Dominions 5 - Pretender to the Throne!

Clearly we need a noobs only game!

I can set up a disciple game with teams of 2. Or just a noob game. Got a baby coming soon, so my time will eventually be gone for a long time.

Impressive! I used to take a similar amount of time in Dom 3 MP games, but I’m older now (not sure wiser?) and just can’t justify such a time investment in 5. Just today I stumbled upon my Dom 3 spiral-bound manual I used to go over with a fine-tooth comb during my turns!

Oh, I don’t know if I go that detailed in it. I did lose a whole host of communion slaves because I reused some scripts for another army.

But n is my best friend.

Well aren’t I glad to hear that. I thought you were going to cruise to victory after crushing me. Glad I slowed down the avalanche.

Get him guys. He’s running away with it.

I added 24 hours to the clock. I lost track of time, but I’ll have it all done by tomorrow.

@Kolbex has less than 2 hours to submit Atlantis’ turn. Do we need to add some hours?

Nope, sorry, I just, um…forgot. On it now.

I think I need 12 extra hours. That should let me get it down by tomorrow evening.


So, I completely lost track of time today. It was busy. I added 24 hours to the clock. I’m sorry about the delay.

So, you know how @pyrhic was warning you all that I would win in about 6 turns, like 3 turns ago.

Well, I have some bad news. I currently have 4 thrones claimed, and if you don’t know, I’ve just taken 2 thrones from Arco this turn (you can see two of his thrones turned neutral). Anyway, I will be claiming those 2 this turn… as well as the Throne of Pestilence, which I’ve been sitting on this who time, but failed to collect because its not a good throne for me.

So, this turn, I’ll grab all 3 thrones, and get the required 7 thrones.

Unless someone has a strategy that will undo everything this turn.

I missed that you had an unclaimed throne and figured you’d need to either grab my third (or more likely blitz someone else’s) to claim your seventh. That’s fine though, time to put this tortured game to rest.

It didn’t seem that bad. We had some slow starts, but I think everyone got to try out some interesting things, and the game was relatively fast.

Honestly, I was thinking worried you would air drop your titan in one of the castles, and just hose me down in one of fights, so that I would need to move my main army forward.

In any case, I’ve been thinking another disciple game might be in order, but just 2 players per team. Something with at least 10 or so players. More if we can handle it.

I would be down to subordinate myself to a more experienced player, for sure.

I had fun with this one!

well done @legowarrior ! saves me from breaking the 3nap ;)

The game isn’t over until this turn is turn in.

And, I would have accepted a NAP at this point (or even a bit earlier). In the end, NAPs should be honored, but not at the cost of the game.

I would love to see some detailed AARs from people, to include their Pretender build with scales, their research philosophy, when that went out the window, their bless (if any) and general concept.

Followed by initial contact, what that created in research and production, and then what happened from there.

Please, its for the good of the children. Or something like that.

it was a fun game in many respects

Congrats lego. I will likely sit out a disciples game. I’m having trouble re-introducing life into a post covid world and reliving this bit of time pressure will help with that. I’ll keep my eye on the community and play again soon.