Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith

I would be a 3 or 4.

Put me at 0.

So, right now, I have a list of 10 players.
@Strato - 3 or 4
@dfs - 3 or 4
@Kelan - 3 or 4
@wahoo - 3 or 4 (I think, he hasn’t mentioned it yet)
@legowarrior - 3 or 4
@belouski - 2
@Galdred - 1 or 2
@Valambrian - 1 (although, seeing as how he wiped the floor with us in AoW, I doubt that will last)
@Mellified - 1
@jaygittings - 1 (I assume, but let me know if you are a 2)

If I can 2 more players, we can do 4 teams of 3, and I think we can split up pretty well.

Yep, played about 1/2 a dozen games in single player, so 1 is spot on.

Yea you’re basically my spirit animal right now. I don’t mind micromanagement, but all the decisions have to be interesting. If I’m forging 3 research items per round, they need to be set to be automatically distributed as well. The interesting micromanagement is how many mages should you devote to crafting items that will ramp up research. There’s nothing interesting about re-distributing them every turn, just like there’s nothing interesting about re-assigning all your mages to research if you just needed them to cast a one-off spell or forge a one-off item.

It’s the wrong kind of micromanagement. I’ll happily tell 20 mages what to cast in a turn, that’s the game! It’s the fact that I have to go through so many extra little steps that I don’t love. I don’t mind giving army orders to all your forces, especially since you can CTRL group the orders and assign lists rapidly. Doing that, choosing how to spend your gold, deciding where your main armies are moving, and deciding what to use your mages for each turn is interesting.

Ferrying a million troops from a bunch of forts to the front line isn’t interesting. But it’s a solvable problem, have troop construction at each city be able to associate with an army as a toggle and then divide the move distance by their speed and have them show up X turns later with those forces. These kinds of solutions aren’t novel or probably close to the best someone could come up with if they considered it for more than five minutes.

Anyways I can clearly go on and on about this topic, but I’ll restrain myself and let the people who love it get back to it.

So, there is a small bug with the twice Born Aboleths, so I would avoid that nation in the up coming game.

Anyway, is there anyone from the list that I am missing. I want to get to 12 players.

Okay, so it looks like we will be going into the game with 10 players.

We can do 5 teams of 2, or we can do 2 teams of 3, and 1 team of 4. What are people in favor of? Keep in mind, with 2 teams of 5, one team will experienced player will get @belouski, who is not that inexperienced, so might make the teams slightly uneven

Seems like we are up for a slight imbalance either way. I think the larger teams (3 and 4 size) would be interesting but happy to defer to the rest of the group.

My last Dominions 5 experience was the MP session hosted here about 2 or 3 years ago? If you all don’t mind a noob in relative to yours Dominions experience, I can sign up if the dozen headcount can be met.

Why not 2 teams of 5 then? Experience imbalance doesn’t seem as bad as unbalanced player count to me.

Nope, you are exactly the type of person that we are looking for.

Its possible, but 2 teams of 5 becomes hard to plan. You need to create 1 pretender with paths that will help 5 nations.

Anyway, now we are up to 11 players. Just need one more by tomorrow.

Sure, I’ll join, why not? Between curfew and shelter in place, I’ve lots of free time before the gestapo declares me a domestic terrorist and carts me away to some dank urine soaked hell-hole…

So, that’s 12. Okay, we are all set. I am going to put together the terms later on today, and let me know if you all think they are fair or not. I am not infallible.

Okay, here is a rough draft of the teams. This is the first round, please PM if you have any concerns about it. I really am open to making changes.

Each team will get at least one new player. we have 3 players that i characterizes as 1, 2 players that might be 1.5, and 1 player that is a 2. The rest are various levels of 3 to 4. I tried to spread it out as best I can.

Since I can only @ 10 people at a time, I will break it down to 2 posts.

Team 1


Team 2


Team 3


Team 4

As you can see, DFS and I both have slighly less experienced players, but considering how DFS is doing in our current game, and I am organizing it, I think that is more then fair.

Let me know by the end of the week if you have any concerns about the teams, and I’ll work though it. By Friday, the teams will be set. By next week, we’ll do nation selections.
A couple of things to identify. There is water, but not a ton, so only one pure Water nation (preferable none). There is a lot of coastline, so Atlantis and Oceania might just be fine if both them are in the game, but I have my doubts if Pelgia and R’lyeh would fit together. Maybe a combination of Oceania/Atlantis and Pelgia and R’lyeh might work.

Please don’t pick Therodos. I’ve tried, and its just hard. I won’t stop you, but come on.

Remember, one of you will be the pretender, so all of you will face the same scales and bless. Try to pick a pretender nation that actually helps the other nations. Maybe not Mekone as the pretender nation? Might make a great disciple though.

Also, since this is a new player friend game, everything is binding. No Real Politik here.

Let me know if anything is missing or if you have any suggestions. If all goes to plan, we will start by in 2 or so weeks.

What mods did we settle on? Was it balance mod and worthy heroes?

Not exactly sure what you are saying here. “Don’t be a jerk?”
We are planning on the floating Archipelago map shown above?
Everyone should take a look at the balance mod.
When you say “the Hero mod.” you mean worthy heroes?

I’m willing to be “the experienced one on a team of three,” but if somebody else wants that experience I’ll gladly give it up.
Do we pick nations as a team in a set of three or individually?

New guys…download the dom5 mod inspector. You’ll want it. Also be prepared that learning a nation takes a bit of time. Once the game starts, things will slow down quite a bit.

Actual links to these mods would be helpful for a newbie like myself.

Did we pick an age?