Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


I just noticed that, probably the usual time tomorrow then (noon CST). I’m assuming $40 but I’m braced for $60, if need be. I want to support these guys - they do incredible work for the size of the team, and I love how they support their games post-release.


Awesome, Llama Server is now updated to support Dom 5:


Ack, didn’t mean to be that guy! I got an email from Johan saying that the five intro videos were posted, so I assumed they were different from the ones you linked. Turns out he was referring to those six, which is a Swedish five ;)


Bug Illwinter to get their own forum. I think a big problem is that without an official forum, the community is very fragmented, and a lot of stuff gets lost or not followed up on. When they moved from Shrapnel, there was no new repository of information to take the place of the Shrapnel forums.


Das Tactic has made a new ‘Primer’ video, I liked it better for noobs

Illwinter has started to upload documentation
But the key component, the manual, is missing. Only mapmaking manual, command arguments manual and modding manual for now.


Woke up early to go to the gym and saw this was available now. Talk about a willpower test here.


Work out at home. Do your Pressups with the screen at eye level so you can watch das while you go up and down!


Game is out. 33 euros for us swole Europeans, counting a 10% discount that is available until Dec 4th.


Dominions 5, Main Manual (part 1)
Dominions 5, Main Manual Tables (part 2)


Bought. THIS is going to be the Dominions game I finally learn and master. I swear this to myself. Having bought Dom 3 and Dom 4 with great ambitions, THIS TIME will be different.

And while I agree Dastactic is a little ling winded, he is like that friendly family uncle who lets you watch / play on his PC and teaches you at the same time. I have been watching his vids over the last couple of days to get me in the mood for this purchase…




Willpower roll failed:

Or is that succeeded?! :)


Good thing I didn’t notice that. I would probably be home “sick” right now instead of at work.


I am contemplating the buy button like some zombie. Scott wasn’t kidding.


The main manual is not fully completed yet. It will be put together into one and then be available as a printed manual as well as a pdf.

Yes! Another for the collection.


I can’t believe I lost nearly an hour already. So much fun. Playing early game with ice giants and finding barbarians much tougher nuts to crack than I’d thought (those great swords hit hard) I had a bit of a stumble in my first few turns. But I’m expanding and making progress, though I’m pleased to see my AI opponent has already expanded quite aggressively, won some sort of arena battle and was awarded magic sandals, and has declared war upon me already.

Playing my first game on a medium map with just 1 other opponent seems to have been a good idea - I almost always dive into Dom games with as many opponents as a big map will let me, ever pursuing the EPIC GAME and then rarely finishing them. This may be more my jam, now that I’ve tried it. We’ll see.



Yeah, barbs already hit hard before, and now they got buffed because the 2-hand weapons have extra +25% dmg. Because it’s % based and the base value was already high, now they will hit with force.


Top Seller on Steam! I can’t tell if that spot is #1 with this sale layout but it appears to be… if so then gratz to illwinter!


Not anymore :(
I suppose it was in that position for a hour or two.


Just wait till I get home! Dammit! And here I thought I could go through a steam sale without any casualties!


Yeah, I’ll have to buy it day one too. Bad news for my budget. Aaaargh.