Dominions 5 - There is no I in team, but there is in Disciple

The official Thread of the Disciple Dominions game!

Map - Floating Archipelago

Province Size - 185 - 165 Land, 20 Water
Game Size - 12 Players
Teams - 4 Teams of 3
Early Era
Number of Starting Provinces - 1
Strength of Independents - 5
Special Site Frequency - 60
Money Multiple: 100%
Resource Multiple: 100%
Recruitment Multiple: 100%
Supply Multiple: 100%
Random Events - Rare
Hall of Fame - 10
Global Enchantment Slots - 9
Limited Unique Artifact Forging Rate
Standard Research - Not Random
Thrones of Ascension - 12 Level 1 Thrones - Victory if you control 8
Clustered Start Positions

CBM .71 -
Worthy Heroes 6.24 -

Resources -
Nation Guide for Vanilla
Bless Guide
Disciple Domain Abilities -
And most important - Dominions 5 inspector

Finally, the teams -
Team 1 -

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team nation selection - It will be by round robin. There are 4 positions. Each Team must select a position, starting with Team 4, then Team 3, then Team 2 and finally Team 1.

The nations are selected by the team on the day given (or early, as long as the team prior to them has already made a selection). The nations are not assigned to any particular player right away, just selected.

We will use the system devised by Pyrhic.

7th - Position A selects
8th - Position B selects
9th - Position C selects
10th - Position D selects *2
11th - Position C selects
12th - Position B selects
13th - Position A selects *2
14th - Position B selects
15th - Position C selects
16th - Position D selects

These rules can be changed, as can the teams. Nothing is 100% in stone.

Currently, the game is on hold because of a bug that seems to kill all disciples. Not sure why, but its happening.

As soon as Team 4 is ready to select a position, i’d like to get that going (with the next team selecting their position when ready). Originally, i thought just doing this all in one day would be ok, but as we’re chatting about this now, our strategy (both in who and what we’re going to pick) is likely going to be impacted by where we’re picking, so knowing that sooner is going to help with the planning.

I guess, but I’m still annoyed, because nothing can be tested right now. Nothing works! We have a preferred team, but like you, we need to see what actually comes up in the draw.

Also, I did note it, but Ubar and Therodos are banned. Do I need to write that in? Are we okay with that?

While I am not prepared to discuss the degree to which this may or may not have impacted our plans, team Earth, WInd and Fire* is okay with your proposal.

*Theoretical and proposed name, not yet endorsed by supervisory board or ratified by the executive committee, all rights reserved

Currently, our team name is -
“Needs a Super Cool Name” or NASCN for short… which doesn’t really work.

i’m starting to get an idea where NASCAR came from…

I’m leaning towards:

Not All Super Cars Are Rally
Not Another Super Circular Automobile Race

Those are way better than National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.

And to be on topic, thanks for posting the bug in the steam forums @legowarrior. Looks like that’s the official channel for it, so hopefully they will notice quickly.

Team 4 is…trying to figure things out. Not trying to throw a wrench into the works, but I would rather have a good experience that took time than a crappy one that turned new players off to the game.

So…If I’m a disciple nation I get the scales of my pretender nation as his dominion flows? At start?
If I’m a disciple nation I don’t share research with my pretender nation.
If I’m a disciple and I move onto a region owned by my pretender nation who owns the region?
What happens if we move our armies into the same region?
What happens if we separately move our armies onto the same region controlled by the Dastardly Earth, Wind and Fire cult? Do we attack consecutively? Together?

I think it goes like this?

@Mellified is gonna fit right in.

Oh. And we can share items and gems and gold and such, we just have to do it through dominions crappy interface. I can search his territory remotely?

  1. As a disciple nation, you get the scales of the Pretender. It starts at 0 in the disciple province, but since there is a temple there (and maybe a disciple) it will increase quickly. Temple checks are divided by the number of nations in a team.
  2. Your research is your own.
  3. The original owner owns the region, regardless of you moving troops through there. There is a command called release that releases it to another member of the team that has a player there. Its useful if your ally has crappy castles. You can take over the province, build it for them, and then release it.
  4. Both army exist in that province. If you are attacking, its a roll of the dice of which attacks first. If they are defending, I think the ally defends first, and then the owner. The armies DO NOT FIGHT TOGETHER, but they will each fight an attacking force, in turn.
  5. You attack consecutively.

By the way, globals are shared.

Hope that helps.

Oh, one thing I found out, when I was disciple Asphodel, if I built a castle, my allies could not upgrade it. I guess the type of castle could not be upgraded. Not sure if that limitation applies to engineers. But my allies could build a castle for me in a province from scratch. Took a while.

Oh, one other thing. I believe that Illwinter and Gigantomachia impact each other, and impact each others giants.

Giants? Who said anything about Giants?

Oh, it was just something cool people found out. But having Mekone and Neifelheim on the same team… it’s not the best idea.

Oh, some unasked answers.

The disciple works like a prophet and none of the nations can create prophets. So, if you want to have an immovable pretender or disciple, plan to find an alternative way to get Holy 3 units.

Ermor, Agartha, Altantis and Ctis have H3 units. A few have H3 National summons, like Rus. And of course Water 3 gets you the Bishop Fish, which is aquatic.

Oh, and I think Disciple take half the time to call back, if necessary.

lol, not trying to rush you in any of that, I just thought that the decision of whether you want to pick first, second, third or fourth would be the easiest of them :)

(and certainly not asking you to pick, even if you happen to decide you want to pick first)

Take your time!

and to add to this, some other things

For the purposes of tracing(income) back to a fort, any fort in the alliance will work, provided there are friendly alliance provinces to path through.So even if disciple 3 of team A has no forts left, if they have provinces that can trace to another of team A’s forts, they’ll still produce income.

In any defense or attack, if multiple forces are converging on one point, order of attack is randomly set and in order of the order of operations (magic attacks come before physical, etc), so if you and your disciple were both attacking me with physical attacks, i could defend against either of you first, then if i win, i’d battle the second. If i had lost, the second attack would just move into the territory normally. Gem management in these games can get very tricky.

Yes, resources can be shared, and yes, just as you would trade in a non-disciple game to an ally.

Don’t forget that different nations(particularly in the early age) have different skill levels with regards to the forts they can build or the prices that they build at. If a team can do it, having a better/more efficient builder construct something and then transfer it to another team member can be a viable strategy.

Site searching is shared, and iirc, you can see all the levels searched(by the team) on every province, so you can have a teammate void in paths and search their territory with your minions to uncover everything

One other point is that relinquishing land does not remove temples. It was a bit of a strategy in one game I played to have Pan and their cheap temples built, then switch the land back to the original player where it made tactical sense for them to own the province.

And thank you Legowarrior for setting this up.

Oh. My, That makes any kind of early bless strategy problematic. You have to rely on your national priests or the rare captain that can self-bless. That’s a wrinkle I had not anticipated.


You can bless with you disciple or pretender still, until you get a priest.

Still trying to figure out if Lanka’s domain benefits other nations.