Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith

I recommend this youtuber, GeneralConfusion, he has made 43 videos, about different nation oveviews or general strategy videos.

Will 2019 be the year I finally tackle Dominions?

Printed manual arrived yesterday, so time to dive in. I’m surprised they print it with 8.5x11 pages, but I guess that will make it easier to read all the charts.

40% off during the sale. So, if you are in the fence, this a good shot at grabbing it.

For years I’ve been pondering buying Dominions but never have. Is it possible to play this co-op? (my SO and I enjoy playing turned based games together but we have very few choices these days.)

Yes, you can play disciple games, where the players are permanently allied. One person creates a pretender, with their domain abilities, while the other player(s) are disciples, who have characters and nations, but share the bless and Dominion with the pretender.

Now, the AIs abilities are limited. There are a lot of abilities and spells it just can’t use or use effective.

Good points! And you can definitely create some challenge for yourself with how you set the game up against the AI, at least until you learn the powerful strategies and implement them. It can be sort of like Master of Magic that way, I believe, as far as the strategic portion of the game against the AI. Once you learn how to take advantage of some synergy, you can start to overpower the AI, but the learning process can be glorious if you have patience. It also has further opportunities in various MP games in many communities, like this one, that keep it going if you want to test your mettle against human opponents.

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Thanks for the feedback, appreciated.

There is a big update coming up in a month or so. Expect it on the 27th I think.

Nice, I had the feeling the support for Dom5 in terms of content had fallen a bit in 2019 (with respect the support Dom4 had), so two new nations are very good news.

Here’s a link to the “Jubilee” update announcement, with blurbs about the new nations, Ind, the Magnificent Kingdom of Exalted Virtue and Na’Ba, Queens of the Desert.

The update is out and man, Illwinter makes more and more nations of wild designs. The times they just did a few normal units and commanders and that’s it passed long ago.

Take Ind.

It’s based on the mythical nation of Prester John King. It’s a nation with:

-Hidden dominion. Your dominion hides armies and province ownership from scouts (not from for provinces touching enemies provinces).
-Weak dominion. For dominion conflict, it’s like its score is 2 points lower.
-All national units are sacred. Oh yeah, all capital units are holy including archers, and all capital commanders are priests. Minimum level 2, in fact.
-Every temple adds 1 to max sacred units, instead every 4 or 5 temples like other nations.
-However they mostly fight by using foreign, heretical troops, that represent the weird myths people had in medieval times. Like cannibal tribes recruited in non-forted provinces. The cannibals create unrest, but they are ‘free’, recruited by special commanders on the field and said commanders can reduce unrest.
-They also have other types of troops to recruit building forts, depending the type of province, they have access to:
*Pyconie troops (hobbits!)
*the Lost Tribe (giants with dawn blades but homesickness)
*Lady Knights of Femeine (a small matriarchal kingdom full of orders of female knights)
*Cynocephalian troops (people with dog heads)
*troops from the kingdom of Orionde (human kingdom with satyr and centaur slaves, with colored lions)
So all together Ind have six distinct group of troops! Some uses slaves, others can summon animals, others are berserkers, and others have blood magic.
-All special capital buildings have a function. The Palace maximizes Order, independent of your dominion type, the Great Mirror allows scrying, the Onyx court allows commander training and Fountain of Youth decreases unrest and makes unit age slower.

I like the other nation. But I hope they take that Iron Weakness, and apply it to the Elves.

Y’know - I’m going to buy this someday, but then it will sit way un/underplayed because I need to do things like go to work. (I actually had to double-check my library to make sure I wasn’t already ignoring it)

Do you suppose Dom6 will be out by the time I retire?

Yes. work and Dominions is a tough combination. Don’t know how far away retirement is for you, but it’s definitely better playing with people than playing solo.

Are we ready for another game soon? I would be in! I may not be able to do grognard work, but I can be serviceable for an MP game.

i’ve had a quick look at the update, and maybe a MA Game with as many of the new nations as poss might be good? Say 6 player with Uruk, Phlegra, Phaeacia, Ind, Na’ Da, maybe Ashdod?

I am in for anything. Bring it on!

It depends. Anyone interesting in using one of the many balance mods out there? I know its come a long way since Dominions 3, but balance still is a bit off putting at times.