Dominions 5 - Pretender to the Throne!

What’d I miss?

C’tis thinking that casting Burden of Time would make him friends!

I thought the same!

Friends? What are these friends you speak of?

It’s a typo, he meant “fiends”.

Can I get an extra 4 or 6 hours? I’ll be done with my turn at the end of the day.



sure, added.

just so everyone’s aware, patala is within 6 turns of victory

I think that is very optimistic math. Besides, the Burden spell really hurts.

What’s the victory condition, again?

It hurts me way more than it hurts you. And it’s only optimistic if you either make a series of mistakes or play overly cautious.

7 thrones

With that Sea Queen running around, I think caution is allowed. Also, you have that big Titan. That isn’t Not SCARY.

Also, you have that very large, no-good army, which I assume is helping you build up the defenses around that throne of yours.

If you click through the statistics, under the throne, you can see who knows what (or at least claimed what) and the number you need to win.

Anyway, I’ve been keeping track of my turns in Google Sheets, so I might have more to say about this game then the last. Sadly, my notes are starting to get sparse, and my turns have been getting longer.

I’m curious. How long did you take to complete the previous turn?

Well, not as long as one of my previous actually. Because I had set my army already, and just needed it tweak it. Since the army has been set up, and no big additions had been made, and no major fights had occurred, the set up only needed to be tweaked a bit.

I usually spend an hour or so deciding where I want my units to go. Then get called away to do something important. Then spend a bit of time recruiting, setting up rituals and forging. Also not too long. Finally, the long part is setting up troops that will be in a fight. C’tis made that extra hard by having assassins. That meant giving out body guards.

Finally, ‘n’ goes through all the commanders without orders. All scouts in enemy territories that aren’t moving around are given the wait and hide command, and all extra items and gems are given out as needed.

That being said, I’ll have to flip some things around, so that @pyrhic can’t take advantage of my unit placement.

The biggest relief of Gem Generaters is not needing to update every fight for the level of gems I should use. Since the Temp Gems exist, I can blow them all on each battle. Its pricey though.

The biggest help is that you can save up to 10 set ups for commanders. Just Ctrl 1 - 0 over a set of commanders you want to save, and then 1- 0 to give them to a new commander. That saves some time. For my Nagaraja, they each get a buff routine that works for them.

Clearly we need a noobs only game!

I can set up a disciple game with teams of 2. Or just a noob game. Got a baby coming soon, so my time will eventually be gone for a long time.

Impressive! I used to take a similar amount of time in Dom 3 MP games, but I’m older now (not sure wiser?) and just can’t justify such a time investment in 5. Just today I stumbled upon my Dom 3 spiral-bound manual I used to go over with a fine-tooth comb during my turns!

Oh, I don’t know if I go that detailed in it. I did lose a whole host of communion slaves because I reused some scripts for another army.

But n is my best friend.

Well aren’t I glad to hear that. I thought you were going to cruise to victory after crushing me. Glad I slowed down the avalanche.

Get him guys. He’s running away with it.