Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith

Inspector has been updated. Lots of new summons for Jomon and Shinuyama.

The sad thing is I’ve been playing Dominions for years and thought the original post was an actual change log for Dominions.

So, the new summons are really interesting. I am interested in trying them out some time.

So, I wanted to list a few links that people might feel are helpful that I’ve stumbled across, or been told about.

Inspector - shows all the units, spells, events, sites and items. All searchable. It’s probably the most important resource after the manual and the game itself. Not 100% perfect though.

Pretender Calculator - when all you care about are the scales and the bless, look no further than the pretender calculator. Put in the things you want, and the pretend shows you how many points each chassis is left with.

Dominions 4 calculator - Okay, this is out of date, but the communion one still works. Maybe it will be updated sometime.

Llamaserver - One way to set up play by email games. It’s been down for a few days now.

Forum - It was once a great site. Sadly, now everyone just uses the discord, but still, you can find a lot of interesting information on it.

Anyway I hope that helps some of the newer players. Good luck with this massive game.

I recommend this youtuber, GeneralConfusion, he has made 43 videos, about different nation oveviews or general strategy videos.

Will 2019 be the year I finally tackle Dominions?

Printed manual arrived yesterday, so time to dive in. I’m surprised they print it with 8.5x11 pages, but I guess that will make it easier to read all the charts.

40% off during the sale. So, if you are in the fence, this a good shot at grabbing it.

For years I’ve been pondering buying Dominions but never have. Is it possible to play this co-op? (my SO and I enjoy playing turned based games together but we have very few choices these days.)

Yes, you can play disciple games, where the players are permanently allied. One person creates a pretender, with their domain abilities, while the other player(s) are disciples, who have characters and nations, but share the bless and Dominion with the pretender.

Now, the AIs abilities are limited. There are a lot of abilities and spells it just can’t use or use effective.

Good points! And you can definitely create some challenge for yourself with how you set the game up against the AI, at least until you learn the powerful strategies and implement them. It can be sort of like Master of Magic that way, I believe, as far as the strategic portion of the game against the AI. Once you learn how to take advantage of some synergy, you can start to overpower the AI, but the learning process can be glorious if you have patience. It also has further opportunities in various MP games in many communities, like this one, that keep it going if you want to test your mettle against human opponents.

EDIT: Had to try to fix that horrible run on sentence! this probably belongs in the drunk thread…

Thanks for the feedback, appreciated.