess I can put stuff on pause to do a little forging for this event.

Is more time necessary?

No, thanks. I’ve worked my turns into my daily morning routine. :-)

Okay, I have to apologize to @dfs, I didn’t realize that I set those two scouts to move, rather than stealth. That was my mistake and tragically, did my scouts die because of it.

In an effort to make amends, can I offer you weregold? Would 50 gold be appropriate?

There ssseem to be a lot of folks attacking provinces with ssscouts and then not retreating. My sssspies have ssseeen it happen to others.

I am glad to get notification publicly and not have to whine about it through back channels. It would have been an odd way to spend two scouts when you do have armies on my border.

You have looked upon the glory of T-rex. Other than that there was no harm. Your money holds little value to me, but I would accept two gems of any type, one for each province.

Pricey, but fair. Expect them to sent over this turn.

Is this gold that’s affected by a full moon?

Sorry, that should be weregild, or wergild, or wergeld.

I didn’t even know those words existed!

Old Timey terms for paying people off after you killed someone is fun.

Yknow, in all the games of dominions n over the years I have played, this just might be the most color coordinated spectrum. We got a yellow on one side, and a green-yellow, then a green-blue, a true-blue, then two variations on blue-purple.

Just a general reminder that all provinces with Thrones have a much much much higher change of having a magic site. So always search it.

Emissaries arrived from the apes with gems. They were of an inferior grade to what we grow here in C’tis, but were perfectly adequate compensation for the damage your “scouts” caused.