Dominions 5 - There is no I in team, but there is in Disciple

The Chernobyl Murder Hornets would like to welcome Dominions favourite Welsh speakers Tir Na Nogh to the game.

Are starting locations tied to your nation on this map? Is that a good thing?

I don’t think so. But starting points will be clustered, so you should always be near you team mates.

Yeah. I was using the wrong map.

So, @wahoo and @pyrhic, what’s it going to be?

Team 1 (name undecided) will select Xibalba

That’s three teams. Now just for @dfs team, and they can pick one or both nations now. And then we get a but of a break, while everyone reviews what was picked.

Team “we’re making it up” chooses Hellheim and Ulm.

And we are absolutely open to suggestion for our third nation. Since we are choosing last you are free to tell us what to do!

7th - Position A selects - Agartha
8th - Position B selects - TNN
9th - Position C selects - Xibalba
10th - Position D selects *2 - Hellheim, Ulm
11th - Position C selects - Formoria
12th - Position B selects - Berytos
13th - Position A selects *2 Ur and Hinnom
14th - Position B selects - Mictlan
15th - Position C selects - Tien Chi
16th - Position D selects

Team C Picks Formoria.

I did not see that pick coming. You have me wondering about all sorts of things @wahoo

Sorry for a stupid question, what pick did you expect?

With Xilabla, maybe Kailasa. Both are heat nations that can benefit from thug bless.

The Chernobyl Murder Hornets (Position B) will pick Berytos.

A stupid question for @legowarrior: what Human AI level are we going to use for the game?

Probably the highest level. Even with all the bonuses, the AI is a bunch of chumps.


I will know about our team picks tomorrow. I promise!

Okay, we got our picks.

We, team ‘Needs a Super Cool Name’ or NASCN for short will pick Ur and Hinnom!

Last Selection for everyone. Hopefully no one was messed up too badly by everything.