Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


The fact they went from 30 to 18 gems prove they were overpriced, that said, I find amusing the perception of some Dominions players of the balance of the game.
Middle of the road units? awe4 + amphibious + recuperation + def13 + prot14 is now middle of the road?


I don’t think Bronze Swords cut it (pun intended) Also, 10 hit points is 10 hitpoints when the arrows or mindblasts start coming down.

Before the changes, I think Contact Sea Trolls, Olm Conclave or Summon Nagas were all better uses of water gems. I think the changes have made them contenders. All similar levels of magic, but all significantly cheaper. or they were.

It’s a good and necessary change.


The Kyndids could go into battle with bare fists for all I care. Their utility is two things for me. One is their ability to defend. Either as a front line or as potential body guards. Either way, they will defend thanks to combination of awe, shield and reasonably high defensive ability. With appropriate magic support, they can be buffed to make even better line defenders. Access to water mages means access to quickness after all. Their recuperation outside of battle gives them a chance to undo the affliction burden from a fight. The other thing is 15 respectable units for a single turns worth of ritual spell casting by a mage that can be easily boosted (eg: Jade Sorceress, easy to come by).


Yeah, but for 30 gems?


Spread sheet of changes.


Nice! Thanks!


Yeah, people are doing a lot of work to make the patch changes clear.


That’s cheating :P, Olm Conclave and Summon Nagas are national only spells. National spells are by design better than the average.


Yeah. Like Kelan says, decent water gem income plus having items I need, why not? 15 units in one turn is what I want. It’s similar to why I like crossbreeding, or really any spell that has multiple summons per mage turn. Time more than anything else in MP Dominions is the most valuable resource in my opinion. A single Demon Knight as an example, or 15 Kyndids? My preference is the Kyndids. Though one Demon Knight would probably cause the squad of 15 Kyndids to rout. Hmm, maybe a bad example.


I will take sea trolls. They were a far better summon.


Nagas are cheaper in terms of gold. They cost less.


So, what are the big balance mods these days? It used to be CBM, but that was Dominions 3.


Check this


Second edition of the manual is up on for $22.91. Still no B/W option. I still want to pull the trigger on it, but there’s no announcement from Illwinter. Hold off or buy? Please say buy.


Dominions 5.32

Dominions 5.32

MAY 14 @ 12:17PM - JOHAN

This update adds new heroes for a number of nations and new summons for the Japanese inspired nations. Other notable improvements are unique vampire summons for Ulm, user interface improvements, additional details shown for many rituals. There is also the usual bug fixes, minor tweaks and improvements for modders. The manual has been updated as well.


  • New heroes for Rus, Vanarus, Shinuyama, Man and MA Xibalba.

  • Spell details printed as yellow text

  • Late age Ulm can now summon a limited amount of unique vampires

  • Sneaking commanders have grey backgrounds on Army Setup screen

  • New layout for Host Schedule for network games

  • New layout for Select Nations during network play

  • View statistics in Map Editor

  • Army affecting rituals will now target the largest enemy army if multiple are in the same province.

  • New summons for some of the Japanese nations: Araburu-kami, Omukade, Bakeneko, Tanuki, Okami

  • Oni Generals can command more regular units

  • Bakemono Sho size 2 -> 1

  • Bakemono have mountain rebate

  • Shuten-doji now has invulnerability

  • Kappa has land encumbrance instead of negative land reinvigoration

  • Recruitment rebates now affect the price directly

  • Some heroes got older in later eras

  • Fix for Siren’s lure message

  • Forge item screen now remembers the selected item type

  • Burning Mountain site can now only appear in the capital of Phlegra

  • Master of the Games starts with a random heroic ability

  • The detailed Dominion info now takes hostile dominion penalties into account

  • Fix for some bad 3d backgrounds in main menu

  • Try harder to create temporary file

  • Improved Combat Speed info on monsters

  • Plate Hauberk defence penalty -3 -> -2

  • Combining multiple PD rituals didn’t work properly

  • Seduction could result in incorrect message when no commander was found

  • Grey Ones got too many eyes when imprisoned

  • Rec Points is no longer capped at 40000 population

  • Bless effects sorted properly

  • Make sure not too many render commands get buffered up

  • Fix for disciple design points after pressing ‘r’

  • Pangaea White Minotaur is now a multi hero

  • Fall damage from Wind Ride is now size dependent

  • Perpetual Storm increases map movement cost

  • PD have home province

  • Toad Tribe PD fixed

  • Fire Shield values slightly raised

  • Bane Venom Charm less deadly

  • A mage will refuse to cast communion slave when it is the only caster left

  • Fix for potential double host when using schedule with fixed host times

  • Add/remove pretender 2h files manually on server during network game creation and the game status will be updated accordingly

  • Numbness will no longer affect units with cold res 5+

  • Error messages when trying to cast Twiceborn on undeads and similar

  • Chaos Power, Magic Power, etc. now affects stealth value too

  • A New special troll province

  • A commander’s auto spawned units appears in squad with same units

  • Nametype bug fix for new heroes

  • Network game would crash if no nation was selected the first time

  • Chak Muuch Dart Thrower now has a poisoned spear

  • Description and typo fixes

  • Biddyn map fix

  • Stat fixes

  • Site fixes


  • New commands: #reqspellsinger, #reqtaskmaster, #reqseduce

  • New commands: #enchrebate25p, #enchrebate50p

  • New commands: #noreqlab, #noreqtemple, #sleepaura, #startheroab

  • New commands: #bugreform, #reformtime, #springimmortal

  • New event commands: #req_targnomnr, #req_targprophet, #assowner

  • #onlymnr can be used with montags

  • #poisonarmor and #berserk for items didn’t work

  • Improved modding error messages

  • #newweapon and #newarmor no longer requires a number

  • Event Modding: delay 0 events will now be resolved in the same turn

  • Event Modding: #delayskip


@legowarrior. Think you have the wrong game or I’m really bad for not knowing any of this Dom quest thing


Look again! It’s all an illusion.

Although, maybe that isn’t the case. Maybe I truly copied the wrong game initially, but later corrected it.

Who knows the truth.


Inspector has been updated. Lots of new summons for Jomon and Shinuyama.


The sad thing is I’ve been playing Dominions for years and thought the original post was an actual change log for Dominions.


So, the new summons are really interesting. I am interested in trying them out some time.