Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


Long gone, I’m afraid…


It looks like that fast video took 3+ hours to play through.

After watching this, I can see where bringing in new players is going to be quite a challenge for them.


The music really is amazing.


Not a bad idea at all! It sounds like we might need to induct @BrianRubin into our nascent circle as well!


I played Dom 4 when I reviewed it back in Oct '13. I read the manual, which was pretty great and at least felt I had a decent grasp of it - which I’ve forgotten by now. From this thread, it seems like 5 is a very incremental improvement over 4, right?

Dom 4 is a game like EU IV to me - I played it enough to get a feel for it, enjoyed it and just never put much / any time into it after I walked away. It’s a shame because both games seem really good. Not sure what keeps me away. I should jump back in.


It may be true, depending on expectations. This isn’t an RPG or city builder, but a wargame/civ-management with a pedigree connected to play by mail wargames which play out over many months, and in Dom5 multiplayer games running one turn every ~3 days will still take months to complete. Like his primer video, a small map rush warfare win vs a single AI is an absurdly short game at 14 turns (could have been 12!) and takes perhaps 2 hours of play (and will probably not be satisfying). Long games may go well over 100 turns even single-player, and later turns your large empire will have so many thing you need to do, playing one turn will take over an hour.

People who are looking for a complete game in 40 minutes like a MOBA or a quickie 4x like Northgard will be disappointed. It’s more like Age of Wonders or a fantasy Hearts of Iron. And the graphics are still more symbolic (like an early 2000s wargame) than modern fantasy gamers may expect. The depth is in the hundreds of units, spells, magic items, and all the ways to do it wrong.


so is anyone up for ‘learn-as-you go’ multiplayer? I KNOW I AM


I’m holding off on getting this game until I can be sure I can control my addiction… or figure out how to exist on 2 hours sleep a night!

I’ve spent close to 12 hours on a single turn in the late stages of some Dom 3+4 multiplayer games. Its ridiculous really… and the feeling of dread when the turn is submitted, waiting to see if the months of commitment and planning are going to be torpedoed by a cunning enemy plan or just insane bad luck…

No other game does that to me.


You guys will need someone you can steamroll easily, so count me in.






evil steve

age? map? settings?


I am in, @Evil_Steve

I would prefer a game where we can communicate out of game so we can discuss new features and learn the game faster together. That last MP game we did with only in game message diplomacy was just too rough for me. Either teams or individuals is fine.

Every other setting I am flexible with :).


k, I’ll be in too. We should move this to a new thread.


I’m definitely in. Should we use the Dom4 MP thread or start a new one?


As Bruce mentioned in the other Dom 4 MP thread, we should probably create a new one.


Being new to the game I’m flexible on age/map size.


I would like to join the MP game. Totally flexible on Age and I suppose map size should depend on the number of participants. I’ll leave the settings to the experts.


I would gladly join as a semi-newb.

Teams with a veteran leader would be grand.


Is MP asynchronous?