Dominions 6, the history/mythology/pulp fiction/dark fantasy Turn based Strategy game

It’s interesting that I don’t even see Endless Space on Steam. Did they retire it?

Huh, looks like they did, you can only buy Endless Space 2 now, which isn’t really better.

Thanks everyone for the discussion on hands off battles like Dominions 5. I’m surprised more games haven’t had this type of system in place.

I’m blind, gotcha.

In any case let’s stop with the offtopic in the Dominions 6 forum…

to say something worth for the thread, it has been confirmed there will be seven new nations in the game:
EA Pyrene
MA Pyrene
LA Muspelheim
LA Pycone
LA Feimine
LA Andramania
and -mystery nation-

And there is a new option for mages to auto-search magical sites in your provinces.

I would never trust the AI to auto-search my provinces. I remember years ago when I tried auto-spell site searching the AI would often search provinces it either already searched or would not search at all and waste a turn. If it couldn’t get that right, I highly doubt the AI could handle auto-mage searching which would be even more complicated for the AI.

I never had problems with the searching spell not targeting provinces correctly, it always seemed to select a unsearched province. Maybe they fixed at some point.
Then again, it’s true that I doubt the new system will be as efficient as manually doing it, because you can plan the correct order to not waste turns with needless movements.

Yeah, and also prioritizing search orders based on observed scale influences and terrain per school of magic.

Really looking forward to playing this. I was hopeful for a holiday release, but it is soon after at least.

So, every version of Dominions, we lose a little something (and we gain a little something).

It looks like, Dominions 6 gives us the standard new nations, new spells, but also new Magic Path, new Research System, new Bless System (which seems to be more flexible) new costs and expectations for Units and mages.

It does look like we are losing access to Scale +/-3, and getting those scales is tied to Pretenders and/or Nations.

All in all, I think we are losing the least amount of things in this version of Dominions 6. Depending on how you rate the Real time aspect of Battles, we might be getting the most things from any prior version of Dominions.

I mean, it’s true that there are less pure permutations of scales builds (7 point scale in Dom5, 5 point scale in Dom6 for standard nations), but in exchange, it serves to solve the problem of thrones or random events or spells not doing anything to a scale in a province (imagine, something that increase your growth), because the player had already taken Growth 3.

But they already solved that problem by having scales go up to 5 in Dominions 6 (although, now penalties, because of reasons).

As I said, this was probably the smallest trimming of features and options in a new dominions game.

They should make scales go to 11.

What I am hoping for is enough of an improved UI along with lowering the number of clicks to do things will be implemented in this version. While I appreciate the continued improvements and refinement I really am wishing for a competent AI and simplified UI. Along with the lobby system this would make playing so much easier and having a comp stomp more fun for trying out the nations.

I totally agree. Been playing since Dom1, but the micro gets so bad I had to stop playing. But I absolutely love the game and hope they make it more accessible.

I can only play the level of micro needed in MP games. During which, we get several days to make our decisions.

January 17th is the day! This time I will finally get into the series.

For me, the secret is laid back MP games and Dominions Inspector Webpage.

The slow MP game makes burnout less of a problem, since you can’t just burn through turn after turn.

I’m very happy with how the Dom 5 “stat & res” bless meta is going to die in Dominions 6.

In Dominions 5, one of the important changes was how from blesses went from fixed and just a few ones (there was 1 minor bless and 1 major bless per path, that’s it), to have 70 or so different blesses, with the player being able to mix and match for thousands of combinations.

However Illwinter made a balance mistake, being that the first iteration of the new system, it seems they thought people were going to buy the expensive blesses like before and only use the remaining points in the minor effects, like +1 def and +5 fire resistance. But no, those minor effects, all combined, are of great effect in the game and are cheap.
The reality of the math is that +2 attack and +3 defense, dark vision and +10 fire, shock, cold and poison resistance is better than some fancy Death Weapons + Luck. The difference is big because how each magical path point cost more than the previous one, from going from X2 to X3 is cheap in comparison with going X7 to X8.

So in Dom 6 they made both stats and elemental resistance blesses more expensive. 2 points for a +1 stat (before it was 3 points for a +2) or +5 resistance (before it was 1 for +5, or 3 for +10).

For example, in Dominions 5 you could get all this
for just Water 4, Earth 5, Nature 4.

In Dominions 6, if my math isn’t wrong, you would need:

6 points S&F res
4 points 10 cold
4 points 10 poison
1 point swamp
1 point low light vision

16 bless points total cost. so you need:

N4 3 bless points
W4 3 bless points
E6 5 bless points
F4 3 bless points
A3 2 bless points
16 total

N4W4E6F4A3 is much more expensive!

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