Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith

Yeah sorry, not in the best of mindsets right now, to both do Pretender testing, and to do daily turns, and to commit atrocities/war crimes.

Not to interfere with anyone’s plans, but it looks like Lucid is preparing another tournament:

The Wheel turns again, and we are pleased to announce the latest installment of the annual tournament! This year, contestants will compete in twelve randomly assigned games of twelve (gross!), with the victors of each making their way into the Baker’s Dozen Final Round!
As usual, this event is open to all players who have won at least one victory in a public game.

OMG! I totally forgot that @Kolbex and I have the same cat!

The call goes forth - is it time to fire up the forge? Dust of the whiskey? Crack open the refreshing summer lagers? Is it time for Dominions again?

@Akaoni @Valambrian @strato @Kelan @dfs and @ anyone else interested…

Hoo, boy. Not for a couple of weeks for me. In the middle of moving.

Usually games here take some time to set up as folks choose the nation they want to play and such. I will be doing some traveling where I won’t have internet access this summer, but I’m always interested in finding new ways to lose these games.

Of course these games often take 6 months to play out as well.

Yeah sure. I’m in the midst of exams, seriously procrastinating (which means re-organising my board gaming collection that surrounds me) and it’s probably time to fire up Dominions and offer myself up to the perils of bad decision making, ill-thought strategy and bad luck. Good news is that exams finish end of next week, and I’ll have about 4 weeks to intensely prepare.

so i’m in. I’m thinking of something pretty conventional, maybe?

Hmmm…I wonder if a water wars campaign is doable? Virtually all ocean, all water powers, with maybe one crazy land island to fight over? Or maybe Something like warring city-states…where we all have a small island, but lots of water…

I like your thinking, but depends on the map, or what’s out there. I think I saw a map a while ago which had distinct ports connecting islands together as a land connection which I think is the better way to do it.

I wonder if that opens the way for a 2-team game - one team underwater, one team terrestrial. It would likely end in some sort of crazy deadlock though. Doesn’t even have to be a disciples game, though probably better that way.

I feel that most water powers are inferior to most land powers. Maybe that’s not true, but it feels it. So any land vs sea conflict tilts towards to the land in my mind…

I’ve actually been playing a lot Dominions 5 and CoE5, and I’d love to join if there’s room.

I think I have to sit this one out. To much travel in the near future, sadly.
I will, of course, give out unsolicited and likely bad advice and commentary during the duration of it, however.

Oh man, I can’t wait to get a bunch of sage advice from you that I will not understand and probably unwittingly ignore.

Well, good for you that we’re kinda slow rolling this one up, i imagine it’ll take weeks to get started, so you’re near future plans can remain uninpeded.

Yes: pyrhic, strato, scottya koblex, kolbex’s cat
maybe: dfs? I mean, you didn’t say no…
maybe: akaoni? I mean, you did say no, but that was near future dependent…

I will be keen to play an underwater nation.

Depending on era, if it is ma, I’ll gladly try Ys again. Nothing quite beats some cave crabs emerging from the depths, clickity click with their pincers led by the flame haired vixens of the depths, the Morgan princesses on their amphibious steeds.

I’m trying to resist the temptation. If you’ll have an open spot by the time the game starts, I may ask to let me join.

I’m in. (with the understanding that I will be out of commission for a week there in August.)

Any word on a Dominions 6 in the works? Seems like they are about due for another release.

It won’t come out until you are half way through an Epic Multiplayer Game that you personally have a chance at winning.
That’s just how it goes.

I guess I should get started then.

They’re waiting until you buy CoE5.