Dominions 5 - There is no I in team, but there is in Disciple

back to serious mode -if dfs can’t cure, than we really don’t have any choice but to try a rollback.

I saw the discussion of this happening. I didn’t see a formal declaration of which turn it would take effect. Would have been nice.

I confess I’m losing interest with one team dropped out and several long turns over the holidays. That may kill this for me entirely.

The Team hasn’t dropped out, so much as the empire fell. There were no actions left that Ur could take outside of holding a single fort that wasn’t the capital. At this point, there isn’t even the possibility of a last stand, since the bulk of the army was taken down during the fight for the capital.

So, nothing has changed at all as far as Ur is concerned, whether it is AI or not.

I think @belouski is still playing, but like myself, neither of us has a chance of victory. All we are doing is keeping a thin amount of provinces out of the hands of other players. Nothing more.

So, yeah, I think the term “dropping out” is a bit of a misnomer. There isn’t any more game to play.

Hang on guys. It has only been a day and llamabeast is 8 hours from me. Llamabeast has sent me by email a clean turn file for @dfs. dfs we can meet on discord or some other way to send the file.

The bug was at llamaserver per:
" Very occasionally, turn files get corrupted by the sendEmail function on LlamaServer. I have no idea why, but it must be some quirk of the particular file as it will consistently corrupt the same file. The solution is just for me to manually extract the file and send it myself.

[ 2:16 AM ]

Would be a terrible bug, but it only comes up every 6 months or so."

Tell that to the Ur unit sieging me.

Oh, that is really amusing.

All this time to prepare for war and spectre sieges a fort.

I’ve got my turn. Thank you Maerlande. I’ll turn it in w/in a couple hours.

Mictlan/Tnn/Bery…you better have something else up your sleeve.

You may not have noticed, being too busy making decisive counter-attacks, but Mictlan don’t have these things called “sleeves.” Our priests definitely prefer the naked arm approach.

Folks, the game is live, Ulm has submitted their turn. So the turn deadline is tomorrow (or tonight depending on your locale)

Could you please give me another 12 hours on the clock? I have been out most of the weekend and can get my turn done in the morning. Thanks!


I’m writing a chronicle, but I find it difficult to list current binding diplomatic agreements. According to my notes, team Mictlan promised not to attack us until the end of the year, and teams Agartha and Kailasa are at peace forever. Or was it a NAP-3 agreement? Can involved parties clarify? And did I miss anything else?

Nope. There is no clarification.
Peace is a thing that exists.

It was my understanding I signed a ceasefire and border agreement with lego.

So, Tien is going to have to slow down it’s acquisition of thrones or the TNN/Mictlan/Bery Vs Kail/Ulm/HH war is never going to blossom to full fruition.

Or we can make peace and stop team tc from gaining the win. I think it’s pretty simple.

Btw Formia…you can take that water throne, but you won’t hold it peacefully. I’ve been saying that all game long and it’s still true.

As much power as formia and tc have shown…(and they have) xibalba is a nation of highly mobile flying stealth units. Haven’t seen him take too many losses in battle and I’ve got a lot of scouts. I wouldn’t be shocked if pyrhic has large armies within range of every capitol province. If y’all had left me alone for 60 turns that’s what I would have done.

And that’s not even mentioning what he can summon. Drop the hammer pyrhic and put this game out of it’s misery.

So, I could use some Earth Gems.

I have 3 or 4 hammers that I’m happy to sell for 15 gems a pop. Might make someone happy.

Also, I have 3 or so Sanguine Dowsing Rods. I’ll be happy to part with them for 5 Earth gems each. Or Death gems.

Let me know if anyone is interested. It might keep me in the game a bit longer, which has its perks, if you ask me.

It is as simple as that. We keep fighting, we throw the game. Unfortunately, it is not such a simple method to sort through the problems that come with immediate peace. There are some troops who happen to be besieging a fort and isolated. Too much time spent in the mountains. There’s a wasteland that just so happens to have fallen this turn which is of some strategic use to myself. Those are the two immediate problems that spring to mind. Let’s talk through our grievances and see what solutions we can come up with. At least we are on the same page.

It does have perks staying in game. Depending on which direction you choose to send your aggression, we can come to an agreement. I’m happy to shift 30 earth gems in your direction in exchange for two hammers and a provision you refrain from attacking the team of Mictlan. And if you choose to seek vengeance against the killers of Ur, we can consider other resources to facilitate that.

What an awkward conversation to have to have out in the clear, but them’s the rules. Let the dogpiling begin.

The “wasteland issue” is easily solved. It is not part of our core territory and we are not prepared to defend it robustly. It matters far more to you than to us which is exactly why we sent raiders there. Peace cannot happen if we freeze the map in it’s current state. The wastes are obviously yours.

There is the difficult matter of avenues of approach. From our point of view, If you cannot return our former lands such an agreement is pointless. While Bery has TC to the west and Mictlan shares a huge border with team TC, our current paths to strike at them all lead underwater. In order to obtain real cooperation you must sacrifice your gains in Eastern Ulm and Western Hellheim. We understand that has to sting, but expecting us to twiddle our thumbs on pause while you go off to take down TC after hobbling us is a pretty big ask.

There is also the matter of the clouds skyway yet to resolve. I propose that Ulm own Titan’s Steps and allow TNN passage through the province by request. TNN thus has access to, but not ownership of, the entire skyway and can exit greater Hellheim by taking passage through Chilad which would then belong to Hellheim.

If team Agartha and Team Ulm can expel Team TC from Hinnom they would have to have a conversation about access an ownership, but that would be a future conversation.

That sounds fair. I’ll send you 2 hammers this turn.
Oh, and I had an ear infection this whole week. If its okay with everyone, I’m going to add 24 hours to the clock.

Sorry for the delay.

Oh, I should add, I’m sitting a big pile of Astral Gems. Since there is a decent chance that I won’t be able to use them, would anyone like to trade them for Earth or Death Gems? or Gold (30 gold per gem)?
Or maybe a Blood stone.