Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


How does the MP game work? Every participant gets an alert/email when it’s time to take/submit their turn?


People uses unofficial game-server systems, the most famous is LlamaServer.
You send emails to it, and the server warns you when you are late, etc. Other people will explain to you in more detail.


Yeah, imho it is the depth that I think is the biggest hurtle to overcome - mainly because there is apparently no shallow end to the pool.

I wonder if Das is still playing it too skillfully - he obviously deeply understands the units he is playing with. Like if instead there is a way to brute force the game, just building crossbowman and pikemen, with the pretender or a commander, maybe adding a bonus to the Human player or disadvantage to the AI player, just so the beginner could learn the mechanics of the game. Perhaps ignoring formations, spell dependency, maybe a map without an AI only neutrals, etc. I don’t know. There should be a simpler way to present a first play through. For example, it isn’t until a couple of turns in we learn taking thrones is good.

EDIT: You mentioned a MOBA - yet those draw you in because almost everything happens for you. Yet there is depth in the characters, how they fight/defend, and what weapons and such they can buy that you learn later. Admittedly it is much flatter than something like Dom, but still that shallow end reduces the fear of getting in.


Man… i don’t know if i’m game for these anymore. I might get a refund…

I played Dom 5 last night and… i was bored.

It’s a great game… but it’s while there are big changes by Illwinter standards between 4 and 5 it… doesn’t really feel that different from 4.

I tried to play for fun and got crushed by the AI. There are like 50 pretenders to choose from and… maybe 5 that work.

I don’t know… there are too many games and this one just takes so much effort to figure out… but also, i don’t like playing the way it wants me to play. I just want to build a bunch of infantry and cavalry and run around with some magic support. That way is 100% a guaranteed loss, even against the AI. I think part of the issue is the time involved. I don’t want to spend all the time min-maxing even crappy 2-1 random battle casters with gems et al. I could just build a 9/9 bless like the good old days (or 9/4) and get some sacred, low resource unit… but i don’t want to just do that. I forget coming from Total War games that 95% of the units in the game are pure fluff and pointless.

The guide every faction should have is a page with units circled. Pay attention to and build these units. Everything else is for fluff only!


Dominions games have never been much good for single-player imo. The AI is weak, and the diplomacy is non-existent.

Its multi-player where these games shine. Unfortunately, the jump from single-player to multi-player is pretty huge. The AI just can’t prepare you for a good human opponent.

And yes, its very difficult to play this game well without heavy micromanagement. This is a game where one single, well-designed unit can win an entire war. Until it runs into a counter, and everything in Dominions games has counters.

Problem is, the AI won’t teach you any of that.


The games depth does mean that you can easily design games to fit your criteria in multi-player though.

So for more classic ‘total-war’ style large battles, you can choose late-age, low gems, exclude certain nations/pretenders etc…

Again, not as much flexibility against the AI. The game is so very different, and so much better against humans.


It’s been a long time for me to describe succinctly why Dominions sort of grates a bit and i think i’ve finally hit upon it. It’s a game where you have this incredible sandbox rich with storylines of dozens of factions and hundreds of units… that don’t matter.

What matters is that faction X has cheap archers, or faction Y has 3-astral caster… and everything else is gravy. Hardcore Dominion heads want to revel in the obscurity of perfectly kitted out Thugs and SCs or giant game winning communions regardless of how consistent their uber strategies are with the factions’ narratives, but i want to explore the world of those low tier units and their factions’ implied story lines. I want to explore Formoria’s world of goat headed cursed giants; hardcore players just see them as having sailing/death/giants. I want to have fun sending spies out with Late Ulm and gathering up herds of wolves - hardcore players just see communion bait + cheap crossbows. I want to make hordes of horsemen with T’ien Chi - hardcore players laugh. Horses suck! Ect.


Definitely a lot of quality of life improvements made. For instance, while you still cant use the mouse in messaging, you can now cut and paste and can move the cursor without deleting letters. I’ve also noticed that if you’re casting a spell with a specific beneficiary (like a diseased unit), now only units that are afflicted/can receive the spell are highlighted. Everything in the battlelogs/after action report - love that I can now see how effective a unit was (or at least one measure of its effectiveness, which is still better than nothing).

Nice to haves (ie, still missing):
a map overlay/filter that shows only scouts
a ‘show/cycle’ button that allows you to move between those 5 commanders that it tells you aren’t doing anything
more maps (surprised it only shipped with two? or are there more in later ages?)


Doesn’t “n” just jump to the next inactive commander?


I’ve played many multi-player games with rules set up like this. I’ve always preferred large-scale epic battles to the thug/supercombatant or caster micromanagement.

Its just a question of game setup and finding the right human opponents imo.



Alas, lots of people don’t know by heart the keyboard shortcuts.

There was a small update yesterday.
EA Arco and LA Marignon were buffed with better forts in their capital.

EA Arco. Admin 45, +1 Commander points, 100% rec. points. A more normal one in EA is 30/1/75%.
LA Marignon. Admin 70, +2 Commander points, 150% rec. points. A more normal one in LA is 60/+2/125%.


I’d disagree that they don’t matter. They might not matter now, but in a different set of circumstances, and against different adversaries, they might matter very much. Axemen can be great, but axes are short and can be repelled with pikes and spears. The poison resistance might be next to worthless against typical adversaries, but against a Pythium player going long on a poison strat, it might be just the thing. A lot of the generic recruits might seem meaningless, but they can be cheap chaff that you can build up en masse…


Ya, I only know a few - however, from an ease of use perspective, if the game is going out of its way to provide a pop up, it really should go to the final step and let the player do something to allow the player to correct/investigate the situation.


Wow, @pyrhic! You were playing some of these long MP games we have been playing and didn’t know n to find your scouts? ouch :).


Yep, so many times I’ve started with a nation thinking that some of their units looked useless and I’d never produce any.

Only to find some weird niche use as a counter against something nasty my enemies were planning…


Someone made a map generator for Dominions, it had an update to make it compatible with Dom5 (with winter layer). It’s here

It has two modes, it can generate overview maps and isometric maps:

They are always wraparound and allow you to define what nations are going to play (giving then less or more water provinces, for example, assuring Agharta starts in a Cave, etc)


ok, i’ll start a new thread when I gets to work. so far I have:

evil steve

and one request for open diplo, which is fine by me

i’m leaning toward early age, cos i like me magic, but easy.

perhaps, default settings for a new new game?


Me too please… im long gone from dominions… but im buying it this evening…


Yup, until now I’d just keep mental tabs on them


Sigh, I haven’t played Dominions in a while. And because i’m playing against AI, I was not taking a lot of care… that way I lost my Pretender in a silly fight in my first game.
Pro-tip: don’t use as main tactic summoning fire elementals with your fire-gem-generator Pretender against Rephaites with a fire res. bless (+12 fire rest in total, and their magic weapons that overcome fire elemental etherealness, of course). Talking of a bad matchup.

Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition

All right, count me in for the learning game. I would prefer open diplo or (more preferably) no diplo. i find the diplomacy takes more time and effort than anything else, and for a learning the ropes game I’d prefer to just focus on the game mechanics?

Just my druthers though, in the end I’m open to any style.

Oh, one more request - can we start before, or after this weekend? I’ll be out of town and occupied for most of the weekend.