I saw Domino and I thought it was not all that great. It’s a definite B movie and not worth seeing on a big screen. The storyline jumps around with flashbacks as they do a retelling.

Kiera Knightley’s lap dance was no where as good as Jessica Alba’s grinding scene in Sin City.

I would wait for cable to see it. While it is based on a true person, they outright say they embellished the story to make it a movie.

Christopher Walken rocked though for his short scenes. Lucy Liu does nothing but have a speaking role, and I have no idea which character was Mena Suvari, if she was in it.

I loved this description from the Entertainment Weekly review: “The movie is trash shot to look like art imitating trash.”

And she used a butt double.

Don’t want to discuss it
I think it’s time for a change
You may get disgusted
And think I’m strange

Oh, and Domino buys it.

Thanks, Crypty!

Screengrab of butt double.


Its like asshole 101 tonight on the internet.

People should cast Mickey Rourke in more parts like his role in Domino, but they should do it in movies that aren’t bad.

Also, the script in Domino had a lot of potential, but that seems to be a little detail that was clearly lost on Tony Scott.


Haven’t seen Domino yet, but from Scott’s last few films, I feel like Scott is a terrified filmmaker with little confidence in his style. His reaction is to just make an absolute mess of flash and hope things get covered up.

Domino died in real life after the filming of the movie, I’m guessing she makes it through the movie alive. Sheesh. Then again, fake spoilers aren’t super funny either. People will inevitably believe you and then opt not to see the movie.

real spoiler or fake spolier… peeps who do this should be banned

Dude, it was a flipping joke. Haha, etc.

Next time I’m going to do it on a movie where it makes no sense.

It sickens me, what Tony Scott did to Richard Kelly’s script. Y’know what - after this and Man on Fire - fuck Tony Scott and his trash filmmaking shot to look like art imitating trash. Fuck them in their little asses.

Watched on this NEtFlix.

A.) She has a rocking hard body, but insisted on a butt double – yet was willing to flash her tits. Weird.
B.) I’m sort of nervous that I find Keira Knightley attractive, but I’m rationalizing that it’s the accent pushing me over the edge
C.) It was a very off movie, in that individual scenes were sometimes good, individual performances were often very good, and the story itself was interesting, but somehow it didn’t come together.

The art style and overall vibe was like True Romance meets Natural Born Killers, but done really badly.

Yeah, but you gotta give it bonus points for beating up Brian Austin Green and Ian Ziering (IIRC).

“King Kong is actually gay in the end… and I do mean in the end.”

True Story

I didn’t see Domino, but this reminds me of his utterly short but brilliant role in the Rainmaker (a Grisham adaptation I happen to love even though I don’t care for his books)
He’s also good as (yet another) sleazy lawyer in Man on Fire, but has too few seconds on screen.

Mickey Rourke is like Harvey Keitel Lite – he always plays basically the same gruff character, although for a while Michael Madsen was playing Mickey Rourke better than Rourke was.

Favorite Rourke movie is still Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.

I liked him as Marv in Sin City.