Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


Oh wow, I’m interested to in a learning MP session too!I only have 40 hours play time under my belt for Dominions 4 which means I’m still a total noob in Dominions terms. So how does this work? I’ve never tried play-by-email method but I’m looking forward to it.


Evil has set up a MP thread for this very purpose.




OK, I wasn’t going to do it, since it’s way more expensive than I usually spend on Steam games. But… fine, fine. I’ll join the throng. :)


Some of us are trying to resist! You are not alone! Don’t give in!


I will resist! At least until the inspector is built for Dominions 5.


It’s too late. I have “failed”.


I hope he makes a version without wrap around I find it really odd especially on smaller Maps


Here is one that appears to have been in Dom 4, but I didn’t know about:

At the Army Setup screen, use ctrl-s to review all your stored orders. Also, they now go up to 0 for 10 sets of orders! I was still using only up to 6 last game, ugh.

EDIT: Ugh, the AI sure bids high on merc sometimes now!


Noob question: My Pretender emerged from a battle feeble-minded and is pretty much useless as a result. Is there any way to turn that around?


not that i know, however if you get it killed and recall it, that might work…or it might not. Let us know how it works out! :)


I’ve lost my mind! CHARGE!


There are a few things you could do, but they are a long ways out. There’s an artifact you can forge which cures afflictions (construction 8 required) or the global ritual Gift of Health in Enchantment 7 that requires Nature 6. Getting Nature 6 if you don’t have it is a whole adventure in itself. I would say you could cast Blood Feast since that is the easiest, but he’s feebleminded,

There may be other ways in Dom 5 that I haven’t run into yet, but generally speaking, afflictions are nasty. You got hit with about the worst possible one for a Pretender.


There are deliberately very few ways for most nations to counter afflictions. I believe there is a rare magic site which can cure them. And some nations feature recruitable units which are healers and can do it, so maybe you can arrange to kidnap (mind control/seduce/etc) one of these. Not sure if there are any high level summons or mercenaries which can heal, but maybe worth checking.

Does anyone know if the specific affliction you get is biased by circumstances, i.e. more likely to get Feebleminded or Lost an Eye, etc if not wearing a Helmet?


Some weapons and spells will cause feebleminded specifically (Black Bow of Botulf), but it appears to be in the random pool of afflictions damaged units can get.

Basically, afflictions, by design, are hard to remove and will screw your Pretender. Ensuring your Pretender avoid afflictions is very important, particularly during early game when your Super Combatant or semi-SC Pretender may be doing some heavy lifting for you.

Mitigation is always the key for SC’s and thugs in Dominions. Don’t get hit and if you must get hit, don’t take damage, and if you must damage, don’t take too much at once and regenerate it. Body Ethereal, Mirror Image, Luck, Skeletal Body, Awe, Fear, Vine Shields, decent armour (including headwear!), large HP pools to mitigate the mechanic - these are the common mainstays before you ever get into melee with a Pretender. Even an SC should rarely be without support, to ensure they are not surrounded. Not always possible early game, which is why you need to be careful on engagements and keep possible afflictions in mind, because feebleminded on your semi-SC Rainbow will ruin your whole game plan. Been there, done that! :D


Hmm, some nations get bonus bless points! Neat!


Hell of a thing to happen in my first game. Perhaps I should just restart.


I had to pick this up…bought every one since Dom 2. Always wanted to make my own game with massive stuff in it like this but am too lazy.

I cannot recall but isnt there a site to find games to play with others? Somewhere that a lot of people congregate to find games?

Played each version maybe 10 hours but vow to play this more and finally get into it as much as I’ve always wanted to.




Bruce is right about Llamaserver being the place to find the games, but they are almost always organized elsewhere and it would be bad form to just randomly join a game in the list although maybe people still do open games this way with comments in the game setup?

There are quite a few communities that organize games. It looks like the dom3mods forum is still pretty active with 6 current games running. Just hang out there and I am sure more will start up soon. Look under Battle Arena here in their Dominions 5 area: