Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith

He can’t be taken Awake.

I’ll buy it because these guys deserve my money - Dominions has always been what I always wanted from a “computer game”. Will I have time to re-learn Dominions? maybe Will I fall into the abyss of lost time that is multi-player? I sure hope not.

I hope Dominions is still a viable MP option when I retire :)

I often think the same regarding my retirement plans.

I want this now.

I finished my job for today so I was going to play more Xcom 2, but instead I’m in Dominions mode! :D

Uhr… I literally thought “I wonder if they are working on Dominions 5” yesterday.

What’s all this about a new Dominions??

I heard they specifically made it so you’re not allowed to play.

Some people are already complaining preemptively of the manual! They somehow believe you have access to all the correct info but don’t put it in the manual because you don’t want to. Or something.

How did they find that out so soon?!

It comes with a new pre-game phase where your Pretender must defeat and kill @Dave_Perkins.

Wait until you see the dominion spread/weather effects! Very nice.

I really want this to be the manual:

This game depicts the world of Dominions. To play it, just do the things that you would have done if you had actually lived in the world of Dominions. Everything will generally work out like it would have in those times.

Hah! Lol.

That would be something :).

You’re gonna love my review of Unicornus Knights.


This game depicts the world of Dominions. To play it, just:
Obsessively learn as many unit stats and abilities as possible in 24 hr / day shifts
Devise devastating unit & spell synergies
Spend endless hours setting up and running simulated battles with different unit placements and mage scripts
Convince another player that doing exactly what you want them to do is really in their best interest

This feels like something out of the King of Dragon Pass manual.

I hope this doesn’t break pbem/llamaserver. I like the asynchronous turn delivery.

It’s the same combat as before, still hands off, you just watch everyone fight all at once now instead of each unit going. The end result of the battle will still be determined before the fight with your orders and formations.