Dominions II: New PBEM Game

All right, the two pbem games I’m hosting right now are just not enough to sate my Dominions II craving, so I want to host another. Here are the specs:

MAP: Cradle of Dominion

Starting Provinces: 1
Strength of Independents: 3
Special Site Frequency: 40
World Richness: Normal
Random Events: Common
Score Graphs: Disabled
Hall of Fame Entries: 10
Research Rate: Standard
Victory Conditions: Standard
Master Password: Disabled
Renaming: Allowed


The map is one I made and is available for download from Illwinter’s site:

I promise that I have no special advantage on this map – part of the desire to play on it is for playtesting purposes. All special features of the map are explained in its description.

A few mistakes have been found in testing by folks on the Shrapnel boards, so I will be emailing an updated .map file to all participants.

So: First eight people to respond with nation choices get in. The ninth space will be reserved for Mark Asher in case he wants to play; if he doesn’t, it’ll be open. Once we have a full ten players, the game will be closed.

I’ll play. I have the game now. Need to install it though. Been knee-deep in WoW.

I’ll be France!

I’ll go Machaka.
I’m still trying to improve upon my past record in games, normally whoever ends up next to me will win.

I’m in!! I have to think about which nation I want though.

Hm… I want in. Gimmie… oh, I dunno… Jotunheim. Even though I’ll have to practice my ass off in SP to begin to play them right, hehe.

I’m in three games right now so how much harm could another one be?

I’d like Abysia

This is a beautiful looking map. I was hoping to test it out in Single Player but how much more fun can you have than challenging the cartographer on his own map.


Pythium please.


Let me try ULM

Pangea.And I totally dig the map,Jason.

Ok, so just assign me a nation that’s left over. I don’t care what I get.

Okay, cool! Thanks everyone (and thanks for the kind comments about the map, Vic and Mike).

Here we go:

Game Name : Qt3 - Cradle 1

Peter Frazier: Machaka
Rob O’Boston: ???
Lord Ebonstone: Jotunheim
Vic Davis: Abysia
Carnifex: Vanheim
olaf: Pythium
Lloyd Heilbrunn: Ulm
MikeOberly: Pangaea
Mike Asher: Arcoscephale (determined by random die roll)
Jason Lutes: T’ien C’hi

Please download the map from the Illwinter site.

Email me your Dominions II/newlords/[nation].2h file once you’ve created a Pretender, and we can get this baby underway.

Good luck to all!

I’m having problems getting the map to appear in the ‘create game’ menu. Is there some sort of bug I’m unaware of? I notice that attempting to get the fixed map file gives me an error at the Illwinter website.

Whoops- it actually comes up with the name ‘a map with 221 provinces’. I didn’t notice it amongst the other fan maps.
And another comment about how great your maps look Jason. Great work.

Boo, I missed out.

Oh well. Good luck!

Put me down for Ermor. Not that scary Ashen Empire Ermor, more of a kinder, gentler Ermor that cares about others.

So Soul Gate Ermor?

I just wanted to chime in about the map, it looks really good. I look forward to actually being able to play a game through on it one of these days, like maybe when the kids are off to college or something. . .

Do us poor slobs who don’t get a chance to play games as much as we want to a favor and post a bunch of AARs and trash-talking about this game here (where the threads are readable coughshrapnelforumscough). That way I can at least play Dom II vicariously!


[quote=“Jason Lutes”]Okay,
Please download the map from the Illwinter site.


Is the map I downloaded yesterday the most recent version, or are you emailing changes as mentioned at the start of the thread? It looks very nice.Thanks.

Yeah, the map editor does a weird thing where, every time you save a map, it will replace the previous title with “A map with XXX provinces.” Usually it says, “Cradle of Dominion – A map with 221 provinces” on the map menu. It will be fixed in the new version I’m sending to alla youse.

There are two tiny fixes since that version – one province with mis-connected neighbors, and one starting province that should have been tagged as a nostart. I’ve been waiting to see if the Shrapnel messageboard folks find any other errors. Before we start the game proper, I’ll email everyone the most recent .map file.

And HEY, EVERYBODY! Let’s get those Pretender files in so the ass-kicking can commence!

Damnit! Apparently, I shall have to check the forums once an hour to get in on one of these games :).