Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith



*Ninjaed by @TurinTur. And rightly so given the sterling info dissementation service provided thus far. :)


Heh heh.
I like the music in the trailer.

And I have vacations in the first two weeks of December, so it aligns up nicely with the release.




The game was going to release before the manual was ready, so now with this delay maybe the manual will be finished on time.

They also will improve the balance in the next two weeks. Already ‘leaked’:
Nerfs to Pangea (normal priced labs and temples in provinces without forest), buffs to MA Machaka (new unit: spider archers, witch-doctor recruitable in forests), buffs to LA Pythium and EA TC, too.




Spider archers? :) Are that kind (mounted archers) of units powerful?


They can be useful - they have essentially two lives, first the archer will die, which will leave the spider. Spiders are animals that (generally) can’t be commanded, so they will flood forward to engage at melee. Given that you don’t usually want your archers in a position where they can be engaged in melee, this may only really be of limited use. But, it’s still more HP on the field.

Pan also probably has commanders that can command animals, so you can end up with a bunch of spiders toward mid-game.

Edit - that’s of course assuming Pan’s spider archers are anything like Machaka’s spider riders…


I love the idea of them :) Having archers that are good in melee eliminates the need for melee units as shields.


Like the manual will ever keep up with updates. It’s all a fevered dream.


Sometimes I feel like owning (not necessarily playing) a Dominions game is practically a requirement for this forum.


Wait… did you not have to use a Dominions serial number when creating your account?


But how much better the replays look :D


Erythea is going to be defined by really, really, really random mages. In a way, it’s an interesting way to make the nation unique.

Also, interesting information from Illwinter about their in-development games and ideas


Wow! those can be some very nice mages with some luck.

Here are 10 itterations of the prince



What does it mean that those mages are Insane? What does Insane 5 mean?


If I remember correctly, that means they have a 5% chance of doing some random action, instead of what you may have directed them to do.

Can they Become Prophet?


/Intense flashbacks of CoE insane necromancers starts

Though at least in Dom the random action can be preach or bloodhunt or marginally useful things.


Good news people.

Illwinter devs received a heavy hit on the head and after waking up, they decided to improve the UI / micro by allowing multi-turn queued movements.
(alternatively they got tired of everyone asking for the same thing).

(also a look at the options)


Some more changes:

-Axe damage 7->8. This may seem minor, but it was always weird how axes were a objectively worse weapons than almost all other types.
-Wind Lord gains H1. So he can bless wind riders. Before doing ‘flying armies’ with bless was much harder, as Arco didn’t have any flier priest.
-New spell: Enslave Sea Trolls. S3W2, 15 pearls for 5+ Slave Trolls
-MA Machaka has spider archers in the capital and all forests provinces. 12 gold 4 resources 20 recpoints. They need labs.
-MA Machaka labs costs 250 gold in Forests.
-New Pretender: ‘First Spawn’ for EA R’lyeh.
-EA Ulm gained +2MM in comparison with before.
-All R’lyeh units that should be slaves are.
-Poison has a visible indicator on the battle map, too. Green dots
-Berserker status causes extra +1 fatigue.
-Innate casters cannot be communion slaves, and if they are masters they will give slaves double fatigue.


Wait a sec, is it April 1? Holy crap, no it’s not! Rejoice!