Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


Not tonderail this thread but @tylertoo, your race and class choice, plus map settings, make a huge difference in how the game plays out.

I’m currently in a large 4 player map, as a Draconian sorcerer, allied with an ai dwarf rogue, facing off against a dwarf dread.

I’ll probably quit this game soon because even though it’s winnable, the path to victory requires fighting every fight myself and exploiting the hell out of ai routines.

One mistake, one lost fight and that’s it.

It also irks me somewhat the the AI can see my undefended cities and has literally flown by one of my armies to snipe at a back city.

Also, this being late game dread they have an abundance of armies.

So the late game, despite being better than most games out there, is still sometimes a bit “routine.”


I LOVED the first two AoW back in the day. #3 completely bounced off me. I just can’t get into it. Dominions 4 kind of bounced off me too and I loved 3. I realize it was basically just an iterative upgrade, but I guess it wasn’t different enough from 3 that I felt the need to play it much.

Does anyone that owns 5 think that the difference between 3 and 5 might drag me back in? If it’s just slightly nicer graphics and a small UI upgrade I should probably pass. But if anyone feels strongly that it’s far superior I’d love to hear why.


Do you feel like playing more Dominions? Grt the latest and greatest. Does the idea of playong more Dominions not make you feel anything? Skip it.


Thats precisely me as well - Sadly, I don’t think enough has changed for me to enjoy this particular iteration of Dominions either.


Jeez, the game hides additional settings for the random map generator. Go to Tools menu, Random Map Generator to see them.

That way you can control the map size better and how many sea provinces (by default it puts too many, if there is no water nation).


Where would I place these to access them in-game?

EDIT: Found it posted in the MP thread:


I pulled these three EA C’Tis Pretenders out of that pack o’ pretenders referenced above. I’m playing C’Tis in one of the MP games starting up and wanted to get some ideas on building my god. But I have no idea how to analyse these builds. So if any of you veterans could offer thoughts, it would be appreciated and helpful (and maybe helpful to others who are learning).


From top to bottom:

Super Combatant (SC) - Awake, so good to go from the get go, going to be a strong platform for early expansion with the Pretender doing the heavy lifting. Solid platform with inbuilt defense/mitigation from Fear and Regen. OK bless for early game, maybe on the back of cheap sacred serpent spam. Not sure it would do much for the Serpent Dancers - their lower HP pool would mean they are more likely to just die as opposed to survive to avoid afflictions. Death blesses to support undead summons, so mid-late game would be possible sacred summon with skelly spam support. Growth scale so support sustained Sauromancer recruitment, further suggesting good skelly-spam power.

Rainbow - Site finder. Dormant to get nice magic and growth scales to afford expensive mages. Lots of paths for site searching. Once he awakes you should have a few provinces to send him out site searching to begin building a decent pool of gem resources. Lots of gems mean lots of summons and battlefield magic, so good magic scales to get ahead of that curve and a bless to give magic penetration. May be a couple of decent sacred summons to use as a thug platform (thugs are normal commanders kitted out with gear) that would benefit from Death bless. The Death bless would also be not too bad on the Serpent Dancers to help keep them alive in early game. Again, growth scales for good income to buy the good mages.

Researcher. Imprisoned and Immobile. This one will be built for a magic heavy game. Lots of mages, Arcane blessed for penetration, possibly using a very high def water blessed Serpent Dancers as a screen. Excellent scales, this one will be building forts and labs everywhere to really get the research pumping for an end game advantage through crafting, high-tier battle magic and high tier summons. Maxed Luck scale and fortune teller on the Pretender is likely to result in a substantial off the record gold and gem income through the course of the game.

Interestingly, none of these have very high magic paths, so all will be heavy on magic path boosters during the game as well.

That’s my rough read anyway, not having played C’Tis and basing of the Dom4Inspector unit capabilities, since I can’t get in game at the moment. :)


When i look at a pretender, I try to figure out what i need first. One good way to figure that out is to play a test game with an awake crone(or something) with as little as possible on it. As you play, start to figure out what you’re lacking based on how you want to play. You might find the sacreds really good, so you’ll want a higher dominion. Or you might find you’re lacking money or resources, or that certain race only spells are out of your reach (or out of your reach unless you have a booster). Then, start up another game and start building a pretender to fix those issues. Sometimes you might find you need to rethink your strategy from the ground up. For instance, in the parameters of this game, I’m going with a build I never would in a ‘regular’ game - however, with cataclysm in play, i know that i won’t have to defend against late game stuff. I also shifted my pretender design today because I realized in test i wasnt playing it like i thought i would (and not taking advantages of certain aspects of the design) - because of that I selected an entirely different one that was more suited to how i was playing it.


In addition to all the excellent advice in this thread, you should become familiar with the Magic Boosters chart on p351 of the charts and tables section. It can give you an idea of how high you might be able to boost your pretender’s skills. You can also plan ahead to forge certain items in order to get to a certain skill level.


Yeah, a basic thing you can do to plan for a Dominions game is to see what is going to be the main magic for your nations. For example, MA Uruk most powerful mages are S2 and S3. The Astral 3 one has a random path, 25% of being S, so my most powerful mage (one in four) will be S4. Now, with item boosters that I can forge with Astral magic, he can be S5. There is another booster item but it’s S2E2, I will need first an Earth booster item to reach E2 in a Astral mage. Earth boots are E2 which I don’t have, in the end I empowered a E1 mage into E2, he can do now Earth boots and give them to a Astral mage, now he can do the S2E2 booster, so now my most powerful mage is S6. There are still more boosters to consider but they are higher level, for the end game, so for now I consider S6 as my real high end base magic (actually the ring of sorcery is S6 now to forge, so I can reach that, and end as a S7 mage).

Now I know that, I go to the inspector to see what is the most powerful rituals I can cast with S6, and some W2/N2/E2 magic, which is what I can get with water/nature/earth boosters.

In battle Astral is easier to boost, as there are not one but two spells to use as temporary boosters (Light of the Norther Star, Power of the Spheres), so your S6 would turn into S8, and you can boost it even more with Communions. So I can cast That’s Doom, Will of the Fates, Arcane Domination, Solar Brilliance, Unraveling and other high level Astral magic. In fact, with communions I can cast Master Enslave, which is a game winning spell, if I equip a pair of Penetration items.

Another thing to look is what crosspath spells you have in your nation, as they usually are more powerful than the average one-path spells. For example Magma Bolts (E1F1) is a bit more powerful than other damage level 1 spells, and spells like Bane Fire (D3F1) or Magma Eruption (E3F1) are excellent.


P 351 of which file? The page numbers in the tables file (aka manual part 2) don’t seem to go that high?


Check the Dom 4 Manual, the paths and boosters should be 95% the same.


Can’t seem to find it in the Dom5 manuals.

Dom4 Chart for reference, not idea what changes if any, so verify before staking your game on it:


Thanks to you both!


I don’t think it has regen. If you are looking at that green icon, that is a little guy swimming and not regen ;).


Right you are, I was wondering in the back of my mind if I got that one wrong with the icon changes.


Well, if he is going to look Dom4 resources, he could well go directly to the Inspector:

Go to items tab, order by boosters.


Thanks all for the excellent analysis/guidance. I have homework to do!


The longer casting time is screwing me. I was doing

-cast buff spell to not be sniped>
-cast power of the spheres>
-cast light of northern star> (long casting)
-cast BF wide spell> (long casting)
-cast BF wide spell 2> (long casting)

The problem is that by the time I casted the fifth spell, the battle was already decided. To do the same now you need two spell casters, I guess.