Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


I picked up Dominions 5 (I had 4; the UI updates appealed). I am still a total and utter beginner at this game, but I’m willing to join in with the next Qt3 multiplayer game - I hope there’s some sort of Disciples game that can accommodate beginners!


By the way, for those who love manuals like @tomchick, I really like the Dom 5 manual. It’s informative and makes me chuckle. But this line on Pretenders made my wife a bit sad:

“Some are giants. Some are flying goddesses. Some are weird polyp things that can only live underwater. Others are guys just like you and me, only with three heads and magical powers.”

It’s certainly minor and non-deliberate, but these tiny things like assumptions of language only exacerbate an existing demographic gap, and I’d be made very happy to see this adjusted.


Not entirely sure what your point is, guys can actually be used to describe females as well these days. I regular address my daughters as the guys, maybe I’m an exception to the rule.


It can, and both my wife and I sometimes use it in that way! But consider both the context of this (a video game manual of an even more male dominated sub-genre) and that ‘a guy’ is very different to ‘hey guys’.

I’d never describe my wife as ‘a guy like me’, for instance!


Nice catch. I think it would be a great change to make. “Others are people just like you and me, only with three heads and magical powers.” would be a simple change and acknowledge the fact that everyone plays games, especially awesome games like Dominions.

I too would be interested in the next pick up game since i just got it.


well known weeaboo probably meant ‘gygin’, understandable mistake


So guys, this is on sale, and it looks great. Is it more user-friendly than previous iterations? Also, is it single-player friendly?




Seriously though, this is a great game, but single player isn’t… Comparative. I think you play single player just to see what’s out there. And there is a lot out their!


Early on, you play single player to learn the game, the mechanics, how magic works, the bless effects, the scales, and movement.
The AI is perfectly competent as an opponent at this level. Once you get deeper into the research, and start deploying summoned monsters, commanders with gear like magic swords, armor, boots, etc, and deploying mages into battlefields, then the AI starts to fade away.

The lure of this game is when you get into multiplayer, because for every idea/tactic/cunning plan you have, the other player has his own. And this game gives you the tools and ability to come up with counters, and then counters to the counters, etc.

Its the only game that I still consistently come back to - to my chagrin, sometimes, as I lay awake trying to figure out how to deal with @Kelan 's Arch Devils with gear, or @pyrhic’s heroes with magic ships carrying trolls, or @Strato 's sneaking, flame breathing aquatic calvary, or @Evil_Steve 's legions of spectral troops led by a doggie the size of a house.


I haven’t pulled the trigger on 5 yet but 4 was worth it to me even if I had never played multiplayer. The AI is good enough to keep you on your toes while learning the game and to exploit any huge weaknesses in your play. At the same time it is weak enough that you can play more casually and have fun messing around with the huge number of non-optimized choices available.


Fixed for next update.


That’s really cool! Hopefully, this won’t spark a million youtube videos insisting that this is feminism gone wild!


Don’t worry, I changed “guys” to “boys.”



Thanks! (My wife is pleased too.)


No345 and Yes45


P.S. To elaborate, a fundamental part of the Dominions identity is that it’s got a steep learning curve because it’s comprised of so many interacting systems. If the previous games scared you off, this one doesn’t do anything to keep you from getting scared off again. And they’re fantastic single-player games. Just because pretty much everyone in these threads is all ga-ga over their multiplayer games, don’t be fooled. Dominions works just as well for those of us who don’t want Dave Perkins or Bruce Geryk or whoever rolling over our young empires while we’re still trying to explore the map.


Excellent to know, thank you.


Ah, thank you for reminding me! I knew i was missing something…


Re: WyldeRyde

Oh, almost forgot, for all those i had treaties with or understandings with, yada yada and such, consider all these things to be effectively cancelled as of this turn, or notice of intent to cancel given, or…well, you get the point…Marignon has decided it wants to play.


better put in in the right thread then! ;)


SHHH…you. that’s all part of the plan! I told them i’d tell them, i just never said where i’d tell them.