Dominions 6, the history/mythology/pulp fiction/dark fantasy Turn based Strategy game

Since the AI plays by the same rules as the player, it’s possible they somehow couldn’t see the army.
But it’s also Pythium mooks, so it’s not like they’re super stealthy.

Though sometimes my scouting reports miss like 60 dudes fairly often. I assume it’s somewhat terrain based since it happens a lot more in forests and swamps than fields.

They can absolutely improve the micromanagment by not having so many nested picks. Utilizing listed categories and tooltip integration. They can also adjust the UI functionality to something similar to what Ashes of Singularity did with their fleet management. They could also use the ability to have a searchable “Unit” area that allowed filters as well as province production.

Yeah that’s true. I wonder how much that is a function of them sticking to their base engine.

Thanks for the detailed reply on micromanagement! Much appreciated. Dominions is one of my favorite games. I have 1-5, played MP a bunch too. But the micromanagement caused me to stop playing. They mentioned that they tried to reduce it in 6. From what you said and watching a bunch of videos. I haven’t seen much of an improvement. But I will give it some time to see what they did. I’ll pick this up at some point.

I have no time for MP now, so I am only interested in SP. And I’m hearing mixed reports on the AI.

It seems to be having a decent first day for them. The peak player count today has gone well past the peak for dom 5 on (~1700 vs ~1100).

The new MP is probably a hit.

One thing I would like to know more about is the map. I really like the map system for Warlock 2, and from what I hear, you can create different planes.

I guess this is just something that people making maps can do, but there isn’t an option when creating a world beyond adding the underground? The map making manual says you can have 8 planes total.

I’m not sure. I know it’s coded in C but I don’t know how easily or how willing to put in the coding time it is a priority for IW.

While we’ve played Dom a long time but there is a limit I have to put on games that require too much time of you, which includes QoL for playing the game. I don’t know about you but I don’t have near the time I used to to move chits around or spend a whole Saturday with a wargamer’s group. This is why I feel a functional, moderately challenging AI and a streamlined UI with as much as you can to reduce MM are necessary for me.

I will say I’m hopeful for the MP changes make for a more accessible game. In my experience the old PBEM/server has some quirks with this game where it becomes extremely unsatisfying due to just how people play those games in addition to the exponential time required to do turns as the game progresses.

Things like stale turns that turn the game into either a gamified “neighbors get this land or just random luck of the draw where you start” who get an impossible power boost or scheduling where a 1 week holiday skip suddenly turns into 3 weeks to a month with 2-3 players never being able to get back on schedule or finding substitutes are real motivation killers.

I definitely appreciate this type of game but I’d really like to not have to pick between braindead AI SP or high investment high risk MP as a King David’s decision.

Don’t get too hyped with the plane feature, there is only a second plane by default (the caves), and a third one that is only a single province accessible with a special spell, 8 planes is only a possibility for map makers.

Can these 8 planes have multiple provinces and/or underground layer?

My idea was simple to create a starting plane for each player with 10 or so provinces, each with 2 or so connections with the main map.

But I figured I would somehow have to create it myself.

Hopefully this provides some insights!

The 8 planes can have multiple provinces yes, but one of the “planes” is the underground layer.
Planes/layer is are synonyms in this case.
Nothing disallows having 3 underground layers, maybe assigned to different ‘planes’, maybe just a dungeon with different depths. The connections from plane to plane are arbitary.

I think I tried this back in 1 or 2 or 3, maybe Dominions 3? It was brain-frying then, and looking at the screenshots and reading about 6 it seems to be even more brain frying. It’s the sort of game I would have loved at 16 probably. Today, well, I appreciate it but I probably won’t get it unless it goes on some mega sale, and then only because it would probably be fun to poke around with for a few days.

The only way I have found to play the game is through MP. Having to slow down and play only 1 turn a day or so makes it hard to get burnt out. Also, it gives you enough time to poke and prod.

That being said, I usually won’t play until we get all the supporting documentation and sites that come later on.

Which is why I’ll wait for a bigger sale myself.

blah blah blah…so, who’s in for a mp game?

I’m still learning the interface changes as best I can, but I would be open to a MP game. I’d prefer to be in a game with players of my level - i.e., familiar with the series (or newbies), but not a sharp. I haven’t played a MP game of Dominions in years, and I definitely am not up on all the latest tricks. (or even how MP works nowadays)

A summary of the new UI functions that I know

Better score graphs, with nations on the right, blood income, and random event income taken in account.

Move arrows with different size, magic phase special sparkling line (not very visible in the screenshot, but it’s animated on the game!).

-Tab to highlight Pretender paths and scales. You also can preview what spells and items you can use for the Nation.

-Tab to highlight commanders in battle.

U to see only patrolling armies in province (similar to Y key).

Y/U key has check to also see magic phase movement.

Army Position screen:
box selection on army position/layout screen, to click and move in group.

change orders from the top

better shown what units and what orders they have in the icon used.

Color legend! the color changes depending on the order:

Main screen:
Gold overview screen (income vs upkeep expenses)

Income overview

Province detail growth screen (popkill, ideal size, growth scales, etc)

Gem summary, with gems in treasury and in commanders, and shortcut to gather gems from commanders directly

New action: Auto searching magical sites

Merc window: you now see a preview of the merc you hire

New UI screen: Item overview, you can see what items you have and who have them (and go to them), and in what province

Magic item treasury: more slots for easier organization.

Forge item screen: New filters, you can filter by boosters, path, and by national items.

F1 screen has several new filters

In battles, you can see the weather & Dominion summary.

Unit details, you can see the Home Province of a unit in the age window.

New UI symbol, which indicates bad events/heretics in the area?

Are multiplayer matches in this usually played asynchronously and with very generous turn timers? I can’t do live multiplayer these days.

A veteran can play a crazy non-optimal setup and still allow only those familiar to compete. Based on what you are looking for I would suggest you try to play like a 5-man game with or without a reasonable throne win condition. Thrones really add to the strategic options as a game develops.

Turns are asynchronous and depending on the agreed timer can fit what you are looking for. Every 24/48 hours is a good way to start, I would suggest looking for something you can maintain for at least 40 turns if you are winning. You can also adjust the timer based on who is left if it starts to drag or complications (avoid if possible). I haven’t really gone into the comparisons just yet but you start to see the expansion results as early as turn 7 and you have time to flesh out your nation, have some research goals, and minimum a 2nd troop production Fort around turn ~25.