Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


Yep, so many times I’ve started with a nation thinking that some of their units looked useless and I’d never produce any.

Only to find some weird niche use as a counter against something nasty my enemies were planning…


Someone made a map generator for Dominions, it had an update to make it compatible with Dom5 (with winter layer). It’s here

It has two modes, it can generate overview maps and isometric maps:

They are always wraparound and allow you to define what nations are going to play (giving then less or more water provinces, for example, assuring Agharta starts in a Cave, etc)


ok, i’ll start a new thread when I gets to work. so far I have:

evil steve

and one request for open diplo, which is fine by me

i’m leaning toward early age, cos i like me magic, but easy.

perhaps, default settings for a new new game?


Me too please… im long gone from dominions… but im buying it this evening…


Yup, until now I’d just keep mental tabs on them


Sigh, I haven’t played Dominions in a while. And because i’m playing against AI, I was not taking a lot of care… that way I lost my Pretender in a silly fight in my first game.
Pro-tip: don’t use as main tactic summoning fire elementals with your fire-gem-generator Pretender against Rephaites with a fire res. bless (+12 fire rest in total, and their magic weapons that overcome fire elemental etherealness, of course). Talking of a bad matchup.

Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition

All right, count me in for the learning game. I would prefer open diplo or (more preferably) no diplo. i find the diplomacy takes more time and effort than anything else, and for a learning the ropes game I’d prefer to just focus on the game mechanics?

Just my druthers though, in the end I’m open to any style.

Oh, one more request - can we start before, or after this weekend? I’ll be out of town and occupied for most of the weekend.


Oh wow, I’m interested to in a learning MP session too!I only have 40 hours play time under my belt for Dominions 4 which means I’m still a total noob in Dominions terms. So how does this work? I’ve never tried play-by-email method but I’m looking forward to it.


Evil has set up a MP thread for this very purpose.




OK, I wasn’t going to do it, since it’s way more expensive than I usually spend on Steam games. But… fine, fine. I’ll join the throng. :)


Some of us are trying to resist! You are not alone! Don’t give in!


I will resist! At least until the inspector is built for Dominions 5.


It’s too late. I have “failed”.


I hope he makes a version without wrap around I find it really odd especially on smaller Maps


Here is one that appears to have been in Dom 4, but I didn’t know about:

At the Army Setup screen, use ctrl-s to review all your stored orders. Also, they now go up to 0 for 10 sets of orders! I was still using only up to 6 last game, ugh.

EDIT: Ugh, the AI sure bids high on merc sometimes now!


Noob question: My Pretender emerged from a battle feeble-minded and is pretty much useless as a result. Is there any way to turn that around?


not that i know, however if you get it killed and recall it, that might work…or it might not. Let us know how it works out! :)


I’ve lost my mind! CHARGE!


There are a few things you could do, but they are a long ways out. There’s an artifact you can forge which cures afflictions (construction 8 required) or the global ritual Gift of Health in Enchantment 7 that requires Nature 6. Getting Nature 6 if you don’t have it is a whole adventure in itself. I would say you could cast Blood Feast since that is the easiest, but he’s feebleminded,

There may be other ways in Dom 5 that I haven’t run into yet, but generally speaking, afflictions are nasty. You got hit with about the worst possible one for a Pretender.