Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith

Yeah sure, add me to the list. I haven’t played the game since the newbie match months ago. Be nice to jump in again.

I’m of mixed feelings with balance mods, but you never know unless you give it a go?

For the most part, the changes are relatively small. If you look through it, nations like Jomon and Eriu where buffed, and nations like Nazca and Pangaea where nerfed by making something more expansive, or some weapons and armor more effective.

I’d love to play but don’t have the extra bandwidth right now.

Like @brooski, I dont have the time right now. Involved in a War In the Pacific campaign, and it easily eats up the time I have.

I can do it provided it doesn’t start this week

@Akaoni, off-topic, but I’m curious if you’re posting an AAR of your WITP somewhere, e.g. in the Matrix forums. I love that game! Also, are you playing Admiral’s Edition?

Hey @Spock, at the risk of posting about a different turn based we go game (HERESY!), let me give you the run down:
Admiral’s edition, with Seabee to make it run better, 2 campaigns, both Guadacanal, one where I am the American Pigs, grimly holding on to Lunga with a fleet of battered DDs while 2 carriers get repaired in Sydney. Everything else, well…
The other one, where I am serve at the whim of our Divinely Glorious Emperor, we have become ascendant due too (blind luck) Hotei’s blessing upon our carriers. Even now our Bettys lay waste to the foreign dogs while we encircle them with a ring of Japanese steel.

I did not consider an AAR, since I am brand spanking new, and still figuring out things like “Where did my Task Forces go? Oh, they had Retirement Allowed” and just what can stop B-17s at 25k altitude.

Awesome, @Akaoni! Maybe you can post the occasional update in the Grognard Wargames thread or elsewhere here? I love hearing about WITP/AE games. :)

OK, back to your regularly-scheduled Dominions discussion! My apologies for the diversion.

Boring story with no monkeys. As everyone knows, more monkeys = better warfare.

I agree, boring story. Perhaps you can regale us with a stirring tale of monkey madness in Dominions? Some of the old clever @pyrhic maneuvering and spell scripting that you are famed for?

If only you could get the chimps into a wildcat or avenger…i’m sure that’d liven things up a bit!

Okay, I’m going to set up a game this weekend on LlamaServer. I’m just waiting on the latest .70 version of COLAB

6 to 8 players in the Middle Era. Let me know if you are interested.

I’m thinking about Machaka, since they got a mild buff.

Cool, so we just doing first to pick gets them then?

We should probably select a map first, in case that makes a difference.

boo…i wanna be the water nation in a game with just one pond. Im gonna be the BIGGIST FISH!

Yeah I’m keen.

So, two water nations?

Honestly, i’m fine with whatever - pick whichever map interests you the most

Okay, well 3 players so far. Let’s see if we can get 6, and we will start next week. I think I have a map in mind, but I am away from my computer. I will post it tomorrow (or tonight even). Something with a good lake in it.

Damn it, now I don’t even know which nation I want to play.

I wish the Morgan’s weren’t so overpriced.

i’m in :)