Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


Any chance that a new patch is coming down the line? There is a lot of talk on the discord about buffing Titans, and I would love to see Jomon get some tweaks (I’m thinking a reduction in resource costs on the Samurai, as well as a capital only mage priest that can cast the almost necessary Fear-Not-Sign right away.


Zonk and co. from Discord are beta testers from Illwinter and are better informed. I heard the same, that the next patch should be a balance patch and Illwiter are looking at what to buff and what to nerf. That said, ‘Titans need a buff’ was already a common feedback during the beta previous to the Dom5 release, and they barely did anything, so who knows if they will do anything :D




Yeah. It started with Dominions 3. It’s pretty wild what is generated.

I think there were a few MP games based on it back in the day.


And after months waiting, we have an update


Hasn’t hit yet. Hopefully we get a turn in before the update, otherwise we’ll have to all resubmit our turns,.


There are lots of smaller changes no in the changelog. Summons were balanced too:

Cave grubs 8 -> 6 gems
Sea dogs 3->2 gems
Yetis 15->13 gems
Kraken 3->1 gems
Cave cows 4->3 gems
Cave crab 2->4 gems
Bog Beast 8->7 gems
Call of the wild 15->12 gems
Fire drake 7->6 gems
Swamp drake 8->7 gems
Sea Serpent 5->4 gems
Cave Drake 5->4 gems
Wyverns 4->3 gems
Draconians 45->30 gems
Naiad Warriors 30->18 gems
Winter Wolves 10->8 gems
Fall Bears 15->12 gems
Fire Snakes 9->7 gems
Great Eagles 10->8 gems
Animal Horde 25 ->15gems
Iron Pigs 10 -> 9 gems
Manifest Vitriol 2->3 gems (hm)
Clockwork Soldiers 8->5 gems
Wooden Construct 5->3 gems
Manikin 12->9 gems
Clockwork Horrors 10->9 gems
Behemoth 10->7 gems
Ziz 5->4 gems
Bind Fiery Imps 2 slaves -> 6 slaves
Bone fiends 3->5 slaves
Storm demons 7->10 slaves
Demon knight cost 8->15 (okay, fear aura is a thing, but still pretty pricey for mundane demon cavalry)
Five Gates 28 -> 39 slaves (total +1 extra over sd/dk price increase)
Father Illearth 85 ->105 slaves

Bears 10->8 gems (other animals unchanged)

Arco and mediterranean in general
Procession of underworld 15->13
Keres 9->12

Tien Ch’i
Celestial servant 3->1 gem (cue N7 on MA TC and Geomancer spam)
Celestial Hounds 5->4 gems
Heavenly Fires 10->6 gems

Jaguar Toad -> Jaguar Toads, 2 per 2 gems.
Jade Serpent 5->3 gems
Jaguar Fiends 13->16 gems; rain of jags unchanged (I’m sorry what?)

Daevas equalized with yazatas! Both cost 15 as previously, but 6 per summon.

Sacred crocodile 8->3 (yes, not a typo, I checked)

Living Mercury 5->7 gems

Cu Sidhes 8->6 gem for 7

Barghests 10->7 gem for 9

Bears 10->8 like generic one
Zmey 8 -> 5 gems

Apsaras 3 gems -> 2 gems

Lanka, Yomi
No changes noticed;

Shedim 23->28 for 3 summons (cheaper than early storm demons now)

Anzu 6->4 gems

jaguar costs

Monster Fish 10 ->6 water gems

Wailing Lady 15 -> 8 gems. Lamentation 50 -> 25 gems. Great Lamentation 66 -> 33 gems.


In my opinion, it isn’t overall gem cost that needed tweaking, it is the ability to get multiple summons. My magic users are normally tied up, and time is important. Why would I care that it costs less gems to get a summon when I’m basically getting one summon that has piss all difference in a decent fight involving 100+ units each side eg: drakes. A caster getting multiple units per turn is still pretty good to me.


I think the goal is to making scaling less powerful, so that we are more likely to cast spells with non pretenders.

Naiad warriors is now pretty tempting though.


Naiad warriors always was tempting :)

Edit: No. Always worth getting!


Really, 35 gems for 15 middle of the road units?


30 gems right? But, yeah I always liked them even if they were a little expensive. Decent protection and MR, Recuperation, Awe +4 and they can be very nice for underwater armies. Plus, like @Strato mentions, I find it nice to be able to crank out a decent sized batch of summons for one mage turn. Water gems aren’t exactly one of the most sought after gem types and Sea Trolls cost upkeep. With a decent Water gem income and if I am keeping up on water gem items I want, I tend to summon them.


Shoot, I forgot Trolls have an upkeep cost.

It’s been updated.


If the Summon Great Eagles stills scales, I had a lot of fun with an A9 pretender summoning a ton of them for a WyldeRyde game. 10, now 8 gems for eight or nine size 6 units with siege bonuses meant I could move them in and drop walls on some castles in the same turn. A bit of buffing made them pretty good vs Trolls as well…until @pyrhic brought in literally a (flying) boat load of them and a dozen mages to support.


A lot of spells now scale 2 for 1. I believe Great Eagles were hit by that bat.


@legowarrior. I resubmitted my turn


The fact they went from 30 to 18 gems prove they were overpriced, that said, I find amusing the perception of some Dominions players of the balance of the game.
Middle of the road units? awe4 + amphibious + recuperation + def13 + prot14 is now middle of the road?


I don’t think Bronze Swords cut it (pun intended) Also, 10 hit points is 10 hitpoints when the arrows or mindblasts start coming down.

Before the changes, I think Contact Sea Trolls, Olm Conclave or Summon Nagas were all better uses of water gems. I think the changes have made them contenders. All similar levels of magic, but all significantly cheaper. or they were.

It’s a good and necessary change.


The Kyndids could go into battle with bare fists for all I care. Their utility is two things for me. One is their ability to defend. Either as a front line or as potential body guards. Either way, they will defend thanks to combination of awe, shield and reasonably high defensive ability. With appropriate magic support, they can be buffed to make even better line defenders. Access to water mages means access to quickness after all. Their recuperation outside of battle gives them a chance to undo the affliction burden from a fight. The other thing is 15 respectable units for a single turns worth of ritual spell casting by a mage that can be easily boosted (eg: Jade Sorceress, easy to come by).


Yeah, but for 30 gems?