Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


Press f1 to have a list of units on the map and their status.

Click on a unit to see their details. In that panel, press v to see a battle log concerning to that unit.

You can scroll up/down the left top log with -/+. Or RePag/AvPag, not sure now.


Thanks, I’ve been doing that, but I’m not patient enough to click on many of the units in each battle. I’d like a way to see more information at once, but perhaps there isn’t one. Also, it seems that the unit by unit log that comes up on V is only the last few action so if I don’t get to it in time I won’t necessarily see what’s happening, and these unit logs don’t seem to indicate the effect of buff, or do they in a way that I have overlooked?


if you click on the…stacked line…icon in the corner of the battle view, then you can select battlelog. This shows all the units in the battle and is sortable. What’s more though is that you can click on any unit on the list and find out what specifically has happened to that unit(or what it’s done), up until that point in the battle. I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for or not though…


@tomchick will be streaming Dominions 5 on Wednesday. He is very invested in the lore of Dominions.


I’ve watched the first three of Das’s videos for newbs, and they’re very helpful. I did play a few games of Dominions 3 against the AI, but I don’t remember many of the things Das explained in his videos. Perhaps I never understood them in the first place! Anyway, I’ve got the bug now, so I’ll probably buy the game tomorrow.


I found a new hero with Uruk:

He totally should have sailing ability. Illfrauuud! /shakes fist.


5.05 is out


New GUI? Seems interesting. Should I use it? (I’m a newbie)


I bought the game exactly after watching some of Das’s tutorials. I found them instructive but lengthy… I should have read the tutorials page in its fullness: Das made areally interesting “Rushed tutorial” (40 minutes, more or less). I found my starting point.
I bought Dom 5 days ago, now I’m reading the thing called manual, trying to understand how to play well, first of all.


Hmm, I seem to have missed the launch 10% sale. Anyone care to guess when Dominions 5 will go on sale again? Normally I’d just lump it and pay more, but I’ve got other games occupying me, and my wallet is a little more restricted this holiday season.


Fixed for you. :)


I love my friends - Dom 5 number one! :-)



Where do you find that view?


In the store main view, at the top, click the “your store” popup menu, “popular amongst friends items”.
Warning: can be very depressing if you got a bunch of clickr addicts around.


The undead legion dudes in the Middle Era feel like cheating: no supply usage, free recruits every turn so you can save gold for buildings, huge troop counts. I love them. What am I missing? What is their downside?


Everybody gang up on them first thing, from what I’ve heard, in MP games.


Also, cheap priests blast them to pieces. Not sure how the new flavored bless effects will change that as well, but some of them are definitely vicious to undead too.


They kind of kill themselves off eventually too don’t they? Like if you can beat them they’ll sort of peter out because they’ve eaten themselves?

They’re neat but since the AI could never play well with them I always tended to avoid them.


After a while they won’t have gold because they kill their own population.


Dom5 inspector is alive!

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