Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


I would suggest an extended tutorial that becomes an actual let’s play (not let’s watch someone play lol) where an obvious, easy choice is given to the player.

Yes, hand holding in some regards. Basically that newb friendly mp game but done for singleplayer in the form of a tutorial.

That said, I can’t help but think part of the appeal is figuring stuff out for yourself. I mean my very first game, I was getting live instructions from a friend on Steam because the UI…well…es lo que hay (it is what it is!)

But by game 5 I was experimenting and losing

By game 10 I had 2 or 3 set strategies that seemed to work against 1 or 2 AI.

Anyway, another UI issue is that there is a lot going on, and it’s hard to keep track off.


Some new spells

And some items


I would love to see the Dominions 4 mod inspector was integrated into the game.


Thanks for collating the info dumps @TurinTur

It took me three attempts at Dominions (3) before I really dedicated the time to properly step through the original 20 page tutorial and then throw myself into a MP game. Honestly the best way to get into it is to have someone take you threw it face to face, or failing that a good video tutorial series these days, I suppose, even if they were embedded in the game itself. Illwinter should maybe look at that, actually.

When I brought a local friend on-board I went over and spent a couple of hours taking him through everything up to early mid-game - prodding at units and stats, pretender and bless design, SC’s, spells, rituals, site searching, gems, early game strategy vs indies, etc. It helped him immensely.


Yeah, I was thinking in that when I said ‘Dominionspedia’. Hell you could even do a collecting minigame, with entries indicating ? for indie units, monsters, horrors and special stuff not usually available to the player, that fill out once you find them in a battle.

New tutorial system: Dominions 5 to bring a ‘2 hours lesson’ ticket for a physical tutor! Revolutionary idea!

I totally bounced off Dom3 years ago, and only got it in Dom4, after seeing many recommendations fo the game, I decided to start from zero and read the manual.


I figured. The inspector is good, and it’s a good addition, but if we could get something like the civopedia, that would be great.

Basically, anything that can provide information directly in the game and is easy to access would be great.

Also, maybe a few default builds for new players, like Master of Magic had.


I see they continue their tradition of typos in the descriptions.


My first real experience was a disciples comp-stomp game, which worked well for learning and seeing, etc. still had a lot of learning to do, but it helped.


I added above in the big dump some new stuff I found. In special people should read the new additions to the UI:

Now the game will play like a early 90s strategy game and not like a late 80s strategy game! :P


Others have mentioned much of what I would say:
–in-game tutorial for the basics
–quick start option that limits number of initial choices
–a ‘Dominionspedia’ integrated in the game

But most of all I would think newbs would benefit by two or three deeper in-game tutorials that guide a player who knows the basics into the level of developing a nation-specific strategy.

Specifically what I envision are in-game versions of Bruce’s two essays in the Dom4 manual, “Bogarus: A Step-by-Step Strategy” and “Ulm: Crusaders of the Arcane.” These were very helpful, since they demonstrated, in a detailed manner, how you plan out a Pretender and a strategy based on the units and strengths of a particular nation.

Problem was, they started on page 118 of the manual, so many newbs never found them, and those who did had work through the discussion of real world historical analogies to the nations being discussed. While interesting, I think the academic style of these mini-strategy guides limited their effectiveness.

So I’d love to see something like that in Dom5, and for several nations. If these cannot be offered in-game, I would offer them as stand-alone pdfs, and eliminate academic tone. Make them only, “here’s how you develop a nation-specific strategy” and keep them separate from the manual.

With regards to a basic tutorial, the one in the Dom4 manual was 16 pages. If a tutorial could not be done in-game, I would create a separate pdf that is just the basic “let’s get started” and could be easily printed out.

I realize this is a game where you do really need to RTFBGM. But if you want to increase the player base of the game, recognize that many gamers in 2017 won’t. Offer them something that is built into the game, or at least a pamphlet rather than a tome to get them jumpstarted.


This wouldn’t really be for noobs, but I’d like a guide explaining strategies for each nation the way that Twilight Strategy explains each card. Just a couple of paragraphs would go a long way toward getting me into the head of my opponent.


I agree with @Miguk. Tutorials that show me “Push button to do this, push button to do that” are fine, but learning an interface is much less onerous than learning how to play the game. So many tutorials tell you the HOW and completely neglect the WHY. That works in the more simple games like a first person shooter, but for a strategy game the WHY is far more important, IMO.

Having a couple paragraphs for each nation would be great. I would also like to see 3-4 detailed Pretender setups with in-depth explanations of not only why the combination is a good idea, but how to exploit your strengths in a game and what weaknesses it leaves for yourself.

I would also like a pony, if that can be done.


An interesting decision can be found below

edit: It should have been ‘discussion’, but autocorrect got me. Still, I will leave my mistake up for all to see.


Can you be more specific with your post? I’m having difficulty finding the interesting decision in that thread.


In keeping with the spirit of Dominions, that is all the info you get.


Maybe he meant to link something else - I’m not seeing anything here myself that leads me to ponder a decision. This seems like a thread to talk about Dominions 5 and it’s announcement? I only skimmed the first few posts, admittedly.


Perhaps “decision” was autocorrected from “discussion” or something? Either that, or perhaps it was meant to link to a particular post within the thread. Or maybe legowarrior can just give us a proper tutorial so we understand what’s going on. :)


That very interesting. Making the guides available as separate things is easy. But if the way they are written is the problem, that can’t be fixed without changing the manual writer, or having someone else write the guides. I’m really not interested in taking the history out of my Dominions writing. I understand that some people may not enjoy it, but I don’t think I could bring myself to write a straight guide. It’s not the way I think about the game, and I don’t enjoy that kind of writing. So when you say, “eliminate the academic tone,” I can’t. Or won’t. Same thing. But I can see about having someone else do guides.

That’s easy - the Dom2 walkthrough was a separate PDF, and I think the Dom3 manual had the tutorial available as a separate PDF as well (in addition to being in the manual.

Thanks for the feedback.


I have nothing more to offer. Dominions 5 does make some profound decisions about how blessings work, and about game balance though, but the link has nothing to do with that.



I would hate for you to think I’m whining lol.

I think I would be best served by an “official” let’s play where a player (one with experience! ) picks a race and an era, and explains *why (e.g. Ulm, middle age, lots of steel,) and then the same again for the pretender, with scales etc. (E.g. awake pretender, super combatant, expand quickly to 5 territories, upgrade etc.)

That said, I am quite happy to learn by failing. Just that sometimes I’m not sure why I’m failing, like the game I had where I was a Giant Carp leading the warriors of spring or whatnot.