Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


Get thee behind me, Satan


Still in top 10 for me but what a crappy time to be released during this mega-sale!


Satan likes playing EA Xibalba, Lanka and Hinnom. He dislikes Marignon.


Well, I have to say (and bear in mind I’m not claiming to be good at this game), the AI is impressing me. I assumed if I played a faction I’d seen a fair amount of from Das and was passing familiar with already, plus playing on Normal with just 1 AI player on a medium map, I’d eventually start to roll over him and that would be that.

Not the case. I did initially get to his stronghold with a huge force of giants and commanders, and we did win that fight and start the siege, but I lacked the troops to actually do any good during the siege, and I’d lost my pretender during the fight. I pulled back to recuperate and found a massive army of ogres, snakes, mages, and armored men assaulting me from multiple directions, taking my territory and starving me of critical resources to rebuild, while I desperately tried to recall my god.

There was some give on my part, then I retook several provinces, dumping money into province defense to keep them from being re taken, only to have them retaken anyway by “80 units including Ogres and Giant Snakes” and such. It’s like a wave of back and forth and neither of us are gaining a purchase. He has two of the thrones, and if he swings around with a big enough army and takes that third throne I’m done. I only have one major army, and if he sends enough at me I’ll lose that, too, so I’m in bit of a precarious situation through not playing very carefully.

I’m well pleased with the overall game though, in some ways because I’m not steam rolling the AI player. This is going to be a long work day.


I’m purchasing this as soon as I get home.

It IS going to be a long work day. :P


Depends on which age Marignon…


Rough start on the Mac with Dom 5. It launches to a blank screen and the only way out is to kill the program. For other Mac users you can add the -w (windowed) switch to the steam launch options and it will start. Hopefully they get this fixed soon.


I think the AI had bad luck/did a poor move on the first turns in the Das AAR video, because when he found where the enemy capital was, the AI had few provinces and in particular it didn’t have conquered a province neighbor to his capital. Surely the first army formed the AI was defeated in that province, and having a defeat in the first move resulted in falling behind in terms of number of provinces.

More than 1vs1, I recommend playing with other 3 AIs. Usually you eliminate one more or less easily, but at that point one of the other two also reaches a good point of progress.


I think I also going to play Rus for the first game. I made a ‘cheat sheet’ for them. I will do the same when I play the other two new nations.

EA Rus

Nation common abilities: snow move, cold resist 5. Several have Mountain S., Forest S.
Gems: 2A, 1F, 2N, 1S
National spells: Summon Bears (7 sacred bears), rest of Russian spells.
Pretenders: Discount for Father of Winters, Deives of the Sun, 

Rusian Hunter : spear & short bow, stealthy, undisciplined, low prot
Rusian Warrior: spear, Prot 11, shield
Rusian Warrior: Same but with axe, 5 more damage, worse defending.
Chud Warrior: Elite version of spear Warrior. 20g instead of 10g, but all stats improved. 
Chud Hunter: spear & javelin, berserker2, stealthy, undisciplined, chud base stats, medium prot. 
Chud Berserker: Sword & axe. Two 20dmg attacks/turn, berserker2, chud base stats. 
Chud Skinshifter: Battleaxe (26dmg). 65g sacred, Berserker3, recuperation, low prot, werebear. 
*Forest recruits:
Bear Warrior: Two 20dmg attacks/turn, berserker3, stealthy, undisciplined, low prot.


Rusian Chieftain. Leadership 60. 
Rusian Priest. H1. 45 gold. 
Rusian Wizard.   F1N1?1, Adept Res2. 125 gold. Recruited in caves too.
Son of Heaven.   F1A1N1H2?1. 270 gold, cap only.
Daughter of Sun. F2N1H1?1. 285 gold, cap only. 
Perkunu.         A3S1N2H1. 380 gold, recuperation, werebear. 
*Forest recruits:
Rusian Chieftain. Leadership 40. berserker1, stealthy, undisciplined. 
Chud Chieftain. Leadership 80. berserker3, stealthy, undisciplined. Two 20dmg attacks/turn.
Thunder Priest:  A2N1H1?1. Inept Res2. 

Also, iInteresting, pinging thrones with scouts sometimes have a cost:

I like it, because it was felt too cheap.

Hold Tab to see units with afflictions


We should start a support group. :) In the same boat here.




Part 1, what the heck have you been doing @Brooski?? Saving lives or something? ;) Great to see you are still doing the manuals for this series.


In another game I started up with a random nation, I find myself with Ethereal Ahiman Anakite giants, thanks to a very high level bless effect in the Astral Gem space, and a Magic of +3.

So this has been pretty fun. :)


What is the shortcut key to bring up the shortcut menu that shows all of the shortcut keys?! I’ve tried everything.

Oh, and TAB is really useful which displays a pop-up of every province’s income, candles, supplies, etc. Found it by accident.


? key. Use it in every window of the game, you will be surprised by the amount of shortcuts.


That’s very good to know, I’ll be checking out those shortcuts as soon as I start the game up again.

I started up a MA Marignon game to get back into things. They’re sort of my go-to to get back up to speed nation for some reason. So far, early expansion has been terrible due to chokepoints of heavy cavalry indies. At the same time, Tien Chi has expanded rapidly with armies of infantry mixed in with sacred cavalry with a scary death weapon/fire shield bless and some mage support. This is not going to end well I think.


Man, so I tried to get into both Dom 3 and 4, and they look SO Great but I couldn’t get into them at all. I love the IDEA of it, but can’t grok it otherwise.

I am so hoping this is the one I can get into.



Honestly, the real truth here is that Dominions is really fairly simple. Recruit troops, search for magic sites, scout neighboring provinces, crush your enemies and see them driven before you. Female lamentations optional.

It is deep but not wide in some ways. The trick isn’t to learn how to play, that honestly comes in like an hour of really playing it, but rather the trick is to play it well. Which is also optional!


Well, unlike in Dominions 3 times, now there are much more resources like guides in youtube, AAR video series, a more sizable community, etc.

As Scott says, part of the complexity of the game isn’t in pure depth, but in being very ‘wide’ (lots of nations, units, spells, items, etc). But the core game is

  1. recruit units
  2. move units leaded by commanders to a new province
  3. fight in the province! (optional: setup formations/orders before battle)
  4. The province is yours! Now (optionally) build
  5. a) a new fort, to recruit more units from there
  6. b) a temple, needed for sacred units and priests
  7. c) a laboratory needed for mages
    Rinse, repeat. Conquer the map.

Of course magic complicates things, but not so much, you:
5. Choose research school every x turns, and put your mages to ‘research’ action if they aren’t doing any other thing
6. Search magical sites in every province (nature mages will find nature gems that are like specific ‘mana’ for that type of magic)
7. Use said magical gems to cast COOL STUFF, like
7. a) summoning shit
7. b) cast ritual spells
7. c) forge magical items
7. d) power-up battlefield spells

… That’s it. There are some extra detail like how provinces have limited resources, or supply that is consumed by armies, or how some provinces give you special indie units to recruit, or using units with special attributes (ie. scouts, that are stealthy and serve for scouting ahead), but the core game is what I described.