Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith


New summon

EA Ermor & Pythium, Conj5 N1 16 gems. Stealth 40, -2 unrest

A nice buff to these nations.


I’m wondering if ‘war’ bow on a strong (large) commander could work well now?

Gigent archers would definitively do more damage.

And, I wonder which weapon bless works for archery?


It could be 13 attacks of 18 damage with a 200g Seren (Gath) and the few air gems that the bow of war needs. It’s enough of a buff imo to really use it as a viable tactic, before bows of war were ‘cute’, but normal brands + vine shield were more efficient use of your resources.

Blesses for archery is always tricky, it never will be as efficient as a normal melee unit, because some attacks will just miss, unlike a normal unit. But I suppose thunder weapons bless that stun people + precision would be good for the few archers in the game that are holy.


But bless will also work on holy commanders with war bow :)
I don’t know wether the given commander (Seren) is holy or not, but holy commanders are far more common.


-Forts do not autorepair to full wall intengrity instantly after a siege lifted, but do so gradually based on defence strength.
-Ur/uk summon, Conj5 A3 24 gems.

-Post-game ‘view history’

-New pretender (discounted for Rus)

-Commanders apparently receive an automatic +2 MM
-100% AWSN Ur/Uruk UW mage

-Magma Eruption is E2F2 rather than E3F1 (this nerfs MA Ulm and benefit Yomi, Shinuyama, MA Machaka, and Nazca)
-another quite important unlisted change: unless you have an observer on a province where you lose a battle, you don’t necessarily see all the other battles that took place
-Warrior Sorceresses have a thing called Combat Caster which reduces their encumbrance due to armour and interrupt chance

-EA TC Masters of the Way are available outside forts.


Man, I can’t understand half of what’s being said in this thread, but I’m looking forward to the game.



Is this what the default/random maps look like? I think this looks fantastic (from @TurinTur’s post above)


That looks like silent sea. I guess it’s in every version.


Not a chance. It’ll look more like Conquest of Elysium did (still quite an improvement over Dom4 random maps).

Like this:


That’s a shame. The default Dom 4 and CoE4 maps looked fine, serviceable, but some of the maps (like that one I linked) that were custom jobs from other users were really nice. Always wanted nicer looking maps in these titles.


I think Pymous maps will be included in this version. They are like this


This may be the first Dominions game that doesn’t make my eyes bleed and as such may be the first I play.


Yep, Obviously it isn’t as pretty as a good map made by hand, but now I can imagine myself playing random maps… before they were:

Much better now.


Looking forward to the replay :)


I came here hoping for someone to have more knowledge about the release… but no :(
[seeing as we’re just a week away from November, and Illwinter’s latest is “early November on Steam” and Steam has exactly… nothing :( ]


I don’t expect them to follow schedule and release the game when they said. The fact the game still don’t have a page on Steam or still there is no trailer speaks volumes.

Imo the game will be delayed a month or two. Nothing big.


Yeah, not worried about the delays per se, just makes it hard to plan ahead is all :D


I didn’t post anything in a while so:

-EA TC Masters of the Way are available outside forts.

-Shock damage has (5 + % of HP lost halved) % of stunning units. Stun means -75% defence and no action, lasts one turn. Hypnotise also causes it.

-Nagas, hypnotize is their first melee attack now (and not ammo-limited), so if it works all other attacks are almost guaranteed to hit. They are still not great sacred.

-PANGEAN FORTS EA: Pays +50%, can’t upgrades palisades but can summon 35 N gem +75% recpoints +1 commander points forts in forests. Can’t have 2 commander points outside forests. MA: Can upgrade palisades to fortress & doesn’t pay extra, has the fort spell but it requires Alteration 5. LA: As MA but can upgrade to castle.

-LA Atlantis builds ice forts on the coast only, while MA Caelum builds them everywhere

-Ctrl+M will display mapmove costs from the currently selected province (for a generic commander) or commander.

-A lot of spells in the game which previously had a range between 5 and 50 recently had their range increased by +5. This includes most of the short-to-mid-ranged buff spells like Protection, Legions of Steel and Strength of Giants.

-If your god gets frogged or pigged, calling him back will bring him back to original shape

-NEW THRONES Creation: level 3, +Turmoil in province, +3 Turmoil dominion, Conjuration 30%, Construction 20%, Ritual casting level +1, +100 resources. Destiny: level 3, +1 Order +2 Luck Churning Ocean: level 2, +Turmoil in province, 3 water gems 1 air, Conjuration 20%, UW-only Coral: level 1, 1 N 1 W gem, +50 gold & resources, recruit triton troopers, UW-only Also high dominion has associated events that autoclaim thrones, but give -% tax income for that turn (less for the higher dominion versions)

-Pretender with four paths

-Ritual spell

-New MA Atlantis mage: Mage of the Deep. W2 100% FWES shambler, 165 gold, gift of water breathing 10

-Some more Abysian crosbreeding
Casting with B9 and no crossbreeding bonus got me one of these a commander and 18 as troops (6 with afflictions)

24 from a B9 cast with no crossbreeding bonus. 10 have afflictions, some more than one. and many are old

edit: and more


_kristoffer [developer] 30 minutes ago _
SInce steam rules dictate that a game can only be released two weeks after the page has been set up and you need a video to set up a page there was a slight delay. The video is now ready and the page is ready. We have pushed the ‘go’ button, so hopefully the page will be up very soon and in two weeks the game will be available.


Button pushed, I guess.