Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


if I wanted to learn Dominions 5, what is the best way?


Probably watching YouTube videos that are aimed at showing how the game works and the like, honestly. That’s how I tend to learn games like this, at least.


Watch the youtube videos linked above, these ones:


Guide Video 1 (of 5, watch all)

Finally read the manual

Or watch some full games, I recommend Tokshen videos


Thank you!!


I played about an hour of Dom 4 today, just to see (I don’t remember why I had it, but I did and had 1 minute played) - the game has changed a lot since Dom 2! I’m watching the videos, but how big a difference does Dom 5 feel over Dom 4?

Other than UI. That’s a lot better just from videos/screenshots


The UI. Oh, oops.
The battles are a lot less time consuming and more interesting to look at. Also, the simultaneity makes them more understable, to me (I couldn’t quite compute the timing at which things were happening before). I feel like I have a better grasp over them, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you if it is based on perception, or mechanics.
I also only play single player because I am a cryptozoologist, not a theologist.


You have a summary here


I’m far from an expert and in Dom 5 have been spending my time reading the manual while poking around screens. To me the map is more readable in displaying information, clarity, and attractiveness. The UI seems a little more tidy in places.Other people have mentioned the battles already.

I don’t know if the person would want me to say their name, but a generous person sent me a key for the game. So awesome of them and I appreciate it!


The revamped bless system, the simultaneous movement during tactical combat, the removal of roads and fortress improvements, and especially the introduction of recruitment points, all make Dom5 appreciably different. I would get Dom5 for all this plus the interface improvements.


I will probably end up buying this. I don’t suppose there’s any deals or anything? Looks like straight up 40 bucks?


True, but if you act RIGHT NOW* you’ll get a free copy of the manual written by Bruce Gerryk! Don’t delay, operators are on duty!

*or later


I know we all know, but just to be clear in case anyone else reads this, the manual is free for download without buying the game, but the printed one costs $22 plus tax and shipping. That price, btw, is out cost at Lulu. Neither I nor Illwinter make any money off of it. Johan just feels strongly that a printed manual should be available. I agree!


Can I get it in Audiobook? Read by you?


Depends. Is it ok if I read it in my “Hello, gamers!” voice?


Now available on amazon, Larry King reads the Dominions 5 manual, $28.99.


I would expect no less!


I’m holding out for the James Earl Jones version!


Morgan Freeman!


I could no longer hold out. I am now among the fold


Even though I’ve played Dom4 and Dom5, both SP and MP, there’s still basic stuff I don’t get. Such as – I research certain schools to nice levels, but they don’t show up in the lists of available spells for my commanders. I’m talking about spells that have no gem or other requirements. Why is this? What basic thing am I missing here?