Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


Fiiiiine fine, I’ll likely buy it on payday.


The best thing about Dominions 5 is thinking I know how to play some nation pretty well, and then watching some Intarnet wizerd completely change my idea of what that nation is even about.


I even bought Campaign Cartographer so I could make some maps for this one.


Frankly, I don’t think Brian had troubles with interacting with the interface of the game (although I may be mistaken). I don’t want to sound too snappy, but describing Dominions as a game where you move armies around sounds like the equivalent of a mouse tutorial in any other game. @TurinTur alludes to what I think the game is really about when you suck at it like me, by saying it is “wide”: experimenting about the interactions of the magic, pretender and units, to attain a (supposedly informed) planning you need to make - all this before even considering what your opponent might be doing. This is very time-consuming :O


Yeah the main difficulty is you kind of need to be familiar with a given nation’s units as well as all the available spells and items in the game before you even start. And there is quite a lot of that stuff in there to become familiar with…

But if you’re happy not being competitive (like I am) then just pick whatever! :)


Oh…oh god…I don’t plan on playing against…people…ugh…


I mean against the AI too… I rarely play against actual people.


So how does real time combat affect the flow of the game?


I like the idea of a MP Dominions game, honestly, but it’s a pretty intimidating to play against such fearsome competitors as the kinds of players that go seeking such games.

Case in point, my first game just ended in disaster. I knew it was going to be rough when I saw hordes of powerful high end units coming my way, he was just painting that map in his domain from East to West, and swallowed me whole. I loved at the end I could watch the timeline of his crushing victory, but more important was the graphs. I was well pleased I kept up with him in all the various categories, from dominion and research to armies and gold, but after awhile he just destroyed me, and a well fought game it was. Again, not that I’m great at this, but I’m really glad the AI will give me a run for my money - a game this cool and this fun that has a solid AI is something I can and will play for ages to come.


In my opinion it makes watching the battles much more enjoyable. Plus, the per-unit logs add a lot of information.


Anyone else surprised it only comes with 2 custom maps?


Yeah I guess the need to generate a winter version meant they couldn’t just include the usual ones without extra work?

Though I guess one of those two is mostly just a colour change…


Oh my god the music is incredible. I hope they sell the soundtrack at some point.



I’ve really lost my fastball with these games (it was never very fast to begin with)…but I’m excited to have the game, even if it’ll be a few days before I can dig into it. The music is great as usual, and it certainly looks nice (as far as Dom games go).

These Swedes will always get my cash.


I saw that but wasn’t sure if the game’s compositions were different than what he’d posted there.

I also found him on Spotify, to which subscribe – downloading now, though again not sure if any of his material there is in the game.


Yes, and I asked about it on the Steam forum. The response was that Dom 4 maps are compatible, so go dig those up.


If Illwinter did it the way they usually do it, they licensed some of his tracks. Up to you to spot each of them on the individual albums!


Got it, thanks!


But is the cheese still on your cracker?